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CHIPS Articles: New National Strategy for Counterterrorism

New National Strategy for Counterterrorism
By CHIPS Magazine - October 10, 2018
The White House released a National Strategy for Counterterrorism, “the United States’ first robust and fully-articulated strategy on counterterrorism since 2011,” according to an Oct. 4th release.

The strategy outlines a new approach to counter and prevent the evolving terrorist threat, stressing that all actions necessary to keep America safe will be taken.

The National Strategy for Counterterrorism focuses on several ongoing actions:

  • Pursuing terrorists to their source;
  • Isolating terrorists from their sources of support;
  • Modernizing and integrating the U.S.’s counterterrorism tools;
  • Protecting American infrastructure and enhancing resilience;
  • Countering terrorist radicalization and recruitment; and
  • Strengthening the counterterrorism abilities of international partners.

The new strategy builds on lessons learned from past counterterrorism efforts and offers a new path toward strengthening the security of Americans, according to the release.

The strategy emphasizes the use of all of America’s tools to prevent and counter terrorism, strengthening military approaches while delivering a new emphasis on non-military capabilities.

In this comprehensive, consolidated effort, many government agencies will play important roles, including law enforcement, diplomatic and treasury officials.

The new approach highlights strong border security at points of entry, protecting critical infrastructure and facilitating national preparedness.

The strategy calls for expanding partnerships at home and abroad to encourage partners’ assistance in counterterrorism activities which includes working with NATO Allies and partners.

Download the National Strategy for Counterterrorism here.

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