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CHIPS Articles: CNO’s Professional Reading Program and the Navy Department Library — Great Resources for Knowledge and Inspiration

CNO’s Professional Reading Program and the Navy Department Library — Great Resources for Knowledge and Inspiration
By CHIPS Magazine - April 12, 2019
The book to read is not the one which thinks for you, but the one which makes you think.

- James McCosh, prominent philosopher of the Scottish School of Common Sense and president of Princeton University from 1868 to 1888.

Reading a great book can create a sense of personal empowerment and intellectual energy. Books instill knowledge, wisdom, good judgment, authority and critical thinking skills. Many times you hear people say that reading a particular book transformed their life or changed their understanding of a particular topic.

Many prominent leaders in government, industry, financial services and academia say the key to their success is reading — up to two books or more a week.

Department of the Navy leadership encourages service members and civilians alike to craft a path of continuous learning and professional development to increase the naval forces’ readiness and lethality.

One educational and inspirational source for readers is the Chief of Naval Operations professional reading program. CNO Adm. John Richardson selected books that have influenced his leadership development. “Leaders must continue to grow and to always question the status quo,” he wrote. “If you find just one book on this list that challenges you as a leader, then it has been a success. I encourage you to discuss what has challenged you as a leader in our new forum. Remember to never stop striving to expand your mind.”

Many of the books on the list are in digital format for download. CNO also recommends a list of movies, for example, Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers. For more information, visit

Navy Department Library — an international resource for learning

The Naval History and Heritage Command celebrated National Library Workers Day April 9, a day to recognize the contributions of all library workers. Included in this group is the staff of the Navy Department Library which helps preserve the Navy’s history and traditions and protects this repository of institutional knowledge.

The Navy Department Library traces its roots to a letter dated March 31, 1800, from President John Adams to Secretary of the Navy Benjamin Stoddert directing him to establish a naval library, according to NHHC.

Today, the Navy Department Library staff continues to serve the public by acquiring, organizing, preserving, and providing access to naval and maritime history, customs, and traditions through reference services and internet outreach. It is one of the few major military historical libraries open to the public, the library serves an international audience.

The Library's impressive collection consists of 114,000 book titles, 374,000 manuscripts, and 189,000 periodicals, with an emphasis on naval, nautical, and military history including foreign navies. Individual highlights of the collection include the US Navy's first signal book; calling cards collected by John Paul Jones in Russia; hundreds of unpublished World War II administrative and cryptological histories; and documents captured on German submarine U-505 in 1944.

Please visit the Services page for a description of the library's policies and operations. Click here for volunteers, interns and Navy Reservists information. To contact the library, consult the NHHC Directory.

CHIPS Magazine salutes the staff of the Navy Department Library and all authors and readers that have increased the collective body of knowledge and binding together of civilization since the dawn of time.

US Navy Captain Dudley W. Knox poses with Mrs. Collins, while he was officer in charge of the Office of Naval Records and the Navy Library. NHHC photo
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