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CHIPS Articles: Telework Tips from the National Cyber Security Alliance

Telework Tips from the National Cyber Security Alliance
By CHIPS Magazine - April 10, 2020
Year round, the National Cyber Security Alliance encourages everyone to be safe and secure online, however, during times of national hardship, such as the coronavirus outbreak, bad actors increase their fraudulent activities, including phishing scams and malware that can be downloaded through email and dubious websites.

As more employees are working from home due to the coronavirus outbreak, NCSA urges teleworking personnel to understand and practice the security policies and guidelines established by their employer. Remote workers should know the process for reporting any IT issues and who to contact for support.

The NCSA recommends the following tips for employees working remotely on how they can stay safe online when using company devices:

  • Connect to a secure network and use a company-issued Virtual Private Network to access any work accounts. Home routers should be updated to the most current software and secured with a lengthy, unique passphrase. Employees should not connect to public Wi-Fi to access work accounts unless using a VPN.
  • Separate your network so your employer devices are on their own Wi-Fi network, and your personal devices are on their own.
  • Keep devices with you at all times or stored in a secure location when not in use. Set auto log-out if you walk away from your computer and forget to log out.
  • Limit access to the device you use for work. Only the approved user should use the device. Family and friends should not use your work-issued device.

Regardless of where you are, NCSA urges all internet users to stay safer and more secure online by updating software on all devices (including antivirus and firewalls) backing up data, enabling multi-factor authentication and having strong, lengthy passphrases for each online account.

For more information and tips on how to stay safe online, visit NCSA at

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