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CHIPS Articles: IWTC Virginia Beach Offers, Completes New Pilot Course for Cryptologic Technicians

IWTC Virginia Beach Offers, Completes New Pilot Course for Cryptologic Technicians
By Center for Information Warfare Training - July 31, 2018
VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Information Warfare Training Command (IWTC) Virginia Beach offered and completed its Advance Signals Analysis Training (ASAT) pilot course July 27.

The new ASAT curriculum was introduced to the first group of fleet students July 16-27. The new curriculum incorporates the most up to date Ship’s Systems Exploitation Equipment (SSEE) tools to mimic the real world environment. Students practice on relevant targets seen in operations worldwide and perfected their skills in a real-world environment.

Due to the constant change of fleet operations and geopolitical climate, the fleet demanded modernization of the courses taught to cryptologic technician (collection) operators to fill a gap in skill sets when it came to operations afloat. The fleet identified a gap in the knowledge base in which operators could build their skills in target development and analysis.

“The success of this ASAT pilot was the result of a lot of hard work and teamwork across the information warfare training enterprise,” said Cmdr. Andrew Boyden, IWTC Virginia Beach’s commanding officer. “Future fleet feedback will be imperative to continuing to improve this course going forward.”

The well-rounded pilot focus group ranged from new accessions to seasoned chief petty officers and a commissioned officer who want to better understand expectations of Sailors. The common feedback from the all was that they enjoyed the flow of the course much more than the previous courseware.

“The new course is great, the students were receptive to the changes, and we anticipate great feedback from the fleet,” said Cryptologic Technician (Collection) Samuel Caviness, an ASAT pilot course instructor.

Most students considered the pilot a major success, and felt the new curriculum provided a better foundation of the building blocks needed to develop and refresh the analytical capabilities of the operators overall. All future convening dates will occur as requested in order to support shipboard and operational requirements.

IWTC Virginia Beach currently offers 65 courses of instruction in information technology, cryptology, and intelligence with an instructor and support staff of 280 military, civilian, and contract members who train over 6,400 students every year at five training sites in the Hampton Roads area. It is one of four school houses for Center for Information Warfare Training and also oversees learning sites at Jacksonville and Mayport, Florida; Kings Bay, Georgia; and Groton, Connecticut to continue aligning IW community training.

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Information Warfare Training Command Virginia Beach Command Logo
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