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CHIPS Articles: Jupiter: Bringing the Power of Data Analytics to the DON

Jupiter: Bringing the Power of Data Analytics to the DON
By Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer, Office of the DON Chief Data Officer - July-September 2020
Data and analytics are strategic assets supporting the Department of the Navy’s DON Information Superiority Vision (ISV). Exploiting our data drives the critical insights and decision-making that inform the full range of DON missions and functions from integrated joint operations to the care and feeding of the Naval enterprise. The DON Chief Information Officer recognizes the empowerment of data analytics at the strategic and tactical levels, as well in business and financial systems, all combine to increase warfighting readiness.

To support our broad set of missions and functions and achieve information superiority, the DON created Jupiter, the DON enterprise data environment. Launched in April 2020, Jupiter makes DON data widely discoverable, accessible, understandable, and usable across the Naval enterprise. The platform serves the depth and breadth of the DON; it arms our military and civilian decision-makers with decision support analytics and context-rich visualizations while simultaneously providing our data workforce with advanced data tools. Simply stated, Jupiter helps the Department translate common enterprise data into actionable insights, decisions, and outcomes.

As the DON enterprise data environment, Jupiter is the technical embodiment of the DON Data Architecture. That architecture includes not only Jupiter, but also the governance and management bodies that ensure the effective and efficient use of DON Data. The newly formed Data Governance Board (DGB) chaired by the DON Chief Data Officer (CDO) comprises Data Stewards from the 12 Naval Information Domains. The DGB supports development and promulgation of the policies and procedures associated with DON data use, release, and disposition. By establishing the DON Data Governance Board (DGB), the DON CDO has empowered each Information Domain Data Steward to focus on the unique management needs within each domain, while ensuring alignment across all domains.

Jupiter at the heart of the
DON Data Architecture

Within the DON Data Architecture, Jupiter exists as the enterprise data hub, advancing Information Domain integration across the universe of originating Naval data sources. DON Information Data Stewards identify those systems that are authoritative for each data element, leading to domain specific data hubs that are the most authoritative for that Data Steward’s domain. As the integrated cross-information domain enterprise data hub, Jupiter serves as the most authoritative and holistic view of DON data. The DON Data Architecture supports all data types, provides increased data protection, separation of data across Information Domains, and an end-to-end framework for data lifecycle management.

Despite these bold steps, the DON faces challenges in its ability to exploit data as a strategic asset—namely, inefficiencies in data management and analytical processes. Exacerbating these inefficiencies is a history of disparate monolith systems that exist as data silos incapable of supporting analytics and evidence-based decision making. To meet these challenges, in late 2019 the DON set in motion a plan to transform the Department into a data-aware organization that can exploit data freed from the silos that contain it. Successfully executing this plan requires a focused, unified effort and a proven, advanced data platform.

As the key component in this effort, Jupiter accelerates progress (see Figure1) by dramatically lowering the barriers for access to data and tools with the transparency required to understand results and make decisions. Jupiter makes trusted and curated data accessible for use across all echelons, further advancing the DON’s Information Superiority Vision and ensuring a future of data-driven insights at the speed of mission.

Jupiter Empowers You!

Whether you are a senior decision maker in the Secretariat, a field grade officer in the Marine Corps, or a data scientist at a Navy Echelon IV Command, Jupiter empowers you to exploit and make sense of Naval data. Specific benefits of Jupiter include:

  • Flexible and Reliable Cloud Infrastructure: Jupiter provides dedicated and “on demand” computing resources and data storage to maximize availability and performance of queries and analytics.
  • Managed Data Service: Jupiter is a fully supported, modern platform that simplifies data collection, pipeline orchestration, and platform operations.
  • Searchable and Collaborative Data Catalog: Jupiter provides metadata on current Naval data used in Jupiter and in the wider Advana technical ecosystem, accessible via a metadata management and data discovery tool that ensures data quality, stewardship, and stakeholder collaboration.
  • Modern Tools for Advanced Analytics: Jupiter offers a web-based toolkit for performing massive queries, data wrangling, business intelligence, and advanced data science using state of practice tools and languages.
  • Enterprise Visibility: Jupiter offers common data models that link enterprise-wide data sources to provide DON-wide visibility and support cross-functional analytics capabilities.
  • Improved Data Accessibility: Jupiter connects with new DON data sets weekly.
  • Partnerships Across the Enterprise: Jupiter serves users across all DON organizations.

Expanding Capabilities and Increasing Reach

Since the DON launched the Jupiter platform in April 2020, over 1,500 new Navy and Marine Corps users have joined, bringing the total number of DON users to over 4,000. These numbers are expected to continue to rise, as the platform’s capabilities expand.

DON CDO and its Jupiter development team are working to expand the library of DON-unique data and analytics in Jupiter and welcomes users to submit requests for the addition of new Naval use cases. In addition, the team is iteratively incorporating new capabilities, products, and services to ensure DON users have the most powerful tools at their fingertips to make critical, informed decisions.

For more information or to submit a potential use case or data set for Jupiter, please contact

Jupiter logo
Figure 1. Jupiter’s integrated data environment, supported by solid data governance, ensures that DON data management efforts improve data access, transparency, quality, and analytics to fully exploit data for decision-making, and to increase trust in data as a decision-making aid.
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