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CHIPS Articles: When you want more than a job, you want a mission

When you want more than a job, you want a mission
NGA’s 2020 Intern Program -- Applications due Sept 30
By CHIPS Magazine - May 21, 2019
Are you looking for an internship opportunity to develop your skills, enhance your career potential, and make a global difference each day? As a member of NGA’s elite student workforce, you will see first-hand how the work you are doing supports homeland security, disaster relief, and our nation’s warfighters.

NGA views student employees as its future workforce, so work assigned to students is highly professional and conducted in a learning environment that provides each student real-world experience and an opportunity to be evaluated for potential long-term employment.

Student employment assignments are based on entry-level professional job descriptions designed to create a great deal of independent work and team collaboration under the guidance of a senior-level supervisor and mentors.

Each intern will have a project or projects set by their supervisor. Student Programs also holds informational events for interns, luncheons, after-work socials, and more. Interns have to opportunity to present their project at the end of the summer and also get to participate in a forum with the agencies top executives.

NGA’s student internship program is open to a diverse range of students and includes significant benefits.

Open to associate, undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students
Open to a large variety of degree fields (Click here to learn more about student programs at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.)

NGA’s interns experience many of the benefits of full-time employees.

-- Paid with sick and annual leave.
-- Onsite workout facility with three hours of paid leave a week.
-- MaxiFlex Work Schedules.
-- Work/Life Balance.
-- With a successful evaluation at the end of the summer, interns could be invited back for multiple summers.
-- Upon successful evaluation and mission need, there is a chance for interns to ‘convert’ to a full-time employee after their graduation.

CLICK: Learn more about student programs at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and how to apply!

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