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CHIPS Articles: DoD Releases 2018 DoD Cyber Strategy and Cyber Posture Review

DoD Releases 2018 DoD Cyber Strategy and Cyber Posture Review
Sharpening our Competitive Edge in Cyberspace
By DoD Release - September 19, 2018
"The United States is committed to open and reliable access to information, which is vital to U.S. prosperity and security. The 2018 Department of Defense Cyber Strategy articulates how the department is implementing the National Defense Strategy in cyberspace. Countries such as China and Russia are conducting persistent cyberspace campaigns that pose a strategic, long-term risk to the nation, our allies, and partners.

"This competition requires a more assertive, proactive posture in cyberspace. The department is prepared to defend forward, disrupting or halting malicious cyber activity before it reaches our networks and systems, including the nation's critical infrastructure. Our allies and competitors alike should understand that we will assertively defend our ability to access and use the cyberspace domain."

- DoD statement at the release of the 2018 Department of Defense Cyber Strategy and Cyber Posture Review

The 2018 Department of Defense (DoD) Cyber Strategy articulates how the Department will implement the priorities of the National Defense Strategy in and through cyberspace. It supersedes the 2015 DoD Cyber Strategy. Released Sept. 19, 2019, the first-ever DoD Cyber Posture Review provided a comprehensive assessment of the Department’s ability to successfully execute the Strategy.

Central Challenge
U.S. prosperity and security depend on open and reliable access to information. Nations that are deterred from directly confronting U.S. military strength are using cyberspace operations in day-to-day competition to exploit a perceived advantage and harm our interests. China and Russia are engaging in great power competition via persistent, aggressive cyberspace campaigns that pose strategic, long-term risks to the Nation, our allies, and partners.

Key Themes
-- Using cyberspace to amplify military lethality and effectiveness;
-- Defending forward, confronting threats before they reach U.S. networks;
-- Proactively engaging in the day-to-day great power competition in cyberspace;
-- Protecting military advantage and national prosperity;
-- Recognizing partnerships are key to shared success in protecting cyberspace;
-- Actively contesting the exfiltration of sensitive DoD information;
-- Embracing technology, automation, and innovation to act at scale and speed;
-- Supporting the defense of critical infrastructure;
-- Recruiting, developing, and managing critical cyber talent.

DoD Objectives for Cyberspace
1. Ensuring the Joint Force can achieve its missions in a contested cyberspace domain; 2. Enhancing Joint Force military advantages through the integration of cyber capabilities into planning and operations;
3. Deterring, preempting, or defeating malicious cyber activity targeting U.S. critical infrastructure that is likely to cause a significant cyber incident;
4. Securing DoD information and systems, including on non-DoD-owned networks, against cyber espionage and malicious cyber activity;
5. Expanding DoD cyber cooperation with allies, partners, and private sector entities.

Cyber Posture Review
-- As directed by the FY18 National Defense Authorization Act, the Department conducted a comprehensive review of the Department’s cyber posture and ability to execute the Strategy. The Review included extensive background research, data collection, and expert interviews.
-- This classified Review identified that we must continue investments in our people, capabilities, and processes to meet fully the objectives set forth in the Strategy.
-- The Review also included workshops, modeling, and wargames to further develop the Department’s approach to deterring, disrupting, and defeating malicious cyber activity and successfully competing in cyberspace.

-- The Department has begun to address these challenges, but it is an enduring effort and significant work remains.
-- The Department will continually monitor specific Strategy implementation tasks through the Principal Cyber Advisor.
--The Department is identifying budget and resource impacts for the Fiscal Year 2019 and 2020 budgets.

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