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CHIPS Articles: DISA upgrade to make DISN more reliable, 10 times faster

DISA upgrade to make DISN more reliable, 10 times faster
By DISA News - April 25, 2018
The Defense Information Systems Agency is updating the Defense Information Systems Network (DISN) optical transport system from its current 10 GB per second operational status to a 100 GB per second packet-optical transport system.

The Next Generation Optical Transport network upgrade project supports combatant commands with improved infrastructure resiliency, service delivery node resiliency, encryption, and transitions critical legacy components to an internet protocol-based Ethernet infrastructure.

It also supports the growing demand for bandwidth on the network by increasing efficiency, reliability, and capacity.

“Our goal is to provide a more robust, survivable network infrastructure that will establish multiple diverse paths. This will eliminate network outages due to single-event occurrences and improve our availability to key Department of Defense applications and services,” said Johnathan “Chris” Bunting, chief of the global projects branch in the agency’s Infrastructure Directorate.

The endeavor, which will be completed in fiscal year 2019, will provide 100 GB per second of bandwidth to the Joint Information Environment (JIE), Enterprise Data Centers, and Joint Regional Security Stack sites.

The resulting robust optical infrastructure will include critical elements such as additional fiber paths and optical equipment for combatant commands with mission requirements ranging from command and control; communications; intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; mobility; cybersecurity; missile warning; and space control.

“This is a critical infrastructure upgrade that will benefit unified commanders and combat forces worldwide,” said Bunting.

The project aligns with DoD information technology goals and agency priorities: executing and evolving JIE initiatives; providing a secure, reliable global infrastructure; and transforming the Department of Defense Information Network and DISN.

For more information, mission partners should contact their Mission Partner Engagement representative.

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