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CHIPS Articles: Navy COOL Announces New "Best Sources" for USCG License Training

Navy COOL Announces New "Best Sources" for USCG License Training
By Petty Officer 2nd Class Taylor L. Jackson, Center for Information Warfare Training - March 20, 2018
PENSACOLA, Fla. -- Navy Credentialing Opportunities On-line (COOL), in partnership with Military Sealift Command (MSC), announced “best sources” training opportunities available to Sailors, March 19.

These courses can be used for gap/delta training to help prepare Sailors, officers and enlisted, for USCG credentials. The USCG credentials can be funded for eligible Navy COOL.

Navy COOL provides active duty and reserve Sailors, whether forward deployed, underway or ashore, a way to map their Navy education, training, experience and competencies to civilian credentials and occupations. It also allows Sailors to pursue credentials throughout their military life cycle, from completion of technical training until they become eligible for transition opportunities.

As part of the Military to Mariner program and credentialing programs supported by Navy COOL, MSC provides the mandatory Coast Guard certification training to Sailors seeking to transition into Merchant Marine careers.

The latest courses offered include Immersion Suit Training, which satisfies the required personal survival techniques training, and Proficiency in Survival Craft, which satisfies the survival craft training requirements for endorsement as a lifeboatman.

“These course offerings continue the close collaboration between the Navy Voluntary Education (VOLED) Department, Navy COOL, and MSC to enhance Sailors' ability to earn Coast Guard Credentials aligned with their training and qualifications,” said VOLED Chief Jim Johnson. “Working toward a Coast Guard credential while in service positively impacts readiness through increased awareness of national and international maritime standards and can lead to valuable post-service job opportunities."

The Immersion Suit Training course locations vary depending on equipment and instructor availability. Proficiency in Survival Craft will be offered in Norfolk and San Diego aboard the hospital ships USNS Comfort (T-AH 20) and USNS Mercy (T-AH 19), respectively.

To be eligible for certification, Sailor applicants must have completed U.S. Navy Recruit Training and have acquired at least one year of sea service every five years since the completion of recruit training.

"MSC benefits greatly from having a pool of qualified, experienced, and trained mariners who can help us, as well as our commercial partners, meet Navy fleet support and military sealift needs,” said Michael Morris, MSC’s Total Force Management department head. “They enable us to support the joint warfighter across the full spectrum of military operations."

For enrollment information, call MCS Underway Replenishment Training Center at (757) 462-1732, or email at

For funding availability through Navy COOL visit

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