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CHIPS Articles: Department of the Navy Fiscal Year 20 Budget

Department of the Navy Fiscal Year 20 Budget
By Rear Admiral Randy Crites, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Budget - March 13, 2019
Today [March 12] the FY 2020 budget request for the Department of the Navy (DON) was submitted to Congress. The $205.6 billion request (Base + Overseas Contingency Operations) represents a 4.8 percent increase from the FY19 enacted budget. This budget submission is strategy-driven and provides the resources required to strengthen the DON in this new era of great power competition.

This year’s budget submission reflects a balanced and holistic approach to expanding DON’s competitive advantage by supporting a bigger, better and more ready Navy and Marine Corps team. To meet demand signals from combatant commanders, expand global influence and prevail in any warfighting contingency, we must increase capacity.

To maintain our competitive advantage for the future fight, we must invest in superior and innovative technologies that increase lethality. And to recapture strategic momentum, we must be ready to compete in ways that are agile, unpredictable, cost-imposing and sustainable. Our nation depends on our Naval Force to rise to global challenges and protect the American homeland.

To maintain dominance in a dynamic threat environment, we must continue to build a bigger, better, networked, talented, agile and more ready fleet. While the FY19 and FY18 budgets focused on achieving wholeness and restoring readiness, the FY20 President’s Budget (PB20) request aligns people, capabilities and processes to better position the Navy and Marine Corps to compete, deter and win.

We accomplish this by maintaining our focus on six specific dimensions:

  • Building a bigger fleet – We are building toward a 355-ship navy.
  • Building a better fleet – We need to accelerate and invest in game-changing capabilities.
  • Building a networked fleet – Information sharing is a force multiplier.
  • Building a talented fleet – Our people have always been our greatest advantage.
  • Building an agile fleet – The Navy must work as part of the joint and combined force.
  • Building a ready fleet – A bigger, better, networked, talented and agile fleet contributes to potential naval power, but actual naval power must include the critical dimension of readiness.

Read the rest of the admiral's blog post on the Navy Live Blog, the official blog of the U.S. Navy.

DON overview of the FY20 budget request
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