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CHIPS Articles: DISA expands mobility offering to organizations not using DoD Enterprise Email

DISA expands mobility offering to organizations not using DoD Enterprise Email
By DISA News - August 3, 2018
The Defense Information Systems Agency is now offering its unclassified mobile device management service to all Department of Defense (DoD) mission partners, services, agencies, and field activities.

Previously, only mission partners who purchased the agency’s DoD Enterprise Email (DEE) service were able to utilize the DISA-managed DoD Mobility Unclassified Capability (DMUC).

Non-DEE users can now obtain the DMUC suite of capabilities, which includes:

  • Mobile device management.
  • A mobile application store.
  • Mobile application management.
  • High-availability architectures.
  • Commercial voice services.
  • Public Key Infrastructure credentials.
  • 24/7 DISA Service Desk Tier II and Tier III support.

The cost for service, which used to be $7.54, is now only $4.31 per device, per month. Mission partners purchase supported mobile devices and commercial carrier service (optional) based on their requirements.

“Mission partners can save time, funding, and resources not having to worry about the development, implementation, operations, and sustainment of the infrastructure because DISA’s DMUC service does it all for them,” said Al Smith, program manager for DMUC.

Smith said DISA is ready to engage with and support mission partners who have until now been unable to obtain the service.

“We are reaching out to our mission partners on other email enclaves who have previously expressed interest in DMUC,” he said. “In the past few weeks, the DMUC team has briefed various mission partners about connecting to their respective email environments. We want to understand their specific needs and help them achieve their missions with DMUC.”

DMUC now supports more than 100,000 users, with approximately 1,000 new devices utilizing the capability each week.

“We are a fast moving program office,” Smith said. “As new devices and software updates roll out, we are constantly testing, integrating, and making them available to our DoD customers as quickly as possible.”

For additional information regarding services the DoD Mobility Program provides please visit the DoD Mobility User Corner or email DISA’s Mission Partner Engagement Office.

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