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CHIPS Articles: NSWC Carderock Division and NUWC Division, Keyport Meet to Collaborate on Technological Capabilities

NSWC Carderock Division and NUWC Division, Keyport Meet to Collaborate on Technological Capabilities
By Aime Lykins, NUWC Division, Keyport Public Affairs - January 24, 2019
KEYPORT, Wash. – More than 30 leaders from Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Carderock Division and Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Division, Keyport spent two days developing and discussing collaboration projects in support of the NAVSEA One Team mission January 15-16.

The group addressed topics such as cyber capabilities, advanced manufacturing and repair technologies, prototyping, experimentation and technology transition, command business areas, and life cycle supportability.

“We don’t collaborate because we are forced to, but because we look toward the higher purpose of supporting the warfighter,” said Anna Long, Organizational Strategist & Planning, NUWC Division, Keyport. “This supports the One Team mission because it’s all about relationships. Instead of just saying ‘this is a peer’ on a piece of paper or teleconference, we are building true relationships because once you interact at this level, you start building trust. This is what strategic planning should be as Team NAVSEA.”

In addition to presentation sessions, the group toured several NUWC Division, Keyport facilities to explore future areas of organizational development, and exchange ideas on emerging technologies.

“We are closely working with Carderock on additive manufacturing,” said Jon Pentzer, Division Head, Rapid Prototyping and Fabrication Technology. “This event has definitely built stronger connections, especially within management, so we can guide resources much more effectively.”

In September of 2018, a small group of department heads and executive-level engineers from NUWC Division, Keyport met at the West Bethesda Campus of NSWC Carderock, to engage in focused discussion on increasing the collective ability to rapidly deliver needed products and services to the Fleet.

The visit helped lay the foundation for deeper dives into collaboration topics during the time spent at Keyport.

“I’m impressed by the depth and breadth of the technical work being done and developed [at NUWC Division, Keyport] that I didn’t know existed,” said Paul Luehr, NSWC Carderock Division’s Ship Signatures Deputy Department Head and Test and Evaluation Director. “It will not only benefit the Navy but Carderock as well. These discussions improve existing collaborations by allowing management to be aware of, and help break down, stovepipes and barriers at the working level. It allows us to give support and let our engineers and technicians know we have their backs and we are committed to working together.”

The visit concluded with a brainstorming session to review lessons learned and enhance the working relationships between the two warfare centers.

“This has been very productive,” said Troy Kelley, NUWC Division, Keyport’s Test and Evaluation Department Head and Range Commanders Council Executive Chair Member. “I’ve learned, through hard knocks over the years, that maintaining consistency is important to a lot of people, especially engineers, like me, who love checklists and that kind of stuff. After this session, Paul and I have the hard work of taking our individual victories and turn them into consistent, actionable items at all organizational levels.”

The leadership teams departed with hearty handshakes, smiles and folders of notes on future opportunities of how to work hand in hand to bring the best, most innovative solutions to the Fleet’s continued growth and sustainability.

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