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CHIPS Articles: Navy Rear Adm. Sharp to be next NGA director

Navy Rear Adm. Sharp to be next NGA director
By CHIPS Magazine - December 28, 2018
The Senate confirmed Navy Rear Adm. Robert D. Sharp for promotion to vice admiral and the Defense Department and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence selected him as the next director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, NGA announced in a release Dec. 26.

Sharp will assume command of the agency during a ceremony in February.

Sharp serves as the commander of the Office of Naval Intelligence and director of the National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office.

Sharp assumed command of ONI and became director, NMIO in April 2016. ONI and NMIO are the leading providers of global maritime intelligence and intelligence integration, respectively, for the U.S. Navy, the Department of Defense and the national interagency policy community.

During his initial flag assignment, he served as director for intelligence, U.S. Special Operations Command.

In addition to multiple personal, unit and campaign awards, he has been the recipient of the Vice Adm.

Rufus L. Taylor award for excellence in instruction, the U.S. Army’s Knowlton Award for Military Intelligence, the Rear Adm. Edwin T. Layton leadership award, and the Naval Intelligence Foundation award for excellence in operational intelligence support to the fleet, according to Sharp’s bio on

NGA delivers world-class geospatial intelligence that provides a decisive advantage to policymakers, warfighters, intelligence professionals and first responders.

Anyone who sails a U.S. ship, flies a U.S. aircraft, makes national policy decisions, fights wars, locates targets, responds to natural disasters, or even navigates with a cellphone relies on the services NGA provides.

NGA enables all of these critical actions and shapes decisions through the indispensable discipline of geospatial intelligence (GEOINT).

NGA is a unique combination of intelligence agency and combat support agency. It is the world leader in timely, relevant, accurate and actionable GEOINT. NGA enables the U.S. intelligence community and the DoD to fulfill the president’s national security priorities to protect the nation. NGA also anticipates its partners’ future needs and advances the GEOINT discipline to meet them, according to the NGA website.

NGA is the lead federal agency for GEOINT and manages a global consortium of more than 400 commercial and government relationships. The director of NGA serves as the functional manager for GEOINT, the head of the National System for Geospatial Intelligence (NSG) and the coordinator of the global Allied System for Geospatial Intelligence (ASG). In its multiple roles, NGA receives guidance and oversight from DOD, the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and Congress.

NGA is headquartered in Springfield, Virginia, and has two major locations in St. Louis and Arnold, Missouri. Hundreds of NGA employees serve on support teams at U.S. military, diplomatic and allied locations around the world.

Navy Rear Adm. Robert D. Sharp
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