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CHIPS Articles: Defense Industrial Base Report Released

Defense Industrial Base Report Released
By CHIPS Magazine - October 9, 2018
Deputy Secretary of Defense Pat Shanahan, on behalf of Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, presented a report, Assessing and Strengthening the Manufacturing and Defense Industrial Base and Supply Chain Resiliency of the United States, to President Donald J. Trump, pursuant to Executive Order 13806 Oct. 5.

President Trump directed Secretary Mattis to lead a whole-of-government effort to identify and assess risks in the manufacturing and defense industrial base. Based on this review, the Secretary made recommendations to the President to ensure a robust, resilient, secure and ready manufacturing and defense industrial base, according to a DoD release.

The recommendations outlined in this report mirror the Administration's commitment to securing the industrial capabilities of the United States. The activities that followed the President's Executive Order included a multi-agency risk assessment of the U.S. industrial base, which involved experts from the departments of Defense, Commerce, Labor, Energy, Homeland Security, and other agencies and offices.

The report identifies immediate risks in the manufacturing and defense industrial base and initiates solutions to create a strategy for building this base for next-generation technologies. This comprehensive and governmentwide effort underscores that manufacturing and the defense industrial base are vital to America's economic and national security.

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