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CHIPS Articles: Navy Awards Blanket Purchase Agreement to Accelerate Move To The Cloud

Navy Awards Blanket Purchase Agreement to Accelerate Move To The Cloud
By Program Executive Office for Enterprise Information Systems - July-September 2018
ARLINGTON, Va. - The Navy awarded a General Services Administration Schedule 70 based Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) to CSRA LLC, a General Dynamics Information Technology company on Sept. 26 that provides access to the BPA holder’s team of Department of the Navy (DON) approved Commercial Cloud Service Providers (CCSP) and their services. This award is another step in the DON’s effort to design, transfer, host, operate, and sustain Information Technology (IT) capabilities in the cloud to the maximum extent possible. The agreement consists of a one-year base period, with an additional 4 one-year options which, if exercised, total $95,844,276.00.

This BPA aligns to the Department of Defense Cloud Strategy that supports a multi-vendor, multi-cloud ecosystem, offering Navy customers ‘Fit-for-Purpose’ options that will meet their specialized requirements. Under its Cloud-First policy, this enterprise cloud agreement will allow the Navy to more quickly access commercial cloud solutions.

"In order to move the Navy forward in today's environment of accelerated technology change, we need to take bold steps. This means we must be willing to let go of old processes that keep us from moving ahead" said Navy Cyber Security Division Director Rear Adm. Danelle Barrett. "This BPA for commercial cloud services will be an important tool to accelerate Navy cloud adoption, allowing us to tap into the capabilities, processes, and skills being used in commercial industry today both for the use of our data in the cloud for improved cybersecurity and from an operational perspective. Doing so puts us in a better position to meet warfighter needs for combating evolving threats, and creating a more lethal force by employing emerging technologies. The cloud model is a new one for us and we are mindful of the shared cybersecurity responsibility which is different than how we manage and protect data today. We have worked very hard over the last 15 months to ensure we have mechanisms in place to properly execute the command and control functions of our information in the cloud, and we will learn more as we progress."

Access to capabilities and services provided by the Navy enterprise cloud agreement will be facilitated by the Navy Commercial Cloud Services (NCCS) office, which is a project office within the Department of the Navy’s Program Executive Office for Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS). The Navy established a commercial cloud brokerage approach to accelerate adoption of commercial cloud technologies and services. As part of that plan, PEO EIS is designated as the executive agent (EA) responsible for executing the overarching cloud brokerage structure, which includes the delivery of the newly awarded enterprise cloud agreement.

“Success with our cloud approach is realized when the individual cloud brokers across the enterprise are able to deliver cloud services at speed to meet the needs of all our Navy consumers,” according to the Program Executive Officer for EIS Ruth Youngs Lew. “The enterprise cloud agreement is part of a growing portfolio cloud services available to our Navy cloud brokers and their customers. This fits with our goal of accelerating the adoption of cloud technologies in order to deliver greater capacity which is critical to maintaining our technological advantage”

A BPA allows government buyers to more easily fill repetitive needs for supplies and services from ‘schedule’ contractors. The GSA “IT Schedule 70” includes pre-vetted vendors offering a range of products, services, and solutions. Ordering on this BPA will be decentralized to the individual Navy Cloud Broker (NCB) organizations. The NCB organizations include the DON’s five systems commands, plus the Military Sealift Command and Strategic Systems Programs.

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