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CHIPS Articles: Rewarding Bold Moves: The New Agility & Accountability Awards Program

Rewarding Bold Moves: The New Agility & Accountability Awards Program
By CHIPS Magazine - July-September 2019
Across the DON talented Sailors, Marines, and civilian personnel are accountable to customers to deliver mission outcomes. Every day, the DON workforce develops superb solutions to a range of complex problems encountered while reforming business operations to be more agile for globally deployed forces. The Agility & Accountability Awards Program (A3P) identifies and acknowledges these pioneering Naval leaders, units, and activities to inspire the problem solvers of the future, George Kovatch, Director of the Office of the Chief Management Officer, explained at the DON IT Conference East in early June.

The A3P recognizes top DON individuals or teams who demonstrate dedication and leadership in increasing agility and accountability within the DON. Nominations will be accepted from initiatives conducted within the previous 12 months, defined by the following categories: Agile Acquisition; Agile Technology; Agile Policy Reform; Data-Driven Agility; Agile Warfighting; Agile Leadership; and Agile Authorship. Nominations may be submitted anytime throughout the year and will be adjudicated throughout the year on a continuous basis, Kovatch said.

In addition to the A3P continuous impact awards, the A3P will also annually recognize top DON individuals from the previous calendar year. The annual awards will be selected among the previous year’s impact awards, through a board of the Under Secretary of the Navy and Assistant Secretaries of the Navy (or their designated representatives). Winners will be announced in the second quarter of the following calendar year.

Further, A3P award recipients will be automatically forwarded for consideration for the Under Secretary’s A+ Awards, which functions as a separate, umbrella awards program across the SECNAV. Under the A+ Program, the DON will have the opportunity to select the most deserving eight individuals or team representatives (four Navy, four Marine Corps) for an award, which recognizes the contributions of the federal workforce in support of the President’s Management Agenda in the areas of Mission, Service and Stewardship. Through the A+ Awards Program, A3P winners may become eligible for the Office of Management and Budget (OMB)-sponsored Gears of Government Awards Program.

For the A3P awards program, all DON commands and organizations may nominate exceptionally worthy initiatives. Individuals should submit nominations through their organization's awards coordinators. If organization awards coordinators are unavailable, individuals are encouraged to submit their nominations directly.

Under Secretary of the Navy Thomas B. Modly serves as the DON’s Chief Management Officer and Chief Information Officer; he is eager to award leaders and reformers who can transform bold ideas into bold actions.

The DON OCMO is the responsible organization for the A3P program. The Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition will support OCMO in the administration of the A3P.

The Agility and Accountability Awards webpage is located at: You can download the Under Secretary’s A3P memo here.

The A+ Awards webpage is located at:

The Office of the Chief Management Office encourages feedback about your current reform activities, suggestions for reform initiatives and success stories. Please contact the DON OCMO Reform POC: Scott Santoro, Business Performance Lead (703) 695-3287 or

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