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CHIPS Articles: Software Communications Architecture v4.1 entered into DoD Information Technology Standards Registry

Software Communications Architecture v4.1 entered into DoD Information Technology Standards Registry
New mandated waveform standard
By Joint Tactical Networking Center - March 1, 2018
SAN DIEGO – The DoD Joint Enterprise Standards Committee has listed the Software Communications Architecture (SCA) version 4.1 as a mandated tactical radio standard in the DoD Information Technology Standards Registry (DISR) and retired SCA version 2.2.2.

The SCA is an open architecture framework that defines a standard way to instantiate, configure, and manage waveform applications running on a radio hardware platform. The SCA decouples waveform software from its platform-specific software and hardware, facilitates waveform software re-use, and minimizes development expenditures. The SCA v4.1 specification increases cybersecurity, improves performance, enhances software portability, and affords opportunities to reduce development costs of SCA compliant products. SCA v4.1 is also backwards compatible, meaning that SCA v4.1 radios can run SCA v2.2.2 waveform applications.

DoD Instruction 8310.01, IT Standards in the DoD, 2 Feb 2015, states that program managers and developers will use IT standards in the DISR for IT system development, acquisition, and procurement to promote interoperability, information sharing, reuse, portability, and information security.

A paper on the benefits of SCA v4.1 is available at here.

The SCA and additional tactical radio standards are available from the JTNC resource catalog.

As part of the DoD, and under executive management of the Army’s Program Executive Office, Command, Control, Communications-Tactical (PEO C3T), the JTNC ensures interoperable, secure, and cost efficient waveform and wireless communications in support of Service, Multi-Service, and Coalition forces. Headquartered in San Diego, Calif., the JTNC executes its mission by developing standards in collaboration with government and industry partners, conducting compliance and certification analyses in accordance with DoD policies, and maintaining a DoD Waveform Information Repository. For more information, visit:

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