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CHIPS Articles: CHIPS Magazine Recipient of CY 2018 Russell Egnor Navy Media Award

CHIPS Magazine Recipient of CY 2018 Russell Egnor Navy Media Award
By Sharon Anderson, CHIPS senior editor - January-March 2019
We are very pleased to announce that CHIPS, the Department of the Navy’s IT magazine, received second place recognition in the category of online publications in the CHINFO-hosted Russell Egnor Navy Media Awards for Calendar Year 2018.

The Navy Acting Chief of Information said in the release, “the awards recognize exceptional work by individuals and communication teams throughout the Navy, reflecting the quality of our community, and the value our work brings to our Service.”

The Media Awards program promotes excellence in Navy journalism, photography, videography and graphic arts among Navy commands and Public Affairs and Visual Information (PA/VI) specialists, and recognizes outstanding achievement in Navy media products.

The awards program is named after retired Senior Chief Journalist Russell D. Egnor who served the Navy for more than 40 years as an active duty and Reserve journalist and as the director of the Navy’s News Photo Division in the Navy Office of Information.

CHIPS celebrates 37 years in publication in 2019 as the DON IT magazine. Our founding motto — Dedicated to Sharing Information, Technology and Experience, aligns with our goal — to meet the information needs of our readers and the warfighter.

CHIPS Magazine is published exclusively online by the Department of the Navy and sponsored by the Office of the DON Chief Information Officer and the DON Enterprise Software Initiative (ESI) Software Product Team at Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific in partnership with Naval Information Warfare Center Atlantic.

Early History

Did you know that the first issue of CHIPS was published in 1982 by the Navy Regional Data Automation Center (NARDAC)? It was distributed as a newsletter to inform and instruct early IT adopters across the DON about enterprise-wide contracts for microcomputers; programming languages; hardware; and software applications. Titled – "Chips Ahoy – A Small Computer Newsletter” – it was mailed to about 2,500 Navy personnel. It also served as a means for IT users to share their insights and hard lessons learned.

This was the era when the DON was deploying desktop computing, then called microcomputers, across the department. NARDAC also hosted an annual Navywide Microcomputer Conference, later called Connecting Technology, an early forerunner to the annual DON IT Conference, where subject matter experts instructed IT users regarding the latest Navy IT policies and approved software applications and hardware.

The legendary (then) Capt. Grace Hopper, special advisor to the commander of Naval Data Automation Command, NARDAC’s parent command, was a frequent speaker and a treasured mentor to CHIPS editors in those early days. With her brusque manner and sharp humor, she always encouraged personnel to “push the limits of their imagination.” The CHIPS website hosts a module in Hopper’s honor.

We now take pleasure in a readership of more than 16 million annual online readers comprised of Defense, federal, state and local government agencies, Allies and coalition partners, academia and DoD industry partners.

Often we are asked what the CHIPS acronym means. CHIPS is not an acronym, rather it represents a tribute to the miniaturization of the mighty microchip which made desktop technology possible across the DON, as well as the world, a phenomenal innovation, that continues to outpace expectations due to its versatility and capacity.

On behalf of our sponsors and stakeholders, we thank our loyal readers, authors and public affairs professionals for 37 great years.

The next edition of CHIPS will be published in April 2019, and we update news each business day, so be sure to check the CHIPS homepage often:

Sharon Anderson is the CHIPS senior editor; you can reach her at

Rear Adm. Hopper holding a coil of wire to demonstrate the fleeting length of nanosecond during a lecture at the Navy Micro Conference. The nanosecond example was used to urge young naval officers and the nascent Navy computing community not to waste a single second.
The cover of the July 1986 Chips Ahoy magazine featuring Rear Adm. Grace Hopper and her famous quote, "It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission."
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