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CHIPS Articles: SPAWAR Reserve Program Holds Change of Command Ceremony

SPAWAR Reserve Program Holds Change of Command Ceremony
By Elisha Gamboa, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command - November 30, 2018
The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) Reserve Program (SRP) held a change of command ceremony Nov. 17 where leaders highlighted the vital role SRP plays in keeping the fleet, the Navy and the Nation safe.

Capt. Matthew R. Hahn relieved Capt. George J. Byrd III, who has held multiple roles in SRP concurrently. Byrd has been the program's interim commanding officer since October 2018 and served as the deputy program director since 2016.

The SRP is an organization made up of a diverse, high-performing team of more than 420 Reserve Sailors geographically dispersed amongst 18 units located in fleet concentration areas, space facilities, high tech centers and SPAWAR centers of excellence. The group draws on Sailors with various areas of expertise from units across the country to cost effectively deliver the right Sailor, with the right skills, at the right time, to the right place.

During the ceremony, Byrd talked about his commitment to the SRP and the shared leadership lessons that have shaped his leadership style during his career.

“Organize yourself, carve out time to read and time to think about what you read, stay physically fit, take care of your people, speak and write with simplicity and precision, focus and prioritize, never refuse to delegate, and pass on what you have learned,” said Byrd.

Byrd went on to express his confidence in Capt. Hahn’s ability to lead the SRP in its mission to support the fleet in the battle of outpacing our adversaries in all warfighting domains.

As the new SRP Commanding Officer, Hahn plans to continue the capabilities construct set forth by Byrd which matches desired skillsets with qualified Reservists. He will also look to continue and enhance the “one-team, one-fight” culture through proactive reserve and active duty engagement that is crucial to successfully meeting the Navy needs.

During fiscal year 2018 there has been an increased integration of reserve participation into the SPAWAR Fleet Readiness Directorate for ship board evolutions in support of system operational testing and cyber readiness. This mission has helped increase readiness and decrease costs by identifying issues early and freeing up active duty resources to focus on other work necessary to meet the mission.

The SRP executed more than 9,200 hours of operational support to the SPAWAR mission in fiscal year 2018, supporting the Navy, Joint and Combatant Commands, and foreign partners.

Moving forward, the SRP will continue to play an important role in supporting both SPAWAR and the Navy’s mission under Hahn. As Reservists, the SRP leverages education, corporate knowledge and military experience and applies those skills to the challenges SPAWAR and the fleet are facing with respect to complex command, control, communications, computer and intelligence systems.

SPAWAR identifies, develops, delivers and sustains information warfighting capabilities supporting naval, joint, coalition and other national missions. SPAWAR consists of more than 10,000 active duty military and civil service professionals located around the world and close to the fleet to keep SPAWAR at the forefront of research, engineering and acquisition to provide and sustain information warfare capabilities to the fleet.

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