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CHIPS Articles: NAVSUP BSC Civilian Named Department of the Navy’s ‘Person of the Year’ at IT Conference

NAVSUP BSC Civilian Named Department of the Navy’s ‘Person of the Year’ at IT Conference
By Naval Supply Systems Command Business Systems Center Public Affairs - April-June 2019
NORFOLK, Va. -- Laura Sedor, an information technology (IT) specialist for Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Business Systems Center (BSC), in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, was recognized as the Department of the Navy’s (DON) 2019 Cyberspace/Information Technology Person of the Year during the DON IT Conference in Norfolk, Virginia, June 4.

The award recognizes Sedor for her information management (IM) and IT excellence across the Navy and Marine Corps as well as her distinguished innovation, dedication, and enthusiasm among DON civilian and military members.

“These awards are important because we want to promote innovation so that these ideas can be shared with the entire DON,” said Capt. Damen Hofheinz, director, DON Office of the Chief Information Officer. “It shows that it doesn’t matter the size of the command; any Sailor, any person can have a huge impact on the whole enterprise. It helps improve us all.”

Sedor, a Mechanicsburg native and member of the Data Analytics Solutions department, began her career as an intern with NAVSUP BSC in 2008 and now serves as a subject-matter expert for the Enterprise Web Team.

“It’s an honor that the innovative work we do on a regular basis at NAVSUP BSC is being recognized across the DON,” said Sedor.

Sedor received the award for her development of the NAVSUP Office of the Inspector General (IG) Portal.

The IG conducts regular audits and plays a vital role in the health and stability of organizations within the DON to ensure compliance with current laws and regulations, and prevent abuse and mismanagement.

Prior to the development of the IG Portal, planning and execution of IG inspections required an exorbitant amount of time and money to orchestrate with a majority of time spent on administrative tasks. Delays in the process prevented the sharing of information and inhibited the ability of key leaders to make timely decisions on priority issues helping organizations accomplish their mission.

Sedor’s innovative solution resulted in a web-based application that fully automated IG inspection and remediation processes, eliminated excessive manual efforts, and reduced administrative time by more than 50 percent.

“I wanted to see what could be developed to save them time and allow for easier sharing of data. At the end of the project, I think we were able to create something that did both,” said Sedor.

Through the portal, the IG can schedule and plan an inspection online; set dates and times; define points of contact, inspection areas, leads, plans, document travel plans, itineraries, and costs. During the inspection, inspectors can document, track, and manage all findings in the portal. Authorized personnel can view inspection results and progress through an inspection dashboard that displays real-time results.

“I’m proud to learn that Laura was recognized as the top information technology professional for the entire DON. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of the title,” said Capt. Douglas M. Bridges Jr., commanding officer, NAVSUP BSC. “Her innovation and professionalism is a perfect example of what our NAVSUP BSC team does best; provide IM/IT solutions that increase readiness by improving automation and information sharing.”

The award presentation was part of the three-day DON IT Conference East Coast 2019, which provided an opportunity for participants to discuss new and emerging IT policy and initiatives.

Tom Wirfel, data strategy lead for NAVSUP BSC, provided a Data and Analytics presentation to conference participants highlighting future business intelligence environments.

“It’s key that we can access data from various sources in one fast and efficient system. Having a centralized capability to access data in one environment will be vital to improving business systems, cost savings, and data-driven decision-making across the Navy,” said Wirfel.

“The NAVSUP BSC team works diligently with our partners to develop sustained data-centric enterprise solutions that emphasize business IM/IT systems improvement. Through the design, development, and maintenance of information systems, we bolster military advantages globally and maintain the Navy’s key capability of resilient and agile logistics for a more lethal force,” said Bridges.

NAVSUP BSC provides the Navy with information systems support through the design, development, and maintenance of systems in the functional areas of logistics, supply chain management, transportation, finance, and accounting.

NAVSUP BSC is one of 11 commands under Commander, Navy Supply Systems Command. NAVSUP is headquartered in Mechanicsburg and employs a diverse, worldwide workforce of more than 22,500 military and civilian personnel. NAVSUP's mission is to provide supplies, services, and quality-of-life support to the Navy and joint warfighter.

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NORFOLK, Va. (June 4, 2019) Laura Sedor, IT specialist for Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Business Systems Center (BSC), in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, is presented the 2019 Cyberspace/Information Technology Person of the Year Award by Capt. Damen Hofheinz, director, Department of the Navy (DON) Office of the Chief Information Officer, during the DON IT Conference in Norfolk, Virginia, June 4. The honor is awarded to individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the Secretary of the Navy’s focus areas of people, capabilities, or processes in the DON. Sedor received the award for her outstanding initiative in the creation and development of the NAVSUP Inspector General Portal application, which automates the inspection and remediation process. U.S. Navy photo by James E. Foehl/Released
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