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CHIPS Articles: DoD Announces FY18 Research Equipment Awards

DoD Announces FY18 Research Equipment Awards
By CHIPS Magazine - April 4, 2018
The Department of Defense made awards to 175 university researchers at 91 institutions in 36 states, totaling $53 million through the Defense University Research Instrumentation Program April 3. The program is designed to augment research capabilities at universities conducting cutting-edge research in support of national security objectives, through procurement of state-of-the-art equipment, according to a DoD release.

The DURIP instrumentation awards provide a unique means through which DoD supports universities in the acquisition of essential laboratory equipment, which is usually out of reach for most research grants, said Dale Ormond, principal director for research. The program is an enabler of discovery for DoD-supported science and technology research, and aids in the training of the next generation of the science, technology, engineering and mathematics workforce, according to DoD.

Awards are administered through a merit-based competition jointly conducted by the Army Research Office, Office of Naval Research, and Air Force Office of Scientific Research. Solicited proposals target university investigators conducting foundational science and engineering research of importance to national defense. The research underpins advances in materials, structures, and manufacturing science; quantum and nanosciences; computing and networks; electronics, electromagnetics, and electro optics; acoustics; neuroscience; fluid dynamics; robotics and artificial intelligence; and ocean, environmental, and life sciences and engineering, defined by DoD requirements.

The annual DURIP awards process is highly competitive. Collectively, the Services’ research offices received 671 proposals, requesting $254 million in funding, of which the most promising proposals were selected. The selections made by the Services’ research offices are subject to successful completion of negotiations with the academic institutions. The list of winning proposers can be downloaded here.

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