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CHIPS Articles: Mission Partner Engagement Office serves as single point of entry for DISA products, services

Mission Partner Engagement Office serves as single point of entry for DISA products, services
By CHIPS Magazine - September 5, 2018
Navigating the Defense Information Systems Agency’s labyrinth of products and services can be like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack, even to those with a long history of working with the agency.

But searching for services just got a bit easier for mission partners with a reorganized portal and direct access to subject matter experts through the Mission Partner Engagement Office, DISA said in a release. The MPEO consolidates services information and serves as a single point of entry into the agency.

“MPEO’s value to our mission partners is our availability as one place they can come to for all things DISA,” said Ted Lewis, deputy chief of MPEO. “From assisting with documenting and processing requirements, to getting them in a room or on a call with the DISA services subject matter experts, customers know they can trust us to help with accomplishing their mission.”

MPEO, organizationally aligned under the Development and Business Center (DBC), was established in 2015. The office’s focus is to provide mission partners with information on DISA’s services and requirements, assist with service requests, resolve issues and concerns, and facilitate communication between the agency and mission partners during the entire lifecycle of a program, DISA said.

The MPEO maintains working relationships with mission partners to promote routine communication and collaboration. The office also conducts follow-on communications and links mission partners to the program management offices regarding service requirements and assists mission partners with identifying any areas of concern.

“Liaisons and outreach teams help mission partners navigate any challenges they have ordering and consuming DISA services,” said Joe Brinker, a branch chief within MPEO who focuses on the agency’s relationships with the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Defense Logistics Agency, Defense Health Agency, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and the intelligence community.

“MPEO also coordinates engagement events at the senior level to address challenges, discuss current and emerging services, and to facilitate effective relationships,” he said.

MPEO liaisons will direct a mission partner to the DISA Global Service Desk to open a trouble ticket or ask a technical question about an existing service in response to whatever the mission partner needs, DISA said.

“Many times, it is as simple as guiding them to the correct process or support team within the agency,” Brinker said.

MPEO serves two purposes, according to DISA.

If the mission partner finds exactly what is required for their unique mission in DISA’s Service Catalog, MPEO will discuss requirements and how services will help them achieve their desired capability.

If catalog offerings do not meet mission requirements, an MPEO representative works with the mission partner to identify shortcomings and document what is needed in a requirements request form. The form is routed to the DISA Requirements and Analysis Office, where the RAO reviews and defines requirements and provides recommendations for implementing new services and capabilities. Together, RAO and MPEO work with the agency’s senior leadership, program management offices, and mission partners to ensure customers’ requirements are met.

To submit a request for new services or enhancements to existing services, mission partners complete a “new requirement request form” (Common Access Card required for access) and submit it to MPEO for review and validation.

Mission partners can also use the recently updated Mission Partner Portal to request services. The portal was reorganized to help mission partners locate key information and services, including announcements; featured services; the DISA director’s newsletter, “The Drumbeat;" request forms for DISA services, and access to the DISA Services Catalog.

DISA encourages mission partners to contact a MPEO Engagement Executive Team with questions, to submit service request forms, or to receive additional support.

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