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CHIPS Articles: Naval Information Forces Force Master Chief Visits Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station Sicily

Naval Information Forces Force Master Chief Visits Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station Sicily
By Information Systems Technician 2nd Class Benjamin Larkin, Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station (NCTS) Sicily - July 20, 2018
NCTS facilities including the Technical Control Facility (TCF), Local Network Service Center (LNSC), Technical Support Communications Station (TSCOMM), and Niscemi Naval Radio Transmitter Facility (NRTF). He hosted meetings with TCF Sailors to discuss training objectives and to communicate his vision for Sailor 2025. He emphasized that the "Ready, Relevant Training" learning spread out through the course of a Sailor's career will benefit both the Sailor and the Navy.

During a town hall at TSCOMM, he discussed the challenges that the U.S. Navy faces with growing Information Warfare capabilities of adversarial countries.

"Our greatest challenge is simply staying ahead of these peer and near-peer countries," said Carter. "A couple of them have advanced their Tech, Tactics, and Politics (TTP) away from Cold War methods and into the cyber and remote access realms."

With NCTS Sicily's central location in the Mediterranean Sea, it is strategically placed to support subsurface, surface, and satellite communications covering the most important maritime shipping routes for access to both Europe and the Middle East. The daily communications support they provide to the deployed warfighters allows them to ensure freedom of navigation movements through air and sea.

Carter later met with site leadership and hosted a town hall with NCTS Sicily's chief petty officers to give them insight into what the Senior and Master Chief selection boards are looking for in the Chief's Mess to bring our sailors and the Navy into the future.

At the end of Force Master Chief Carter's visit to NCTS Sicily, he told Command Master Chief Worthen that "NCTS definitely has a family atmosphere from bottom-up. You have a good thing going here."

CMC Worthen shared how the visit went by saying, "The Sailors at NCTS showcased their technical knowledge while giving FORCM Carter a tour of our command and showing how important NCTS Sicily is to the fleet."

NCTS Sicily reports to U.S. Fleet Cyber Command, the Navy component command to U.S. Strategic Command and U.S. Cyber Command, to provide secure and reliable telecommunications in EUCOM, AFRICOM, and CENTCOM theaters of operation. The command represents a long history of superior command and control to a vital region of the world.

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