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CHIPS Articles: DoD Signal/Communications/Cyber Warrant Officer Knowledge Transfer Event Announced

DoD Signal/Communications/Cyber Warrant Officer Knowledge Transfer Event Announced
OPEN to All Signal, Communications, Cyber Warrant Officers in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard
By CHIPS Magazine - February 19, 2019
DISA and the Joint Force Headquarters – DoD Information Network will host a knowledge transfer event for signal, communications, and cyber warrant officers (WO1-CW5) from all services at its joint headquarters on Fort George G. Meade, Maryland, April 10-11.

Attendees will learn what services DISA provides, such as DoD mobility solutions, milCloud 2.0, Joint Regional Security Stacks, and many more, including how JFHQ-DoDIN protects the DoDIN with support from DoD cyber elements, and what the future holds for both organizations.

Registration is required and visit authorization requests must be submitted through the Joint Personnel Adjudication System. Units that send personnel will pay all TDY costs and individuals must arrange for lodging and transportation. Additional details are included on the registration site.

The aim is to gather together as many DoD Signal, Communications and Cyber Warrant Officers to learn about what DISA provides as an agency and how the JFHQ-DoDIN leads in protecting the DoDIN.

The knowledge transfer event is intended to build a foundation within the Warrant Officer Corps across the DoD, ensuring that true information from both DISA and JFHQ-DoDIN makes it to where actions are executed at the tactical edge to affect change.

Event location: DISA HQ, 6910 Cooper Avenue, Fort Meade, Maryland 20755. View Map

Edited from an event post by CW5 Taylor Wells.

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