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CHIPS Articles: Navy Credentials Program Wins “When Work Works Award”

Navy Credentials Program Wins “When Work Works Award”
By Lt.j.g. Ashley Taylor, Naval Education and Training Command - November 13, 2018
The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) announced the selection of the Navy Credentials Program Office for the 2018 When Work Works Award for exemplary workplace practices Nov. 5.

The award is part of SHRM’s When Work Works project, a national initiative that helps employers become more successful by transforming the way they view and adopt effective and flexible workplaces. It recognizes employers of all types and sizes that are excelling at offering a variety of top-rated employee initiatives such as work-life fit policies, flexible scheduling and transition to parenthood programs. The award goes beyond work-life programs and includes initiatives that address the additional evidence-based aspects of effective workplaces, such as opportunities for learning, a culture of respect and trust, and job autonomy.

“Navy Credentials Program’s worksite has distinguished itself as a leading employer of choice by demonstrating success in using flexibility as part of an effective workplace strategy to achieve business goals and benefit employees by helping them meet their responsibilities on and off the job,” said Cassidy Solis, SHRM senior advisor.

The Navy Credentials Program, which is part of Naval Education and Training Command’s (NETC) N5 Strategy, Innovation, and Education Programs directorate, was one of 97 winning worksites for the 2018 When Work Works Award in 35 states and the District of Columbia.

The Navywide program embodies Navy Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL), Department of the Navy (DON) Civilian COOL and the United Services Military Apprenticeship Program (USMAP).

“They consistently focus on the Sailor and making the process of obtaining credentials as easy and as quick as possible,” said Capt. Scott Laedlein, NETC’s N5 director. “The shop’s common goal creates a tight-knit community where everyone helps each other.”

Navy COOL provides active-duty and reserve Sailors, whether forward-deployed, underway or ashore, with a way to map their Navy education, training, experience and competencies to civilian credentials and occupations. DON Civilian COOL helps Navy civilian employees find information on certifications and licenses related to their federal jobs.

USMAP is a formal military training program that provides active-duty and Full Time Support (FTS) Navy, Marine Corps, Army and Coast Guard service members the opportunity to improve their job skills and to complete their civilian apprenticeship requirements while they are on active duty. The U.S. Department of Labor provides the nationally recognized "Certificate of Completion" upon program completion.

Director of Navy Credentialing Programs, Keith Boring, feels this award validates his employees’ hard work, especially considering the range of national companies and corporations who have also been recognized with the award.

“As a winner for the second year in a row, the Navy Credentials Program Office ranks in the top 25 percent of employers nationally in terms of its programs, policies and culture for creating an effective and flexible workplace,” said Boring. “In addition, what makes this honor so special is that our employees have confirmed these findings.”

The Navy Credentialing Programs Office was evaluated on factors associated with employee health, well-being and engagement: opportunities for learning; a culture of trust; work-life fit; supervisor support for work success; autonomy; and satisfaction with earnings, benefits and opportunities for advancement. The award is earned after a rigorous assessment that emphasizes the real-life experiences of employees and incorporates national benchmarks of employer practices from the National Study of Employers and the employee experiences from the National Study of the Changing Workforce. Two-thirds of an organization’s winning score is based on a survey of its employees.

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