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Industry News

Data Visualization Army Style

Federal Computer Week - September 9, 2013

DHS Seeks to Bridge Siloed Databases

Federal Computer Week - August 23, 2013

New Navy Website Aims to Help Cut Admin Distractions

Stars and Stripes - July 3, 2013

DoD, Intelligence Community Tune In, Turn Off IT Systems

Federal News Radio - October 11, 2012

The Bright Side of Budget Cuts

Federal Computer Week - August 29, 2012

DoD Looks to Semantics for Better Data-Sharing, Cost Savings

Federal Computer Week - November 25, 2011

9 Tips to Make an Efficiency Initiative Stick

Federal Computer Week - September 30, 2011

DoD to Shut Down Defense Knowledge Online Portal Service

Federal Computer Week - July 21, 2011

NOAA Moving Email to Google's Cloud

Federal Computer Week - June 10, 2011

Army Takes the Point for DoD Wireless Services

Government Computer News - April 25, 2011

Gov 2.0 on The Go: Agencies Hit it Big With Mobile Apps

Federal Computer Week - April 8, 2011

Platform Provides Collaboration Behind Firewall

Department of Defense - March 9, 2011

VA Considers Moving Email to the Cloud

Washington Technology - February 28, 2011

Facebook Names Navy, Marines as Stars in 2010

Federal Computer Week - January 4, 2011

Open Source Grows Up

Computerworld - November 22, 2010

DoD, DHS Working on One-Two Punch for Cybersecurity

Government Computer News - October 18, 2010

Government IT Shops Get a Store for Open-Source Apps

Government Computer News - September 28, 2010

DoD Marches Forward with Social Media

Government Computer News - September 17, 2010

20 IT Projects to be Honored at GCN Awards

Government Computer News - August 27, 2010

White House Attention Nudges E-archive Toward Completion

Federal Computer Week - August 26, 2010

Baker: VA Making Progress on Lifetime Electronic Record System

Federal Computer Week - August 11, 2010

Defense Department Creates Online Hub for Social Media

Federal Computer Week - July 22, 2010

OMB Ends Federal Agency Decade-Long Cookie Ban

GovInfoSecurity.com - June 28, 2010

OMB Tells Agencies How To Treat Their Online 'Friends'

Federal Computer Week - June 25, 2010

Open-Source Tools Aid Microsoft Outlook Access

Government Computer News - June 8, 2010

Can .gov Trust .com?

Government Computer News - June 3, 2010

GSA Offers Governmentwide Platform for Idea Competitions

Federal Computer Week - June 1, 2010

About Face(book): Marines Lift Ban on Social Networking

Federal Computer Week - March 30, 2010

Navy Plans Social Network For Off-Duty Hours

Federal Computer Week - February 16, 2010

Navy Plans Internal Blog on IT

Federal Computer Week - January 21, 2010

Pentagon's Social Network Becomes Hub for Haiti Relief

Wired Magazine - January 21, 2010

DoD Falls in Line With Open Government Directive

Defense Systems - December 9, 2009

Facebook Outlines Privacy Changes

Wall Street Journal - December 9, 2009

Is Gov 2.0 Just Another Passing Fad?

Federal Computer Week - December 7, 2009

An Info-Centric Navy Sets Sail

Signal Magazine - December 1, 2009

Navy Lays Course for Second Fleet Migration to NMCI

Government Computer News - October 8, 2009

Military Family Members Make Case for Social Media

Federal Computer Week - September 18, 2009

NMCI First to Employ Multiservice Global Address List

Signal Magazine - September 10, 2009

Marines Ban Facebook and MySpace, Pentagon Considers It

Wall Street Journal - August 5, 2009

Marines Ban Twitter, MySpace, Facebook

Wired Magazine - August 3, 2009

Navy Officials Weighing Web 2.0 Adoption

Defense Systems - March 4, 2009

Information Sharing

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DON Policy for Electronic Record Keeping Systems and Applications

DON CIO Memo - March 26, 2013

This memo delineates records management (RM) policy for electronic information systems (EISs) and records management applications (RMAs) within the Department of the Navy. This policy pertains to new, updated and existing DON EISs and RMAs. In addition to complying with policies, statutes and regulations, effective EIS RM facilitates information discovery and visibility, which improves information sharing.

DoD Internet Services and Internet-Based Capabilities

DoD Instruction 8550.01 - September 13, 2012

This instruction establishes policy, assigns responsibilities, and provides instructions for establishing, operating, and maintaining Department of Defense Internet services on unclassified networks to collect, disseminate, store, and otherwise process unclassified DoD information, as well as the use of Internet-based capabilities to collect, disseminate, store, and otherwise process unclassified DoD information. It ...

DON Public Affairs Policy and Regulations

SECNAVINST 5720.44C - June 15, 2012

The purpose of this instruction is to provide basic policy and regulations for carrying out the public affairs and internal relations programs of the Department of the Navy.

DON Information Technology/Cyberspace Efficiency Initiatives and Realignment

UNSECNAV Memo - December 9, 2010

This memo addresses information technology/cyberspace efficiency initiatives and realignment in the Department of the Navy. It underscores the challenge by the Secretary of Defense to think about the DON's approach to IT initiatives and to centralize and consolidate efforts where it makes sense. This memo directs the DON Chief Information Officer to take the lead for the Department for this endeavor, noting that it is a ...

Ensuring the Quality of Information Disseminated to the Public by the DON

SECNAVINST 5720.48 - July 15, 2009

This SECNAV instruction provides policy to only disseminate information to the public, to every extent possible, that is accurate, objective and has utility and integrity; and allows affected persons to seek and obtain, if appropriate, timely correction of publically disseminated information that does not comply with these quality standards. View the reporting template for the Information Qual

Internet-Based Capabilities Guidance: Official Internet Posts

DTG 192027Z AUG 10 - August 23, 2010

This ALNAV provides guidance to all Department of the Navy personnel regarding official posts on Internet-based capabilities. A separate ALNAV provides guidance regarding unofficial posts on Internet-based capabilities.

Internet-Based Capabilities Guidance: Unofficial Internet Posts

DTG 192031Z AUG 10 - August 23, 2010

This ALNAV provides guidance to all Department of the Navy personnel regarding unofficial posts on the Internet, including those pertaining to DON-related content and discussions. It also provides guidance about best practices for use of Internet-based capabilities (IBC) in a personal capacity. A separate ALNAV provides guidance for external official presences on IBC on behalf of the DON.

Guidelines for Secure Use of Social Media by Federal Departments and Agencies, v1.0

Federal CIO Council Guidance - September 23, 2009

The use of social media for federal services and interactions is growing tremendously, supported by initiatives from the administration, directives from government leaders, and demands from the public. This situation presents both opportunity and risk. Guidelines and recommendations for using social media technologies in a manner that minimizes the risk are analyzed and presented in this document. This document is ...

Navy Marine Corps Portal Policy Guidance Memorandum Number 3 (Governance)

DON CIO Memo - August 11, 2009

This memo outlines the governance for the Navy Marine Corps Portal (NMCP). It also states the vision for the NMCP, which is to provide the ability for DON users to securely access, via single sign-on, the DON trusted network environment (i.e., NMCI, IT-21, OneNET and MCEN) and have seamless connectivity and access to vital DON warfighter and business information and services within the Navy Enterprise Portal, eUSMC (the ...

Web 3.0 Capabilities and Social Networking Sites

DoD Memo - August 11, 2009

This memo directs the Department of Defense Chief Information Officer to present to the Secretary of Defense the threats and benefits, as well as policy and processes, to ensure the responsible and effective use of emerging Internet-based capabilities.

National Information Sharing Environment Core Awareness Training

DTG 282218Z JUL 09 - August 3, 2009

This Naval message requires that all Department of Defense personnel who use terrorism-related information and are engaged in law enforcement, counterterrorism, anti-terrorism, force protection, counter intelligence, homeland defense, or counter weapons of mass destruction are to complete the Federal Information Sharing Environment (ISE) Core Awareness training course by Aug. 31, 2009. This unclassified course ...

IM/IT Policy for Enterprise Interoperability Across the DON Next Generation Enterprise Network

DON CIO Memo - June 1, 2009

Enterprise interoperability across the Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN) is a critical component of ensuring that NGEN becomes the first step toward achieving the Naval Networking Environment (NNE) 2016 vision and strategy, of ubiquitous access to data and services across the Department of the Navy. This policy memo mandates the implementation of four critical initial enterprise interoperability capabilities as ...

Web 2.0: Utilizing New Web Tools

DON CIO Memo - October 23, 2008

The purpose of this memo is to provide initial guidance for all Navy and Marine Corps commands regarding the use of emerging web tools to facilitate collaboration and information sharing in the Department ofthe Navy. These tools, described in enclosure (I) include wikis, blogs, mash ups, web feeds (such as, Really Simple Syndication and Rich Site Summary (RSS) feeds), and forums, which are often referred to as components ...

DON Naval Networking Environment (NNE)~2016 Strategic Definition, Scope and Strategy

DON Strategy Document - April 10, 2008

A multidisciplinary team from across the Department of the Navy developed this document, which outlines our future vision for a robust and highly interconnected enterprise networking capability in the 2016 timeframe to fully support the needs of our warfighting and warfighting-support organizations and personnel. The vision and strategy outlined in this document shall be used as a guide for ensuring alignment of our ...

DON Web Presence Policy: The Registration, Compliance of, and Investment in, All Unclassified Web Sites and Uniform Resource Locators

Joint DON CIO and CHINFO Memo - February 1, 2008

This policy provides Department of the Navy guidance for governing the registration, content, compliance, and investment of all unclassified DON web sites and their associated Uniform Resource Locators. The policy applies to all DON commands and activities with unclassified web sites (publicly accessible or access restricted) designed, developed, procured or managed by DON activities and/or hosted and managed by their ...

Federal Register Vol. 67, No. 36

December 18, 2007

This Office of Management and Budget document provides guidelines for ensuring and maximizing the quality, objectivity, utility and integrity of information disseminated by federal agencies.

Navy Marine Corps Portal Guidance Memorandum Number 1

SECNAV Memo - February 22, 2011

This memo established the requirement for a Navy and Marine Corps Portal environment designed to provide a single integrated enterprise portal framework.


Update Your NMCI GAL Info Via milConnect

April 10, 2014

Did you know that to update your contact information in the NMCI Global Address List (GAL) you must first update your Defense Enrollment and Eligibility Reporting System information via milConnect?

DON Global Address List Fully Synched

August 12, 2013

The Department of the Navy now has its first-ever, fully synchronized USN/USMC Global Address List (GAL). The DON GAL allows USN/USMC personnel to quickly locate contact information and to send digitally signed and encrypted emails. The GAL contains contact information for users from both services and is updated daily to ensure accuracy. This enables a seamless use of encrypted and digitally signed e-mails between the ...

DON to Implement FOIAonline

April 18, 2013

The Department of the Navy will implement a new electronic Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) tool across the DON on Oct. 1, 2013.

DON CIO Launches Website Redesign

August 8, 2012

The Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer deployed the next generation of its website today to better showcase content and provide improved access to the information relied on daily by members of the DON IT community.

Data as a Critical DON Asset

July 27, 2012

We all save an overabundance of mementos from the past — whether it is a favorite blanket from grandma, a box full of baseball cards (unfortunately, not a Tug McGraw or Ted Williams rookie card in the mix), or 20-year-old report cards. While it may be comforting to know that we can always find a particular item; in reality, is that box of baseball cards valuable enough to keep around? We, as a department, have long ...

Combined Federal Campaign Kicks Off its 50th Anniversary

September 6, 2011

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is the world's largest and most successful annual workplace charity campaign with more than 200 CFC campaigns throughout the country and internationally, helping to raise millions of dollars each year.

Collaboration Tools for the Federal Government

by Christy Crimmins - February 23, 2010

During the past few months, collaborative media has become a topic of interest and debate in both the Department of Defense and Federal Government. As a result of this interest, collaborative sites restricted to myriad combinations of defense, intelligence and Federal Government communities have begun to see a rise in participation. Some of them, such as Intelink, are sponsored by government agencies and limited to a ...

Has the Use of E-Mail Peaked?

by Brian Burns - November 9, 2009

Historically, each generation expands the use of the communication inventions from the previous generation. Communication has evolved from cave drawings and carvings, to smoke signals and music (such as drumbeats, chants and yodeling); to written inscriptions; to letters distributed by foot, horseback, ships and railroad. Morse code revolutionized communication through the telegraph and line-of-sight light flashes.

Department's KM Vision

by Robert J. Carey - November 9, 2009

Our vision for KM/IM is to, "create, capture, share and reuse knowledge to enable effective and agile decision-making, increase the efficiency of task accomplishment, and improve mission effectiveness."

Mobile-Friendly DON CIO Website Now Available

by DON CIO Communications Team - September 22, 2009

Department of the Navy personnel may now view the latest information management and information technology news from their mobile devices with the launch of a mobile-friendly version of the DON CIO website.

Use of Web 2.0 Tools for DON IM/IT Policy Development

by Christy Crimmins - August 19, 2009

Over the past few years, the use of Web 2.0 tools has increased in the Department of the Navy. Many of these tools present both opportunities and challenges. This column will focus on educating readers about the myriad tools available for use within the DON, Department of Defense, and federal government, as well as the challenges they present. Topics will range from new applications to safe use and cultural changes that ...

DoD Releases Information Systems Certification and Accreditation Reciprocity Memo

August 7, 2009

The Department of Defense has recently published the DoD Information Systems Certification and Accreditation (C&A) Reciprocity Memo signed by the DoD Principal Accrediting Authorities - senior officials who represent the interests of the Global Information Grid Mission Areas for C&A.

Input Sought in Developing DON IM/IT Policy

May 4, 2009

To ensure Department of the Navy Information Management and Information Technology (IM/IT) policies fully support the needs of the warfighter and all levels of the supporting establishment, the DON Chief Information Officer has begun to pilot the use of the Intelink wiki (Intellipedia) as a tool to assist in the development of proposed updates to existing policy.

Web 2.0 in the Federal Government: The Age of Collaboration

by Brian Burns - April 20, 2009

There are a few frontiers left to explore: space; the world's oceans; Earth's inner space; microscopic and nano inner spaces; and cyberspace. Exploration in these areas is led by many Federal agencies such as NASA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the National Science Foundation and the departments of Commerce, Defense and Homeland Security. Each of these frontiers relies on the advanced tools of ...

NMCI Deploys Collaboration Software

March 25, 2009

NMCI has begun deploying software associated with collaboration tools offered through the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). The software is being delivered to users via a Radia software push. As a result, users will begin to see Jabber and IBM Sametime chat programs in their “start programs” menu. These tools are intended to increase connectivity and collaboration across the DoD enterprise. Users who do not see ...

DON CIO Releases Web 2.0 Policy

by Christy Crimmins - February 20, 2009

On October 20, 2008, the Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer released a memo providing initial guidance to all Navy and Marine Corps commands regarding the use of Web 2.0 tools. "I wanted to provide guidance and encourage its [Web 2.0] use among Navy and Marine Corps commands," Robert Carey, DON CIO said. "Web 2.0 tools present many opportunities for collaboration and information sharing. They are becoming ...

DON CIO Releases Web 2.0 Guidance Memorandum

November 11, 2008

The Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer has released a memorandum providing initial guidance for all Navy and Marine Corps commands regarding the use of Web 2.0 tools to facilitate collaboration and information sharing within the Department of the Navy.

Privacy Must be Considered When Using Web 2.0 Tools

October 30, 2008

As outlined in a recently published memo, the Department of the Navy endorses the secure use of Web 2.0 tools to enhance collaboration, streamline processes and foster productivity.

GCN: Defense in a Wiki World

by Wilson P. Dizard III, GCN - August 4, 2008

Information sharing, the drumbeat phrase of national defense for seven years, is being matched these days with technologies capable of elevating it from a bumper-sticker slogan to a tool of great power — and commensurate risk. View entire GCN article.

GCN: Defense 2.0 a Work in Progress

by Wyatt Kash, GCN - August 1, 2008

The vision of adapting next-generation Internet technologies in the Defense Department is gaining new urgency as businesses, and employees, increasingly embrace Web-based social networking applications. But the horizon for what some call the Defense 2.0 era appears a long way off as culture, inertia, and IT security concerns that grow only more complicated in a Web 2.0 world, continue to challenge military IT leaders. ...

Enterprise Mobility 2008 Released

April 17, 2008

The Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer released Enterprise Mobility 2008, which describes how the Department is assessing and adopting commercially available wireless products. It also highlights the strides made in making information available within the mobile environment.

CHIPS Magazine

Process Improvement: How 3D Printing is Changing Norfolk Naval Shipyard

by Michael Brayshaw, NNSY Public Affairs Specialist - Web Only 0 - April 16, 2014

A 3D printed car! A 3D printed gun? A 3D printed edible Oreo!?

Navy's Underwater Archaeologists Dive Headfirst Into Naval History

by Naval History and Heritage Command Communication and Outreach Division - Web Only 0 - April 15, 2014

Ice Breaker: ONR Researchers Explore a Changing Arctic

by David Smalley - Web Only 0 - April 14, 2014

ICEX 2014: Navigating the World's Last Frontier

by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Julianne Metzger, Chief of Naval Operations Public Affairs - Web Only 0 - April 14, 2014

Navy to Christen Future USS Zumwalt, New Class of Destroyer

by Department of Defense News - Web Only 0 - April 10, 2014

Live Coverage of Sea-Air-Space 2014

by U.S. Navy - Web Only 0 - April 7, 2014

U.S. Navy History and Week in Review

by Compiled from Navy News Service - Web Only 0 - April 4, 2014

10 events you may have missed this week in the Navy

Arctic Roadmap: Charting the Navy’s Arctic Presence

by Heather Rutherford with Robert Freeman, N6E6C - April-June 2014 - April-June 2014

International Engagement Through Navy Foreign Area Officers

by Capt. Elizabeth Thomas and Cmdr. Stacey Prescott - April-June 2014 - April-June 2014

Navy Lessons Learned Information System

by Sharon Anderson - April-June 2014 - April-June 2014

A user-friendly way to find the information you need

U.S. Heavy Icebreaker Completes Resupply of McMurdo, Antarctica

by U.S. Coast Guard News - April-June 2014 - April-June 2014

AEGIS Ashore Team Trainer: Training the Shield of Europe

by Lt. Bryan Kline, Technical Analyst, Center for Surface Combat Systems - Web Only 0 - March 7, 2014

Navy Transitions Global Ocean Forecast System for Public Use

by Daniel Parry - Web Only 0 - March 6, 2014

Navy Launches UAV from Submerged Submarine

by U.S. Naval Research Laboratory - Web Only 0 - January 15, 2014

Jan. 16, 2014

New All Hands Magazine Digital Archive Launched

by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class David Cothran - Defense Media Activity - Web Only 0 - January 15, 2014

All Roads Lead to Information Dominance

by Sharon Anderson - January-March 2014 - January-March 2014

Advanced Technology Underpins Navy’s Information Dominance Capability and Vision

JKO Virtual Curriculum Offers Increased Training Access for Separating Members

by Rebecca Coleman, Joint Staff Public Affairs - Hampton Roads - January-March 2014 - January-March 2014

NAVSEA Employees Help Develop Virtual Military Transition Program

by Tammy Van Dame, Combat Direction Systems Activity, Dam Neck Public Affairs - January-March 2014 - January-March 2014

Resilience — the Unbeatable Navy-Marine Corps Team

by Sharon Anderson - January-March 2014 - January-March 2014

American Indian Sailor in the U.S. Navy Speaks at NSWC PCD

by Jacqui Barker, NSWC PCD Public Affairs - Web Only 0 - January 15, 2014

Nov. 29, 2013

Water Comes Clean in Test with Marines - July 23, 2013

by Eric Beidel, Office of Naval Research - Web Only 0 - July 23, 2013

Surface combat systems training center re-thinks training delivery - July 10, 2013

by Adrienne Young, Senior Instructional Systems Specialist, Center for Surface Combat Systems - Web Only 0 - July 10, 2013

Air Force Brig. Gen John E. Michel - Encouraging Innovation, Empowerment, Trust and Collaboration

by CHIPS Magazine - July-September 2013 - July-September 2013

Chief, Change and Learning Strategist, U.S. Transportation Command

Global Online Training

by Cmdr. Greg W. Cook - July-September 2013 - July-September 2013

NAVSAFENVTRACEN Shifts the Paradigm … Are You Ready?

Rear Adm. Kevin R. Slates Provides Insight into the Navy's Energy Goals

by CHIPS Magazine - July-September 2013 - July-September 2013

Director, Chief of Naval Operations Energy and Environmental Readiness Division (OPNAV N45)

Unprecedented in Complexity and Scope — Bold Quest 13-1

by Sharon Anderson - July-September 2013 - July-September 2013

U.S. and coalition forces test interoperability and TTPs

Navy Commemorates Decisive WWII Battle - June 5, 2013

by CHIPS Magazine - Web Only 0 - June 5, 2013

Battle of Midway: June 4-7, 1942

Intense: Navy, Civilian Planners Get Big Assist in Storm Predictions - June 14, 2013

by David Smalley, Office of Naval Research - Web Only 0 - June 14, 2013

Navy Training Reviewed for College Credit - June 21, 2013

by Ensign Jacqui Wangle, NETC Public Affairs Office - Web Only 0 - June 21, 2013

Website Offers Viewers Unprecedented Access to Deep-Sea Explorations - June 21, 2013

by Eric Beidel, Office of Naval Research - Web Only 0 - June 21, 2013

Establishment of the Department of the Navy - May 1, 2013

by Naval History and Heritage Command - Web Only 0 - May 1, 2013

ONR Developing Digital Tutors for Future Naval Scientists, Engineers - May 1, 2013

by Office of Naval Research - Web Only 0 - May 1, 2013

Operation Praying Mantis Demonstrates Same Priorities Navy Values Today - April 18, 2013

by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Tim Comerford - Web Only 0 - April 18, 2013

Department of the Navy Releases Fiscal 2014 Budget Proposal - April 11, 2013

by Defense Media Activity-Navy - Web Only 0 - April 11, 2013

A Night of Honor and Grace …

by Jennifer Ralston - April-June 2013 - April-June 2013

A Tribute to Rear Adm. Grace M. Hopper

Play the Game, Change the Game

by Heather Rutherford - April-June 2013 - April-June 2013

Crowdsourcing to solve some of the Navy’s toughest problems

Rear Adm. Terry B. Kraft

by CHIPS Magazine - April-June 2013 - April-June 2013

Commander, Navy Warfare Development Command

PCU Arlington Arrives in Norfolk Homeport

by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Eric Brown, Commander, Naval Surface Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet Public Affairs - Web Only 0 - March 25, 2013

Navy Scientist Earns Meritorious Civilian Service Award

by Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division Office of Public Affairs - Web Only 0 - March 4, 2013

Dr. Timothy M. Marston Advances Mine Warfare Technology

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS for the 6th Annual Military IT Leadership Awards

by Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance - Web Only 0 - March 19, 2013

Deadline March 22, 2013 at 5 p.m.

New Waterjets Could Propel LCS to Greater Speeds

by Office of Naval Research - Web Only 0 - February 11, 2013

CID LS Monterey Sailor Combines Principles of Martial Arts Training to Everyday Life

by Cryptologic Technician Interpretive 2nd Class (IDW) Deejin Macaraeg, CID Public Affairs - Web Only 0 - February 11, 2013

Participate in CHIPS Online Survey

by CHIPS Magazine - Web Only 0 - February 12, 2013

Chance to provide your input ends March 2, 2013

Stiletto Maritime Demonstration Program seeking technology demonstrators for Unmanned Aerial System capability demonstration

by Surface Warfare Center Carderock Public Affairs - Web Only 0 - February 13, 2013

NSWC PCD Engineers Earn Bravo Zulu for Technical Expertise, Real-Time Fleet Support

by Jacqui L. Barker, Public Affairs Specialist, NSWC PCD - Web Only 0 - January 29, 2013

ONR Program Uses Cell Phones to Fight Epidemics

by Eric Beidel, Office of Naval Research - Web Only 0 - January 25, 2013

Play the Game - Change the Game

by Navy Warfare Development Command - Web Only 0 - January 29, 2013

Electromagnetic Maneuver Massive Multiplayer Online War Game Leveraging the Internet

Capt. Lourdes Neilan

by CHIPS Magazine - January-March 2013 - January-March 2013

Navy Warfare Development Command Director of Cyberspace Operations

Get Ready, Get Set, Innovate

by Sharon Anderson - January-March 2013 - January-March 2013

Navy Warfare Development Command – Navy Center for Innovation

Hull Swap – a Sea Story

by Sharon Anderson - January-March 2013 - January-March 2013

SPAWAR personnel install critical shipboard software upgrade

Navy Doctrine Library System

by Sharon Anderson - January-March 2013 - January-March 2013

Find the information you need — when you need it

ONR-Funded Microgrid Powers "World Green City"

by Eric Beidel, Office of Naval Research - January-March 2013 - January-March 2013

Concept ideal for small rural village and island communities

USS Enterprise (CVN 65) – "We Are Legend"

by Sharon Anderson - January-March 2013 - January-March 2013

Interoperability Leads to "Peace"

by Heather Rutherford - October-December 2012 - October-December 2012

Partnership for Peace nations work together to build cooperation

Lisa Sexauer

by CHIPS Magazine - October-December 2012 - October-December 2012

Fitness, sports and deployed forces support program manager Commander, Navy Installations Command

NAVY 311: Your Single Entry Point for Service and Support

by Sea Warrior Public Affairs - October-December 2012 - October-December 2012

Ask any question about any topic, anytime, from anywhere

Robert J. Carey

by CHIPS Magazine - October-December 2012 - October-December 2012

Department of Defense Principal Deputy Chief Information Officer

Stop Reinventing the Wheel

by Jim Knox - October-December 2012 - October-December 2012

Knowledge Management in the Department of the Navy

The Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center

by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class (SW/AW) Nathan L. Guimont - October-December 2012 - October-December 2012

Courses in 23 languages and two dialects offered to service members and more

Experimental mobile app assists in disaster decision making

by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Ernesto Bonilla, RIMPAC Public Affairs - Web Only 0 - July 23, 2012

ONR Opens a Gateway to Improved Network Data Sharing on Navy Ships

by Office of Naval Research Corporate Strategic Communications - Web Only 0 - July 23, 2012

Defense Connect Online (DCO) Supports SPAWAR Fleet Systems

by Amanda Plante - Web Only 0 - July 18, 2012

Bold Quest 12-1 Measures Coalition Interoperability

by Sharon Anderson - July-September 2012 - July-September 2012

Interoperability issues can be fixed on the spot

CAPOSSO – Improving Civil Affairs Planning and Execution in the AFRICOM AOR

by Sharon Anderson - July-September 2012 - July-September 2012

Inside the ONR Internship Program

by Retired Navy Capt. George Galdorisi, Victoria Anderson, Matthew Siordia, Ashley Nekoui and Amanda George - Web Only 0 - June 8, 2012

Encouraging students to pursue careers in STEM disciplines


2014 PII Brief

by DON CIO Privacy Team - April 22, 2009

The personally identifiable information (PII) brief attached below was presented at the Department of the Navy IT Conference, West Coast 2014 and is provided as a reference and for use in developing other PII presentations.

Safe Access File Exchange

August 8, 2012

Safe Access File Exchange (SAFE) allows users to send up to 25 files securely to recipients within the .mil and .gov domains. The files can total up to 2GB in size. SAFE was originally designed to provide Army Missile and Research, Development and Engineering Command (AMRDEC) employees and those doing business with AMRDEC an alternate way to send files. The Department of the Navy has confirmed with AMRDEC that SAFE may ...

Publically Accessible Website Privacy Resources (including Official DON Social Networking Sites)

by DON CIO Privacy Team - October 18, 2010

The World Wide Web is specifically designed to be open and accessible to a global audience. While this global accessibility makes the web a powerful public information tool and enhances productivity in the conduct of daily business, it also presents a potential risk to Department of the Navy personnel, assets and operations if inappropriate information is published on DON websites. Threats to the security of Navy and ...

Digitally Signing and Encrypting Email Containing PII Brief

by LCDR Greg Taylor, BUPERS IAM - January 18, 2012

The attached brief was prepared by LCDR Greg Taylor, Bureau Of Naval Personnel, information assurance manager, and addresses the Department of the Navy requirement to digitally sign and encrypt emails containing personally identifiable information.

Recommended Facebook Privacy Settings

by CHINFO - July 1, 2010

The Department of the Navy Chief of Information has created a guide detailing recommended Facebook privacy settings and how to achieve them. The guide provides step-by-step instructions to help Facebook users create a balance between safeguarding their privacy and enjoying the benefits of social networking online.

Navy Command Social Media Handbook

by CHINFO - February 3, 2011

The Navy Command Social Media Handbook was developed by the Chief of Information's (CHINFO) Emerging Media Integration Team and is intended to provide the information needed to more safely and effectively use social media.

Other Privacy Act Resources

by DON CIO Privacy Team - September 13, 2010

The following additional resources are provided:

Information Sharing Environment Core Awareness Course Instructions

July 23, 2009

The attached instructions explain how to access the Information Sharing Environment (ISE) Core Awareness course. This course is now operational on the U.S Joint Forces Command Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) web site. This unclassified course provides a common understanding of the ISE and an overview of the Federal Government's counterterrorism organizations, systems and common challenges. It takes less than 30 minutes to ...

Knowledge Management/Information Sharing

March 28, 2008

The DON CIO promotes and assists in advancing knowledge management implementation within the Department, which involves supporting and promoting a community of practice, conducting semi-annual meetings and providing tools to facilitate learning organizations.