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RDML Danelle Barrett

Cybersecurity in the Cloud

by RDML Danelle Barrett, USN, Navy Cyber Security Division Director, Office of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare (N2N6G) - October 17, 2018

The Navy is committed to being “all in” on transforming operations and business processes to leverage cloud technologies across the information warfighting platform through to the tactical edge. The operational advantages to warfighting with cloud technologies vice legacy client/server models are far reaching and include the ability to use micro-web services across the enterprise, as articulated in the Compile to Combat in 24 Hours (C2C24) architecture, and to store authoritative data once and have them reused by many different systems in the context needed for speed and accuracy of decision making.

Privacy Tip

Renting a Car? Be Aware that Your PII May be at Risk

June 1, 2018

Wallet or purse, check; suitcase, check; briefcase, check; smartphone and charging cord, check; PII, huh? The last thing you should do before you step out of the rental car and return the keys to the customer service representative is make sure you have all of your valuables in hand, and that includes your personally identifiable information (PII).

CHIPS Magazine

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Featured News

Call for Nominations: 2019 USN-USMC Electromagnetic Spectrum Workforce Excellence Awards

November 27, 2018

Awards will be presented in the following categories:

  1. Electromagnetic Spectrum Individual Excellence Award: for a specific achievement related to spectrum supportability;
  2. Electromagnetic Spectrum Team Excellence Award: for a specific achievement related to spectrum supportability;
  3. Electromagnetic Spectrum “Rising Star” Award: to recognize up-and-coming talent in the Spectrum workforce; and
  4. Electromagnetic Spectrum “John J Lussier” Award: to recognize strategic leadership in the Spectrum workforce

Nominations, open to Department of the Navy military, civilian, and support contractors, must be submitted to no later than 1 February 2019, and must include:

  1. Nominee’s name, title, grade, phone number, email address, and organization mailing address;
  2. Name of projects, products, programs, etc. associated with the nomination;
  3. Name, title, mailing address of the supervisor or person to whom an award letter should be sent if the individual is selected;
  4. Individual / team point of contact information;
  5. Award justification (no more than one page, 11 or 12-point font, 1 inch margins all around)
  6. Recommended citation summarizing award justification (100-150 words);
  7. Supporting endorsement by supervisor, commanding officer, or Command Information Officer; and
  8. Other supporting documents, as applicable.

Winners will be recognized at either the East or West Coast 2019 USN-USMC Spectrum Summit, whichever location is closest to their duty station. The West Coast summit will be held 19-21 March 2019 in San Diego, CA and the East Coast summit will be held 25-27 June 2019 in Norfolk, VA. Registration and additional information about the 2019 Spectrum Summits will be provided at a later date.

Suspension of Safe Access File Exchange (SAFE)

by Don Privacy Team - November 20, 2018

AMRDEC SAFE (SAFE) was recently taken off line with all services suspended indefinitely. The SAFE technical team disabled the widely used site after discovering technical issues that warranted this sudden action. It is uncertain, though probably unlikely, that the necessary resources will be directed towards the restoration of SAFE services.

Until a permanent replacement can be made available, ARL SAFE, is available for large file transfer and for FOUO; however, use of the site to transfer PII/PHI is prohibited. As there is no approved commercial or government online solution for transmitting PII/PHI, users shall use DoD/DON approved methods to transmit PII/PHI such as encrypted email, FAX, U.S. mail and courier services.

SECNAV Instruction 2400.3 Recognizes the Electromagnetic Spectrum Environment as a Warfighting Battle Space

SECNAVINST 2400.3 - October 12, 2018

On 5 October 2018, Under Secretary of the Navy Thomas B. Modly signed SECNAV Instruction 2400.3, “Electromagnetic Battle Space,” recognizing the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) environment as a warfighting battle space on par with sea, land, air, space, and cyber. This new SECNAV Instruction establishes Department of the Navy (DON) policy to take an enterprise approach to all activities necessary for DON EMS operations, and includes assigning DON roles and responsibilities for developing, implementing, managing, and evaluating Electromagnetic Battle Space (EMBS) programs, policies, procedures, and controls to enable DON superiority in the EMBS.

Register Now For the DON IT Conference, West Coast 2019

December 7, 2018

Registration is now open for the DON IT Conference, West Coast 2019, scheduled for Feb. 13-15, 2019, at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, Ca.