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CHIPS Articles: DISA Offers Forescout Comply to Connect (C2C) Certified Administrator Training

DISA Offers Forescout Comply to Connect (C2C) Certified Administrator Training
By Defense Information Systems Agency - February 5, 2021

COURSE HOURS: The course will begin each day at 9:00 AM and conclude at approximately 5:00 PM. Based on the time zone listed under location.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Comply to Connect (C2C) is a United States Department of Defense (DoD) security framework providing the highest level of assurance for authentication, authorization, compliance assessment and automated remediation of devices connecting to the enterprise network. Forescout’s solution plays a key role in delivering the critical outcomes of the C2C program. The C2C Forescout Administrator course teaches the key concepts to install and configure the Forescout solution to enable Total Asset Visibility, improve Risk Management and respond to Insider Threats in Zero Trust Environments. The course is 5 days in length and includes the core Forescout Certified Administrator curriculum, plus the advanced compliance feature, eyeExtend Connect and eyeExtend for McAfee ePO, Splunk and Tenable.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: Forescout Certified Administrator training is a five-day course featuring instruction as well as hands-on labs in a simulated IT environment. Students learn how to establish security policies using all of our available tools. Students will classify and control assets in a network environment and observe how the Forescout platform monitors and protects an enterprise network.

COURSE INFORMATION: Open to all DoD employees, as determined by the DISA PMO. Online spots/seats are limited so apply now. January 25th classes still have seats available and February classes are now open for registration; additional course dates are being added weekly.

*Note: This is the training only. Information will be given when you complete the course on how to take the certification exam. You must take and pass the exam to become a Forescout Certified Administrator.

How to register and helpful tips:

Please go to: [] choose Training and cyber-training/training-catalog/classroom training and use the Chrome browser to sign on using your DoD Authentication Cert.

  • Use Chrome and your DoD CAC to access our site.
  • Clear your browser cache, close out and sign on again using your DoD Authentication Cert.
  • Section A. Agency -This is an open filed please add your Agency or Service
  • which you work for or are assigned to DISA, Army, Navy, etc.
  • Section A-#1 Place your Certification ID# for CPE's IC2 (e.g., Last Name, First Name; (IC2 ID#123456). We don't require section 11 -15 - Education and Pay Grade.
  • Section B is automatically filled in.
  • Section C is not required by us but some posts require this.
  • Section D Approvals-Students need to click on the address book, insert last name a comma and first initial of their supervisor and search that way. You’ll click on the supervisor and click OK. You also need to insert your supervisor’s phone number.
  • Submit form by clicking “Save.”

Once the form is submitted it will go to your supervisor for approval or rejection. Once your supervisor approves or rejects the DISA Enrollment Application it returns to our training team or designated approver for approval/rejection. Regardless of the action taken on the form you and your supervisor will be notified of the result. Once approved by the course approver your seat is confirmed in the class. Supervisor approval to attend does not confirm your seat in the class.

After you submit your DISA Enrollment Application SF182, please inform your supervisor that he/she will be receiving a notification requiring their action.

DISA Training Team email alias:

Send all requests and inquiries to the above email alias. When contacting the ID Training Team please identify in the subject line of the email the Course Number and Title, i.e., CC210xx- Forescout Comply to Connect (C2C).

DISA ID Training Team POCs:

Patricia D. McDonald, ACAS, C2C, and HBSS area desk, (717) 481-3800,

Sharon S. Michel, eMASS, and PKI area desk, (717) 481-3797,

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