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CHIPS Articles: 'Speed Conferencing' with Industry at WEST 2018

'Speed Conferencing' with Industry at WEST 2018
By Program Executive Office Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence Public Affairs - January-March 2018
SAN DIEGO (NNS) — Industry and small business personnel had the opportunity to meet with program managers (PMs) or their designated representatives from various U.S. Navy information warfare commands for a "speed conferencing" event during WEST 2018, Feb. 7.

During the "Meet the PMs" program, leaders from the Program Executive Office Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (PEO C4I), PEO Space Systems, PEO Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) and PEO Tactical Aircraft Programs facilitated numerous conversations with local, national and international industry leads.

Rear Adm. Carl Chebi, commander, PEO C4I and PEO Space Systems, emphasized the importance of promoting and supporting industry-focused events at nationally recognized conferences like WEST 2018.

"Our outreach efforts to industry, including events like 'Meet the PMs' at WEST, help us to deliver affordable capability to warfighters faster," said Chebi. "Working with our partners in the private sector is critical to our ability to deliver what we promise. We want industry's ideas and innovations, and forums like this enable us all to work together more effectively to support the fleet."

Program offices direct and coordinate various operations throughout the Department of Navy including information assurance, cybersecurity, international C4I integration, shore and expeditionary integration, naval enterprise networks and communication satellites.

"We do a 'speed conferencing' event every year at WEST," said Capt. Andrew Gibbons, program manager of the Communications and GPS Navigation Program Office (PMW/A 170). "It is similar to what someone might see at a 'speed dating' venue because industry can sync up with multiple program offices in a condensed amount of time to share their methods for modernization and acquisition processes. This structure has proven to be very interactive and effective."

In order for industry members to meet with a PM or designated representative from a Navy's program office, they must request a time slot ahead of the scheduled event and provide their company's background information. Meetings are typically scheduled in 15-minute increments and companies can request to meet with up to two different program offices.

"Requests are honored on a first-come, first-served basis," said Angela King, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) Small Business Office. "However, all requests are subject to review and acceptance by program-office personnel to ensure appropriate technology matches. We want to make sure that we have a good match for every meeting, so that the 'speed conference' is beneficial for both sides of the table."

The program offices that participated in this year's event included:

PMW 120: Battlespace Awareness and Information Operations
PMW 130: Information Assurance and Cyber Security
PMW 150: Command and Control
PMW 160: Tactical Networks
PMW/A 170: Communications and GPS Navigation
PMW 740: International C4I Integration
PMW 750: Carrier and Air Integration
PMW 760: Ship Integration
PMW 770: Undersea Integration
PMW 790: Shore and Expeditionary Integration

PEO Space Systems
PMW 146: Navy Communications Satellite Program Office

PEO Enterprise Information Systems
PMW 205: Naval Enterprise Networks
PMW 220: Navy Enterprise Business Solutions
PMW 230: Global Combat Support System - Marine Corps
PMW 240: Sea Warrior Program
PMW 250: Enterprise Systems and Services
PMM 172.4: DON Enterprise Software Licensing
DCAO: Data Center and Application Optimization

PEO Tactical Aircraft Programs
PMA/PMW-101: Multifunctional Information Distribution System

Now in its 28th year, WEST 2018, the premier naval conference and exposition on the West Coast, brings military and industry leaders together in a single locale to encourage discussion with the makers of platforms and the designers of technologies impacting the warfighter and the information warfare domain. This three-day conference is co-sponsored by Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) International and the U.S. Naval Institute (USNI).

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