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CHIPS Articles: NATO-Industry Forum 2018: Harnessing emerging and disruptive technologies

NATO-Industry Forum 2018: Harnessing emerging and disruptive technologies
By Allied Command Transformation Public Affairs Office - November 19, 2018
NATO-Industry Forum is the primary venue for strategic dialogue between NATO and the defense and security industry for capability planning and development.

The 2018 iteration of the NATO-Industry Forum concluded Nov. 13 with contributions from NATO Permanent and Military Representatives, officials from NATO and European institutions, Chief Executive Officers and senior executives from the defence and security industry, and other decision makers.

The NATO-Industry Forum 2018 focused on innovation and disruptive technologies and Trans-Atlantic policies and strategies for 21st century capabilities, as well as enhancing military “decision-making,” autonomous systems and logistics and sustainment. Discussions focussed on NATO’s ability to harness emerging and disruptive technologies for integration into NATO’s capability requirements and programs.

In today’s complex security environment, NATO faces simultaneous challenges across all four of the Alliance’s recognized operational domains – land, air, maritime and cyberspace. Artificial intelligence, quantum computing, block chain, autonomy, big data, and other technologies, will fundamentally change the way that NATO is conducting business.

Hosted by Germany, the NATO-Industry Forum 2018 took place in Berlin from Nov. 12 to 13, 2018. The NATO-Industry Forum is sponsored by the NATO Secretary General, and co-organized by the Supreme Allied Commander Transformation and the Assistant Secretary General for Defense Investment.

“NATO must radically change its methods and its mind-sets, especially in domains where the commercial sector has taken a strong technology development lead. While large projects will remain important, we believe the traditional capability development model must also be complemented by a new, more flexible one,” said General André Lanata, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation.

Camille Grand, Assistant Secretary General, NATO Defence Investment Division, said, “The security of our nations can only be provided with credible capabilities. For that, we need appropriate defense budgets, political support, and of course, industry able to deliver.”

Quick Facts
• More than 400 attendees participated in the NATO-Industry Forum, including over 150 industry leaders representing 90 companies.
• 15 of the industrial representatives came from small to medium-sized corporations.
• The 2012 Chicago Summit Communique was the first to recognize industry as an essential element of NATO capability delivery. The 2018 Brussels Summit communique reiterates NATO’s commitment.
• In 2016, NATO nations agreed to spend 2 percent of gross domestic product on defense. When that target is reached NATO will spend $20 billion dollars on capabilities and research and development annually.
• As announced previously this year, the European Defence Fund will dedicate 5 percent of funds between 2021 – 2027 to disruptive technology and innovation equipment.

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Supreme Allied Commander Transformation General André Lanata with the 13th Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg
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