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CHIPS Articles: DoD Cyber Scholarship Recruitment Program for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

DoD Cyber Scholarship Recruitment Program for the 2019-2020 Academic Year
By DON OCIO - January 31, 2019
TheThe DoD Cyber Scholarship (CySP) recruitment program provides scholarship funding to current students (non-DoD individuals) studying at select National Centers of Academic Excellence (CAEs) in Cyber Education throughout the United States.

CAEs are designated by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security.

Rising junior, senior, and graduate students accepted at, or enrolled in, one of the CAEs may apply for full scholarships to complete a bachelor's, master's, doctoral degree, or graduate (post-baccalaureate) certificate program in a relevant cyber-related discipline.

In addition, this year, as a pilot, Community College CAEs will nominate students for academic scholarships. They may be considered by DoD Components for immediate hire upon graduation, or to continue their studies at a 4-year CAE academic institution.

Recipients Receive
Scholarship recipients receive financial assistance, covering the full cost of tuition and selected books and fees, plus a stipend to cover room and board expenses, in exchange for a service commitment to the Department, which commences after the award of the DoD CySP-authorized degree. The start of service date is to be determined by the sponsoring Component. The obligated service in DoD shall be as a civilian employee of the Department or as an active duty enlisted member or officer in one of the Military Services.

Funding is for academic year 2019-2020.

Recruitment students may be required to complete a student internship, depending on the length of their individual scholarship.

Application Deadline
Student application proposals are due to the DoD CySP Program Office by Feb. 28th. Scholarship recipients are selected by the individual DoD Components who agree to hire and place students within their organization upon graduation.

Scholarship Recipient Notification
Student notifications are issued no later than the first week in May. The DoD CySP Executive Administrator will notify students of Component selections through their respective CAEs.

Please contact the NSA DoD CySP Program Office at, (410) 854-6206, or the DoD CIO Cyber Workforce Division at regarding any questions about the program.

Interested applicants should visit for application details information.

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