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CHIPS Articles: Mobile App Lets Sailors Prepare for and Take Advancement Exams

Mobile App Lets Sailors Prepare for and Take Advancement Exams
By Office of the Navy Chief of Information - May 29, 2019
WASHINGTON (NNS) -- The Navy’s Professional Military Knowledge Eligibility Exam (PMK-EE) mobile application conveniently allows Sailors to prepare for and complete these exams, which they must pass to advance through the E4/5/6/7 paygrades.

Sailors can use their mobile devices to access the PMK-EE app to review topics, access bibliographies and complete the exam that corresponds to each paygrade.

The 100-question exam covers career information, leadership and character, Navy heritage, professional conduct and seamanship. Exam sections can be taken in any order and independent of each other.

Sailors must achieve a score of at least 80% on each section to pass. When a Sailor exits the app before completing a section, the app bookmarks that spot. The next time the app is opened, it returns to the bookmarked location, allowing the Sailor to continue the exam from that point. The app also tracks the total time a Sailor spends completing each section of the exam. Key features:

- Available anytime, anywhere – no CAC required.
- Tailored to specific paygrades – E4, E5, E6, and E7.
- Allows access to topics and bibliographical content from any compatible device.
- Presents randomly selected exam questions each time a Sailor takes a section.
- Permits retaking any section as often as necessary to achieve a passing score of 80%.
- Submits passing scores to Navy Training Management Planning System with entry of a Sailor’s DoD ID.
- Uses mobile device email to receive the completion certificate for personal records.

The PMK-EE replaces the requirement for the Professional Military Knowledge (PMK) section on the Navy-Wide Advancement Examination (NWAE). PMK content will no longer be included on the NWAE starting with the September 2019 E4/5/6 exams and the January 2020 E7 exam.

Topics and bibliographies used to develop PMK-EE questions are also available on MyNavy Portal within the ”Advancement & Promotion" section and on Navy eLearning. PMK-EE is one element of the Sailor 2025 rating modernization effort to improve the Sailor experience.

PMK-EE mobile app is available for download to Apple iOS and Google Android mobile devices at

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