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CHIPS Articles: DISA announces more cloud service choices

DISA announces more cloud service choices
By CHIPS Magazine - February 19, 2019
The Defense Information Systems Agency granted a 12-month Department of Defense provisional authorization for PTC Cloud Services’ DoD community cloud. PTC Cloud Services (CS) offers a software as a service (SaaS) for systems hosting Impact Level 5 (IL5) controlled unclassified information data.

The PTC CS system is a managed platform that offers clients web applications for product lifecycle management and service lifecycle management hosted in the PTC CS cloud-computing infrastructure and third-party data centers. It is a DoD private/community cloud, and PTC CS systems administrators provide network infrastructure management via out-of-band management connectivity.

DISA said this represents the first IL5 for PTC CS, making their SaaS available to DoD and federal communities.

Earlier this month, the DISA Authorizing Official granted a one-year DoD provisional authorization with conditions to the Adobe Experience Manager for Managed Services (AEMMS). The AEMMS offers an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) for systems hosting Impact Level 4 data.

The AEMMS system supports moderate confidentiality, moderate integrity, and customer-defined availability (MMx) in a government community cloud. It is a managed application that provides a web content management solution running in Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud computing infrastructure.

The AEMMS is composed of two systems: a single Adobe Management Services Command and Control (AMSCC) environment and the AEMMS.

A DoD PA is an initial approval of the cloud service provider’s cloud service offering package by DISA. The DoD PA provides DoD customers or mission owners the leverage needed to grant an Authority to Operate (ATO) for the acquisition and use of the cloud service offering at the defined impact level.

DISA noted that a DoD PA does not constitute endorsement by DISA or DoD of the suitability of the cloud service offering for any particular requirement, nor does it replace or eliminate the requirement for mission owners to issue an authorization for their acquisition and implementation of the cloud service offering.

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