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DoD-Wide Digital Signature Interoperability

DoD CIO Memo - May 5, 2006

This memo provides direction to incorporate standard digital signature profiles into all applications, systems or processes that use digital signatures. This implementation will lead industry toward interoperable digital signature implementations.

DON Forms Management Manual

SECNAV M-5213.1 - December 31, 2005

This manual implements policy set forth in SECNAVINST 5210.16: Department of the Navy Forms Management and Information Requirements (Reports) Management Programs. The manual specifies procedures for forms management within the DON.

DON Information Requirements (Reports) Manual

SECNAV M-5214.1 - December 31, 2005

This manual implements the policy set forth in SECNAVINST 5210.16: DON Forms Management and Information Requirements (Reports) Management Programs, regarding information collection.


SSN Reduction Plan Phase 1 and 2 Results

by Steve Muck - February 17, 2012

The Department of the Navy continues to implement guidance to better safeguard personally identifiable information (PII) by reducing or eliminating the collection, use, display and maintenance of a Social Security number (SSN) where possible. During the past 18 months, the DON has implemented two phases of its SSN reduction plan and is initiating procedures for the third phase. Results of this department-wide effort are ...

DON SSN Reduction Plan

by Steve Muck - January 21, 2011

The Social Security number (SSN) has evolved beyond its intended purpose to become the identifier of choice for many of the business processes within the Department of the Navy. While use of the SSN has become the enabler to identify and authenticate individuals, it is one of the key elements used for identity theft and fraud. Widespread use of the SSN has reached unacceptable levels and requires a department-wide effort ...

Unique DoD ID Replaces SSN

by Steve Muck - January 21, 2011

A memo from the Under Secretary of Defense issued Nov. 23, 2010, (DTM 13798-10, "Social Security Numbers (SSN) Exposed on Public Facing and Open Government Websites"), addresses concerns about the potential for adverse consequences if the Social Security number (SSN) is truncated or removed as previously planned.


SSN Reduction Plan Resources

March 16, 2017

The following resources are provided to help implement the Department of the Navy's Social Security Number Reduction Plan.

DoD and DON Issuances and Forms

by DON Privacy Team - July 8, 2016

The Social Security Reduction effort across the DoD and DON has eliminated the use of the SSN from many forms. Use the links below to locate the latest copy of official instructions and forms. Please ensure you are using the latest version/edition.

Privacy Frequently Asked Questions

by DON CIO Privacy Team - October 26, 2012

The following is a list of topics with questions that are frequently asked of the Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer Privacy Team. Responses have been provided and, in many cases, there are added references to the guidance that is cited. Please provide the Privacy Team additional questions so they may be added to the list.

DON SSN Reduction Review Form SECNAV 5213/1 (Jul 2010)

by DON CIO Privacy Team - September 3, 2010

Naval message DTG 192101Z Jul 10: "DON Social Security Number Reduction Plan for Forms Phase One" requires the use of SECNAV 5213/1 to review and justify the continued collection of Social Security numbers on all Department of the Navy forms.