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CHIPS Articles: DoD Releases Digital Modernization Strategy

DoD Releases Digital Modernization Strategy
By DoD News - July-September 2019
The Department of Defense released its Digital Modernization Strategy on July 12, 2019. This strategy will guide the DoD Information Technology transformation.

The DoD Digital Modernization Strategy is critical for the advancement of the digital environment to ultimately ensure competitive advantage for warfighters.

Within the strategy are four strategic initiatives:

  • Innovation for advantage
  • Optimization
  • Resilient cybersecurity
  • Cultivation of talent

“Through four strategic initiatives, this strategy outlines how the department will increase agility and remain competitive within a constantly evolving digital global threat landscape,” DoD CIO Dana Deasy said. “The National Defense Strategy makes clear that the character of warfare is changing. Our ultimate goal is to ensure our men and women in uniform maintain strategic advantage on the battlefield.”

The DoD Digital Modernization Strategy supports the National Defense Strategy and fulfills the department’s legislative obligation to provide a DoD Information Management (IRM) Strategic Plan.

More information is available on

DoD Digital Modernization Strategy
Digital Modernization to Benefit Warfighters, DOD CIO Says

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