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CHIPS Articles: NAVIFOR Commander Talks Information Warfighting Readiness with Sailors at NIWTG San Diego

NAVIFOR Commander Talks Information Warfighting Readiness with Sailors at NIWTG San Diego
By Robert Fluegel, Navy Information Forces - September 26, 2018
Naval Information Forces Command Commander, Vice Adm. Brian Brown, paid a visit to Naval Information Warfare Training Group (NIWTG) San Diego, August 22. He met with NIWTG leadership, department heads and command stakeholders to discuss current mission endeavors and future growth in the arena of training the fleet’s Information Warfare (IW) workforce.

The NIWTG mission is to advance warfighting readiness through operational-based training, highly experienced IW deployers, and IW mission data management in support of afloat and ashore commands delivering decisive advantages in the maritime domain. The efforts of the men and women at NIWTG San Diego prepare fleet Sailors to meet the demanding challenges of the Navy cyber, electronic warfare, information operations (IO), and cryptologic warfare fields. They also support fleet operations through OPSEC training, IO planning and Individual Augmentation.

Meeting with the NIWTG San Diego crew in an all-hands forum, Brown said, “We are in the business of building IW capability in the fleet, which is growing relevance constantly. We only get better through realistic training and certification, and that is what you all are bringing to the fleet.”

Brown encouraged questions from the audience and was asked what was the plan for expansion of this new NIWTG command mission.

“The expansion is to further integrate all facets of IW in Fleet concentration areas, working with and aligning with our counterparts at Afloat Training Group (ATG),” said Brown. “This growth and alignment does take time, but we are dedicated to working to get more resources to NIWTG to get there.”

NIWTG San Diego Commanding Officer, Cmdr. Robert Cadena, related how proud he is of the work his Sailors do and have been doing, and was glad the crew had the opportunity to speak directly to Brown. “It is always a great engagement, dialogue and insight on the way ahead for NAVIFOR and the NIWTG enterprise,” said Cadena.

During his visit, Brown noted in his address to the Sailors, “It is a complex environment that we operate in, and we need to be ready to meet the fight.”

Brown was also able to meet and congratulate a diverse group of outstanding Sailors who were recognized for their achievements as NIWTG San Diego’s most recent Sailor of the Quarter recipients. These Sailors represented a candid cross-section of the command from IO deployers and facilities managers, to fleet electronic support maintainers and command training facilitators. The variety of work the Sailors at NIWTG accomplish day-in and day-out is a testament to the commitment of meeting the multilayered demands of achieving the IW mission.

For more information about NAVIFOR, visit the command's website at, Navy News webpage at or Facebook page at

Commander Naval Information Forces, Vice Adm. Brian Brown, meets with Information Warfare Training Group San Diego leadership, department heads and stakeholders to discuss Command mission objectives and endeavors, August 22, 2018. U.S. Navy photo by Robert Fluegel
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