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CHIPS Articles: Attention Sailors: INSURV's Newsletter Provides Tips and Inspection Insights

Attention Sailors: INSURV's Newsletter Provides Tips and Inspection Insights
By INSURV Knowledge Management Officer - October-December 2018
The Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV) has released the 23rd edition of their electronic newsletter, INSURV Insights, in an effort to communicate with the Fleet through tips and tidbits from all aspects of the inspection process, while providing valuable insights, knowledge and experience from the deck plates.

Issue 23 spotlights USS Mitscher: Find, Document and Fix, Main Propulsion Inspections, AEGIS Weapons, INSURV Transformation, INSURV News, Operational Steering Checks, Fan Rooms, Trials of Surface Ships and Common Discrepancies Found During Habitability Inspections.

This issue, along with all past issues, are available on the INSURV inspection portal at

Read through it, share it with your shipmates, and let us know what you think!

For more information, please contact our Communications Team at

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