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CHIPS Articles: USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo: Inspiring the next generation of innovators and inventors

USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo: Inspiring the next generation of innovators and inventors
April 7-8, 2018
By CHIPS Magazine - April 4, 2018
Department of Defense scientists and engineers are participating in the 5th USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in DC. But the Expo touts that the event is family fun for everyone! Expo participants can explore 3,000 hands-on exhibits from the world’s leading scientific and engineering societies, universities, government agencies, high-tech corporations and STEM organizations, according to the event’s website.

The two-day Expo is designed to spark interest in children, teens and families to join in thousands of exhibits, experiments and stage shows.

The DoD will again be a chief supporter of the 2018 USA Science and Engineering Festival.

“We’re excited to participate in our fourth USA Science & Engineering Festival and to showcase the many talented STEM professionals within the DoD and their accomplishments,” said Dr. Jagadeesh Pamulapati, director, Laboratories Office within the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, in a DoD release.

The hours of operations are April 7 from to 6 p.m. and April 8 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The grand finale of the Festival’s year-long science celebration is April 8. The Festival Expo showcases activities that focus on how STEM careers can take you into the deep blue ocean, into cyberspace, inside the human body, into nature, into outerspace and more! In all, the Festival Expo expects to draw more than 350,000 people.

In the Defense Pavilion, the audience will have the opportunity to interact with STEM professionals and mentors from the DoD through a range of activities including a Ray Optics Laser System demonstration, navigating a drone, taking a virtual reality tour, and hearing Lightning Talks to learn about the experiences of DoD scientist and engineers.

The Festival features science celebrities, explorers, astronauts, physicists, inventors and experts in professions like oceanography, climatology, robotics, medical research, neuroscience, space exploration, artificial intelligence, and more. Participating celebrities include:
– TV host and Ocean Explorer Danni Washington
– Explosive Sciences Dr. Kate Biberdorf
– World Champion of Magic Jason Latimer
– America’s Science Teacher Steve Spangler
– Fox TV Xploration Outer Space host, Emily Callandrelli

Featured Lightning talks include:
– The Engineering Path Less Traveled
– Why Do We Have Scientist and Engineers
– Do DoD Technologies Behave the Way They are Portrayed in Popular Games?

The USA Science & Engineering Festival is the nation’s largest science festival and was developed to ignite the next generation’s creativity and to draw their interest into pursuing careers in science and engineering.

To learn more, visit the DoD STEM website or

Registration for the USA Science & Engineering Festival:

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