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CHIPS Articles: Air Force Vice Chief of Staff Issues AIR FORCE CHALLENGE to Advance Multi-Domain Operations

Air Force Vice Chief of Staff Issues AIR FORCE CHALLENGE to Advance Multi-Domain Operations
Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast
By Air Force Research Laboratory - November 26, 2018
The Air Force Vice Chief of Staff is challenging Airmen, academia and industry to enhance Multi-Domain Operations, which integrates joint and coalition capabilities across all military operations. In a world dominated by rapid innovation, can you look around and find a better way to establish situational awareness, develop courses of action or deliver effects at unmatched speed? Many scenarios require us to act within 15 minutes or less.

In September 2017, Secretary of the U.S. Air Force Heather Wilson launched an initiative to update the Air Force's science and technology strategy. Over the course of a year, the Air Force will listen and learn from the scientific community, higher education and business professionals through a series of conversations and outreach events.

Adversaries have become very savvy at leveraging technology to challenge the superiority we have come to rely on. In each of our mission areas, we must rapidly harness and integrate technology that helps Airmen anticipate what’s next and speed our decision cycle. The Air Force Challenge will start small by gathering ideas from individual Airmen, rapidly evolve concepts with national thought leaders and scale fast by working with industry to build and demonstrate prototypes.

U.S. warfighters depend on us to keep the fight unfair and we will deliver.

Learn how you can accept the challenge:

AFRL will continue to listen for great ideas beyond the formal initiative timeframe. Submit your science and technology ideas for basic research as well as ideas to improve business processes to continue to prepare for 2030 and beyond.

To learn more about Air Force technology, visit the Air Force Research Laboratory website

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