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DARPA 'System On A Chip' To Broaden Connectivity Of Troops

Government Computer News - July 9, 2014

FCC Tackles Data Mobility Across 200 Legacy Systems

Government Computer News - June 25, 2014

BYOD Could Grease The Insider Threat Wheels

Fierce Mobile IT - June 20, 2014

API Layer Fuels Official US Navy Mobile App

Government Computer News - March 3, 2014

NIST Presents Building Blocks For Mobile Security

Government Computer News - February 26, 2014

SaaS Solution Drives Improvements at Michigan DMVs

Government Computer News - February 6, 2014

Pentagon Officials Prioritizing Eight IT Initiatives

Washington Post - January 27, 2014

The Mobile Warfighter: Preparing for Deployment

Federal Computer Week - September 6, 2013

Mobile Push Notifications Becoming Pushy Notifications

Government Computer News - August 22, 2013

Study: More Mobile Would Make Feds More Productive

Federal Computer Week - August 19, 2013

GSA Redesigns .gov Sites With Mobile in Mind

Federal Computer Week - August 16, 2013

DoD: 30-Day Approval Process for Mobile Devices

Federal Times - August 12, 2013

Senators Seek Specific Spectrum Relocation Proposal From DoD

Federal Computer Week - August 5, 2013

Smartphone Makers Flock to DoD

Federal Times - August 5, 2013

Mobile Usability: Targeting the Tool to the Audience

Federal Computer Week - July 22, 2013

DoD Negotiating the Way Forward for Mobility

Federal Computer Week - July 16, 2013

America's Army Deploys to Almost Every Mobile Device

Government Computer News - July 15, 2013

DoD Building Its Own Secure 4G Wireless Network

Government Computer News - July 3, 2013

Obama Asks Agencies to Share Spectrum

Federal Computer Week - June 14, 2013

Apple's New iPhone Lock Could Help With Mobile Security

Government Computer News - June 12, 2013

Telework Challenge: Employees Who Resist Telework Tools

Government Computer News - June 3, 2013

A Breakdown Of DoD Security Controls For iOS And Android

Government Computer News - May 29, 2013

Feds' Next Step In Clearing RF Spectrum Could Be A Challenge

Government Computer News - May 24, 2013

NARA Lashes 3 Clouds Together To Move Users To Google Apps

Government Computer News - May 24, 2013

New Risk On The Block: Bring Your Own Cloud

Government Computer News - May 23, 2013

Salesforce.com Optimizes Mobile Apps For Government

Government Computer News - May 23, 2013

In Sandy's Wake, NJ Town Goes to All-Wireless Phone Service

Government Computer News - May 7, 2013

DISA Eyes Wi-Fi at Fort Meade

NextGov - April 29, 2013

Pentagon Expects to Enlist Apple, Samsung Devices

Wall Street Journal - April 29, 2013

BYOD: Why Managing Devices is Not Enough

Federal Computer Week - April 26, 2013

The Search for More Spectrum

Federal Computer Week - April 22, 2013

A Checklist for Keeping Mobile Apps Secure

Government Computer News - April 19, 2013

DARPA Puts Out Call to Boost Wireless Security

Government Computer News - April 15, 2013

The Call Heard 'Round The World

Government Computer News - April 3, 2013

Better Than A password? Write With Your Finger

Government Computer News - April 2, 2013

DoD's Mobile Plan Still Calls For Multiple Platforms

Government Computer News - March 22, 2013

Step Two Of DoD's Mobile Strategy Outlines Pilot Projects

Government Computer News - March 13, 2013

Is That Really Broadband? A Look at the Technologies in Play

Government Computer News - March 12, 2013

Navy's Ship-To-Ship Communications Goes 4G

Government Computer News - March 11, 2013

Mobile Security: A Password Isn't Perfect, But It's A Start

Government Computer News - March 6, 2013

Mobile Device Plan Balances Security, User Needs

Department of Defense - February 28, 2013

The Radio With Infinite Range

Strategy Page - February 26, 2013

5 Tips For Secure Mobile Apps

Government Computer News - February 15, 2013

Authentication With Cloud, BYOD: It's Complicated

Government Computer News - February 8, 2013

Self-Deleting Emails: An Enterprise Nightmare?

Government Computer News - January 29, 2013

Don't Manage Mobile Devices, Manage the Enterprise

Government Computer News - January 28, 2013

Other Cyber Shoe Waiting to Drop on BYOD

Government Computer News - January 16, 2013

Mobile Boosts Productivity, Risk for Feds

Federal Computer Week - January 15, 2013

IPv6 Boosts Mobile Performance, Panel Claims

Government Computer News - January 14, 2013

FCC's Free 'Checker' Helps Users Secure Smart Phones

Government Computer News - December 21, 2012

What Were 2012's Top Issues and Trends?

Washington Technology - December 21, 2012

Mobile Users Get No Clue They're Visiting Malicious Sites

Government Computer News - December 10, 2012

Is the Light Spectrum the Next Frontier for Wireless?

Government Computer News - December 6, 2012

Mobile, Cloud Poised for Growth in 2013

Federal Computer Week - December 5, 2012

Agency Data Centers Will Never be the Same

Government Computer News - October 26, 2012

Cyber Insecurity: Managing Against the Risk

Federal Computer Week - October 23, 2012

Budget Shortfalls Driving CIOs' Priorities

Federal News Radio - October 17, 2012

How Cloud Technology can Simplify BYOD

Federal Computer Week - September 11, 2012

3 Simple Tricks to Keep Your Data Safe on the Road

Government Computer News - September 7, 2012

Can Mobility Escape the Security Snare?

Federal Computer Week - September 5, 2012

Keeping Work and Life Balanced in a BYOD World

Federal Computer Week - September 5, 2012

Navigating the 'Unholy' Matrimony of Mobile and Cloud

Government Computer News - August 31, 2012

The Grace Period on Mobile Security is Over

Government Computer News - August 24, 2012

One Way to Manage BYOD: Limit the Options

Government Computer News - August 17, 2012

Will AT&T's Phase-Out of 2G Service Affect Gov Customers?

Government Computer News - August 9, 2012

Is BYOD the Next Big Security Opportunity?

Washington Technology - August 3, 2012

Wireless System Tackles Tracking Challenge

Signal Magazine - August 1, 2012

Commanding the Electromagnetic and Cyber Environment

Chief of Naval Operations - July 24, 2012

Is Mobility the Key to DoD's Future?

Federal Computer Week - July 20, 2012

Budgets, Security Mean Big Changes

Signal Magazine - July 1, 2012

AT&T Launches Mobile Interpreting Service For Government

Government Computer News - June 19, 2012

Pentagon Playing Catch-Up With Mobile Technology

National Defense Magazine - June 12, 2012

Digital Strategy Sets Stage for Mobile Explosion

Federal Computer Week - June 1, 2012

Popular DoD Desktop App Ready For Mobile Devices

Government Computer News - May 24, 2012

OMB's Digital Strategy Emphasizes Mobility

Federal Computer Week - May 23, 2012

Building a Mobile Strategy

Federal Computer Week - May 17, 2012

9 Keys to Making BYOD Work

Government Computer News - May 10, 2012

'Cloud First' Giving Way to 'Mobile First'

Government Computer News - May 8, 2012

Mobile Privacy Risks: Who Should Alert End Users?

Government Computer News - May 4, 2012

Choosing a Mobile Development Strategy for Your Agency

Federal Computer Week - May 1, 2012

DoD Policy Brings New Mobility to Civilian Employees

Federal Computer Week - April 20, 2012

Telework Embrace Widens

Federal Computer Week - April 10, 2012

DISA to Roll Out Defense-Wide Mobility Plan

Government Computer News - April 6, 2012

Marines Want Smart Phone for Classified, Commercial Systems

Government Computer News - April 2, 2012

Is the Government Ready for a Mobile Transformation?

Federal Computer Week - March 19, 2012

Navy Wants iPads for its New Network

NextGov - March 19, 2012

Expect Mobility Strategy to Broaden

Federal Computer Week - March 15, 2012

Mobility: A Golden Opportunity in Tough Budget Times

Federal Computer Week - March 12, 2012

Federal Mobility, Web Reform Strategies to be Consolidated

Federal Computer Week - March 2, 2012

FCC Holds a Few Aces on Spectrum

NextGov - February 22, 2012

Key Navy Satellite Launches Friday

NextGov - February 21, 2012

FCC Spectrum Auction to Fund Long-Sought Public Safety Network

Government Computer News - February 17, 2012

GSA Buying Plan Aims to Make it Easier for Agencies to go Mobile

Government Computer News - February 17, 2012

Mobile App or Mobile Website - Does it Make Any Difference?

Federal Computer Week - February 15, 2012

Users: We Want a Federal App Store

Government Computer News - January 17, 2012

For Government, Cost-Cutting is Mobile's Real Killer App

Government Computer News - January 13, 2012

DISA OKs Secure Android Mobile System for DoD

Government Computer News - January 5, 2012

DoD Still Wrestling With Scalability, Security for Wireless Networks

Government Computer News - December 23, 2011

Guide to Better Security for Mobile Access to Networks

Government Computer News - December 19, 2011

Mobile Conflict: What Users Want Versus What Agency Needs

Government Computer News - December 12, 2011

Agencies' Mobile Question: How to Get There From Here?

Government Computer News - December 8, 2011

Tools Could Put iPhones, Androids on Government Networks

Government Computer News - December 1, 2011

Mobile Devices Will Drive Global Web Use by 2015

Government Computer News - September 13, 2011

Going Mobile? The People are Already There

Government Computer News - August 1, 2011

Making Mobile Work; Success Strategies Revealed

Federal Computer Week - July 29, 2011

How Military Can Lighten Its Load to Create Mobile Data Centers

Government Computer News - July 21, 2011

20 Years After First Call, GSM Rules the Mobile World

Government Computer News - July 12, 2011

Agencies, Industry Seek Answers to Mobile Puzzle

Federal Computer Week - July 1, 2011

4 Smart-Phone Security Tips From DHS

Government Computer News - June 17, 2011

Army Takes the Point for DoD Wireless Services

Government Computer News - April 25, 2011

5 Technologies Key to the Mobile Revolution

Government Computer News - April 20, 2011

Google Defends Apps For Government

Computerworld - April 13, 2011

Next-Generation Governance is The Key to Future IT Success

Government Computer News - April 13, 2011

Gov 2.0 on The Go: Agencies Hit it Big With Mobile Apps

Federal Computer Week - April 8, 2011

Can the Wireless Spectrum Handle 50 Billion Devices?

Government Computer News - March 25, 2011

Spectrum: The Looming Question for Wireless Innovation

Government Computer News - March 21, 2011

Where Web Access is Limited, Wireless Cloud Comes Into Play

Government Computer News - March 21, 2011

DARPA Looks to Boost Tactical Networks with Cloud

Defense Systems - February 22, 2011

Situational Awareness In Hand

Signal Magazine - November 15, 2010

Obama Plans To Double Available Wireless Spectrum

Information Week - June 28, 2010

Battlefield Cell Networks Research Grows

Signal Magazine - February 16, 2010


The DON CIO chairs the DON Wireless Working Group, which brings together stakeholders from throughout the Department to promote adoption of secure, effective wireless solutions. Wireless is a subset of telecommunications technologies that conveys information through the air as opposed to traditional, wired networks. This includes cell phones, personal electronic devices, wireless networking and satellite communications. The DON uses a broad range of wireless technologies, which provides the enterprise mobility capability of the net-centric environment.

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DON Adoption of the DoD Mobile Classified Capability

DON CIO Memo - March 24, 2014

This memo details how the Department of the Navy will transition to DoD Mobile Classified Capability (DMCC) once Defense Information Systems Agency has fielded DMCC phones, and DMCC access to NMCI Secret Internet Protocol Router Network Outlook Web Access email has been enabled.

DON Enterprise Mobility Integrated Product Team

DON CIO Memo - June 12, 2012

This memo establishes the Department of the Navy Enterprise Mobility Integrated Product Team (EMIPT) as the Department's designated advisory and action group, reporting to the DON Information Enterprise Governance Board for all matters pertaining to the Department's enterprise mobility efforts. Further, it establishes the EMIPT charter, which states that the EMIPT will be a collaborative initiative to facilitate a ...

DON Policy on Mobile (Cellular) Services Cost Management

DON CIO Memo - March 15, 2012

This memo provides interim policy for the Deputy, Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer for Navy and Marine Corps to better manage and control cellular costs. This policy applies to all Navy and Marine Corps personnel using government-provided mobile devices operating on commercial cellular networks for voice and data services.

DON Plan for Optimizing Use of Employee IT Devices and Other IT to Achieve Efficiencies

DON CIO Memo - June 12, 2013

This memo details how the Department of the Navy is actively optimizing the use of employee information technology devices and other IT to achieve efficiencies.

Amplification Guidance for Purchase and Installation of Personal Electronic Device Smart Card Readers

DTG 281919Z JAN 09 - February 2, 2009

This Naval message provides amplification guidance for the purchase and installation of Common Access Card readers on all Personal Electronic Devices including BlackBerrys. It also identifies the procurement options for the required hardware.

DON Enterprise Mobility 2008

DON Guidance - October 24, 2011

Department of the Navy Enterprise Mobility 2008 describes the strategy the Department is following in assessing and adopting commercially available wireless products to enhance its enterprise mobility capability.

DON Guidance on Wireless Local Area Network Implementation of the 802.11I Standard

DTG 241518Z JAN 08 - January 25, 2008

This Naval message provides guidance governing the implementation of wireless local area network (WLAN) solutions using the IEEE 802.11 body of standards, commonly referred to as WiFi. The primary focus of this effort is unclassified wireless networking solutions.

DON Security Guidance for Personal Electronic Devices

DTG 202041Z AUG 07 - December 17, 2007

This Naval message provides guidance for the use of personal electronic devices (PEDs). Commands are encouraged to immediately begin transition to PEDs that support digital signature and encryption. Effective March 31, 2008, use of PEDs that are not natively compliant or have not upgraded to meet the requirements will no longer be permitted.

DON Use of Commercial Wireless Local Area Network Devices, Services and Technologies

SECNAVINST 2075.1 - December 17, 2007

This policy provides guidance to secure components of the network that directly pertain to the wireless architecture. It delineates requirements for FIPS-140 Certification and Accreditation as well as Layer 2 Authentication and Encryption.

Radio Frequency Authorization

DON CIO Memo - December 17, 2007

This memo provides guidance and justification for exemption of Radio Frequency Authorization information pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act.

DON Policy for Issuance, Use and Management of Government-Provided Mobile (Cellular) Phone, Data Equipment and Services, and Calling Cards

DON CIO Memo - February 24, 2010

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance governing the issuance, use and management of government-provided mobile cellular phone, data equipment and services, and calling cards. It complements the Department's strategic enterprise approach to the acquisition of cellular phone services, which has been developed to ensure cost-effective acquisition and use of these services enterprise-wide.


Building on DON Success; Meeting New Challenges

by Barbara Hoffman - June 9, 2014

It has been a privilege to serve in leadership positions for the Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer, including as Director of both the E-business and Investment Management teams, Principal Deputy for two very talented DON CIOs, and now as the DON CIO (Acting). Our business IT environment has evolved dramatically over this timeframe, in technology advances as well as in operational and fiscal challenges.

Savings and Efficiencies Through Enterprise Mobility

March 13, 2014

The Department of the Navy's enterprise wireless contract, established by Naval Supply Systems Command Fleet Logistics Center San Diego (FLCSD) for all DON wireless use in the CONUS, went into effect in May 2011. The contract includes provisions to lower costs; it includes free devices, web portals provided by the wireless carriers that account managers can use to analyze and "fine tune" services, and a limited number of ...

What's Next in IT - And How Do We Get There?

January 10, 2014

The current budget realities faced by the Department of the Navy have created for us a "new normal." And though we still work diligently to find more ways to save money, we also must adjust to the new normal by asking, "Now what?" How do we get from a mindset of "cutting back to save money" to using the cutting edge of technology to transform our business processes?

DON Senior Spectrum Manager Elected to IRAC Agency Vice Chair Position

May 1, 2013

The Department of the Navy's senior spectrum manager was named Agency Vice Chairman of the Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee (IRAC) April 23.

Take Precaution Before Use of Cell Phone Signal Boosters

April 29, 2013

Recent changes in Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations governing signal boosters enable the sale of certain types of these boosters within the United States. Signal boosters are devices that can improve cell phone coverage in areas where they do not get a good signal.

2013 DON IM/IT Excellence & Electromagnetic Spectrum Award Winners Announced

January 31, 2013

The Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer is pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 DON IM/IT Excellence Awards and the John J. Lussier Electromagnetic Spectrum Leadership Award.

DON Saving Significantly on Cellular

October 15, 2012

To maximize the overall power of the Department's mobile (cellular) purchasing habits, the Department of the Navy established the DON Enterprise Wireless Contracts in January 2011. The benefits of these contracts are paying off, and savings have steadily increased since the establishment of the Enterprise Wireless Contracts. ...

Mobile Device Reductions Result in Significant Savings

October 1, 2012

The Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer implemented mobility management tools and cell phone optimization training in March 2012. The overall goal is to gain business efficiencies and reduce cell phone and mobile device spend due to unused lines, total number of devices and overage minutes. To date, this effort has been very successful in setting the foundation for significant cost reductions. ...

Increasing the Dynamic of Spectrum Access

by Thomas Kidd - July 30, 2012

The final step in the dynamic federal agency spectrum access process within the United States is receiving a radio frequency assignment from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. This notification from the assistant secretary of commerce for communications and information is required for federal spectrum-dependent systems to operate within the United States. The Code of Federal Regulations Title ...

New Integrated Product Team to Promote DON Mobility

by Dan Delgrosso and Mike Hernon - July 30, 2012

The Department of the Navy Enterprise Mobility Integrated Product Team charter was signed by Terry Halvorsen,DON Chief Information Officer, May 15, 2012. The charter defines the process that the enterprise will adopt to assess and enhance the DON's mobility capabilities using wireless and other remote connectivity options.

DON CIO Speaks at Naval War College's Senior Enlisted Academy Graduation

August 1, 2012

There are few milestones that better mark a time, an accomplishment and the hope for a bright future than a graduation. On July 12, 2012, Terry Halvorsen, Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer, had the honor of speaking at the graduation ceremony of the most recent graduating class of the Senior Enlisted Academy of the Naval War College in Newport, RI. He spoke of the challenges the graduates will face and how ...

State-of-the-Art NMCI Laptops Help NRC Recruit Tech-Savvy Youth

May 25, 2012

The Navy Recruiting Command (NRC) worked with the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) program office to deliver a highly capable tablet-style laptop to support their quest to recruit today's tech-savvy youth. Recruiters' use of state-of-the-art technology helps convey the fact that today's Navy knows how to effectively utilize current and modern information technology. ...

NMCI Continues to Offer Solutions for Diverse Mission Needs

April 30, 2012

The Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) has been operational for more than 10 years and serves more than 810,000 users across the country. The network continues to mature every day with the implementation of new solutions and security measures designed to help Sailors and Marines perform their mission critical tasks more effectively and efficiently. ...

Enabling Business Transformation "On the Go"

by Dan DelGrosso and Mike Hernon - April 20, 2012

Increasing the ability to conduct business on the go, away from a traditional office or desktop environment, can be a key enabler of the Department of the Navy's business transformation process. Arming DON personnel with access to the department's knowledge base regardless of their location will improve effectiveness in any new or improved business process.

Transforming Spectrum Management

by Thomas Kidd - April 20, 2012

Emerging technology has always compelled traditional spectrum management processes to adapt and evolve. The 2012 International Telecommunication Union World Radiocommunication Conference issued new international radio regulation treaty language regarding software defined radio and cognitive radio systems.

New DON Mobile Contracts and Tools Drive Savings

by Mike Hernon - January 12, 2012

In today's efforts to identify and leverage all potential efficiency opportunities, one area often overlooked is a device that hundreds of thousands of Department of Defense personnel carry every day — their mobile phone. With voice and data plans sometimes costing more than $100 a month, the DoD spends tens of millions of dollars on cellular bills every month to ensure that personnel away from the office have access to ...

Telework Driving Demand for Remote Access

by Mike Hernon - October 26, 2011

The Department of the Navy anticipates that personnel will begin teleworking in significant numbers when a new telework policy is released shortly. As a result, there will be explosive growth in the number of users who need to connect to the Navy Marine Corps Intranet and other government networks from remote locations, primarily from a home office, but also from other locations via cellular or Wi-Fi networks.

The Spectrum Sharing and Reallocation Dilemma

by Thomas Kidd and Mark Rossow - October 26, 2011

The electromagnetic spectrum is a unique resource. While in some ways it is similar to other resources, like oil or water, in other ways, it is very different. The electromagnetic spectrum is typically defined as the set of all non-ionizing radiation electromagnetic frequencies.

News From the DON Mobility Program

by Mike Hernon - July 25, 2011

This is a very active year in the area of enterprise mobility. In the commercial marketplace, dozens of new devices, the vast majority of which are tablets, were released, or announced for imminent release, as manufacturers race to meet growing consumer demand for greater mobile performance and functionality.

We Live In A Radiant World

by Tom Kidd - January 21, 2011

Our atmosphere is filled with electromagnetic energy from many sources. These include manmade emissions from sensors and communications equipment, electrical power lines and generators, as well as natural emissions from lightning, the sun, cosmic radiation and other sources. The electromagnetic environment is all around us every day. For example, electromagnetic energy from the sun reflects off the moon and refracts ...

500,000 Apps (and Nothin' On), Will Mobile Apps Get Serious in 2011?

by Mike Hernon - January 21, 2011

Most of the buzz in the mobility world these days is about apps, apps and more apps. The growth in the number and variety of mobile applications during the past 18 months has been dramatic. This has been the result of the owners of mobile operating systems promoting their platforms to the application developer community and providing free or low-cost development tools. Mobile devices now compete in the marketplace on ...

Cellular Devices in Classified Spaces

by Mike Hernon, Tony Soules and Bob Turner - May 17, 2010

Not a week goes by without an inquiry to the Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer or the Navy or Marine Corps Designated Approving Authority (DAA) regarding the desire to bring a commercial wireless device, usually a BlackBerry, into restricted areas where classified information is discussed, stored or otherwise processed.

Unmanning Unmanned Systems

by Tom Kidd, Mikel Ryan and Antonio Siordia - May 17, 2010

The growth and diversity of military unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in the first decade of the 21st century has been unprecedented. To say that UAVs: "continue to be the most dynamic growth sector of the world aerospace industry" understates the obvious. "An insatiable demand for UAVs is fueling massive growth within this market," said Larry Dickerson, senior unmanned systems analyst for Forecast International. "No ...

Climate Monitoring

by Tom Kidd - February 22, 2010

The DON CIO represented the DON at the first International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and World Meteorological Organization (WMO) joint seminar in September 2009. It was organized as an open forum for discussion of the ITU and WMO roles in the use of radio spectrum, space orbits and radio-based meteorological tools and systems for monitoring, mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

Radio in 2050

by Tom Kidd - February 22, 2010

It can be embarrassing to attempt to predict technology beyond its current development horizon. This is especially challenging when the technology has begun to accelerate exponentially. To predict the future of radio into the second half of the 21st century, we will need to look back at its development from a 19th century oddity, to a 20th century necessity, and into the early years of the 21st century.

NMCI Gets Into A Hot Spot

by Mike Hernon - February 25, 2010

For years now, Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) users have jealously eyed the laptop-wielding, Wi-Fi-connected masses in coffee shops, hotels and airports as they turned idle time into productive time. Barred from full network access, NMCI users on the go had to settle for cellular phones, air cards and Outlook Web Access to provide mobile support. While these capabilities provide some fairly productive mobility tools, ...

Radio Frequency Congestion

by Tom Kidd - November 9, 2009

We are all familiar with overcrowding and traffic congestion. Most people in the United States experience long work commutes, jammed shopping malls, as well as long lines at restaurants, train stations and other locations where people frequently congregate. However, congestion in these occurrences usually has peaks and valleys, and many times, people can arrange their schedules to avoid peak times. Some people living in ...

Putting Text to the Test

by Mike Hernon and Bob Turner - November 6, 2009

Delivering a robust enterprise mobility capability to the Department of the Navy workforce requires leveraging various wireless tools at our disposal. One such tool, Short Message Service (SMS), or text messaging, is often overlooked but can provide significant benefits when used appropriately.

Mobile-Friendly DON CIO Website Now Available

by DON CIO Communications Team - September 22, 2009

Department of the Navy personnel may now view the latest information management and information technology news from their mobile devices with the launch of a mobile-friendly version of the DON CIO website.

New Rules Create Sharing Between Federal and Non-Federal Radio Systems

by Tom Kidd - August 19, 2009

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee (IRAC) recently approved an addition to the Manual of Regulations and Procedures for Federal Radio Frequency Management. The new paragraph, 8.2.47, enables federal and non-federal agencies to share radio systems. Navy and Marine Corps first responders may have an opportunity to dramatically expand their ...

Optimizing Telecom Usage While Cutting Costs: Telecommunications Expense Management in the DON

by Mike Hernon, Ken Brennan and Shirley Dolengo - August 19, 2009

The year was 1978 – the Bee Gees' "Night Fever" ruled the charts; "Mork and Mindy" first hit the airwaves; and it cost 15 cents to mail a letter, which people did a lot then because almost no one had e-mail. That year also witnessed the drafting of a Department of the Navy telecommunications policy that remains in effect today.

The Choice Between Wired and Wireless

by Tom Kidd - August 19, 2009

Whether wireless voice, video or data, the number of wireless applications are increasing. Wireless capabilities can be as simple as a wireless doorbell system or as complex as a naval unmanned aerial system providing real-time intelligence to forward-deployed Marines and Sailors. While the use of wireless systems is certainly advantageous for mobile requirements, wired systems retain a number of inherent benefits for ...

Cross-banding: Enabling Communications Interoperability Among First Responders

by Tom Kidd - April 20, 2009

Interoperable communications between Federal first responders and non-federal first responders is a vital capability that must be pursued by the Department of the Navy because Navy and Marine Corps installations have a close, cooperative relationship with adjacent federal, state and local first responders. Ensuring interoperable communications for police, fire, emergency medical services, and other first responder ...

What's Your Wi-Q?

by Tom Kidd - April 20, 2009

The report, "Enterprise Mobility 2008," released by the Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer describes the process the DON would use to leverage the advantages that commercially available wireless technologies can deliver.

How One Idea Can Change the World

by Tom Kidd - February 20, 2009

In less than two years, nearly 150 distinguished ambassadors and more than 2,000 delegates from across the globe will gather for the United Nations International Telecommunication Union's (ITU) World Radiocommunication Conference. During this four-week marathon, committed delegations will scrutinize, debate, create and revise the international treaties that govern the regional and global use of electromagnetic spectrum ...

Plotting a Spectrum Revolution

by Tom Kidd - October 29, 2008

Evolution and revolution are very different processes ... Adm. Vern Clark wrote about "revolution" while serving as Chief of Naval Operations. Today, the retired CNO still refers to revolution when publicly speaking about his efforts to change and improve business processes within the Navy. He confessed that, even as the second longest serving CNO, he didn't have time for "evolution," which is why he unapologetically ...

Enterprise Mobility 2008 Released

April 17, 2008

The Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer released Enterprise Mobility 2008, which describes how the Department is assessing and adopting commercially available wireless products. It also highlights the strides made in making information available within the mobile environment.

New BlackBerry Security Settings Take Effect

by Enterprise Services Management Team - February 15, 2008

Stronger and improved security settings were implemented for all NMCI BlackBerry devices in February. These settings comply with mandatory security policies to protect the devices from unauthorized access and to change features that pose potential security vulnerabilities.

BlackBerries and CACs Get Connected

by Mike Hernon - February 15, 2008

The Department of the Navy is a dynamic enterprise with personnel constantly on the move between the office, temporary duty assignments and military deployments. Maintaining connectivity to voice and data services is essential to mobile workers so that they may perform their jobs as efficiently and effectively as possible. This capability, referred to as "enterprise mobility," is a critical component of the ongoing work ...

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Vice Admiral Jan E. Tighe, first female commander of a numbered fleet in U.S. Navy history, talks about information warfare

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DON IT Conference Presentations Available

by DON CIO Enterprise IT Policy & Communications Team - Web Only 0 - June 30, 2014

Corps Leaders Convene, Stack Hands on Navy Information Dominance Way Ahead

by Office of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance (N2/N6) - Web Only 0 - June 27, 2014

Fleet Experiment Offers Unique Cyber Training Opportunity

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Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command Changes Command

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Navy’s Newest Aircraft Launch System Goes Retro

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Fire Scout Flies with New Radar

by PEO(U&W) Public Affairs - Web Only 0 - June 18, 2014

Navy Fitness Announces Three New Workout Series and Apps

by Commander, Navy Installations Command, Public Affairs - Web Only 0 - June 18, 2014

ASN RDA Honors SPAWAR Scientists and Engineers

by Ashley Nekoui, Public Affairs Specialist, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific - Web Only 0 - June 17, 2014

The NSA’s New Look at Cybersecurity

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Navy Adm. Michael S. Rogers talks about the importance of detecting threats

USS Wasp’s Computer Network Gets a 21st Century Upgrade

by USS Wasp Public Affairs Office - Web Only 0 - June 17, 2014

Highly Advanced CANES Installed

DARPA-Navy Agreement to Develop Tern Concept

by DARPA Public Affairs - Web Only 0 - June 16, 2014

Formal joint effort seen as ideal for developing transition path for advanced technologies to meet future operational needs

Department of Navy Announces 2013 Acquisition Excellence Awards

by Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition - Web Only 0 - June 16, 2014

DON IT Conference To Begin June 24

by DON CIO News Release - Web Only 0 - June 16, 2014

US Navy Releases New 3-D Medical Study Aid App

by Navy Recruiting Command Public Affairs - Web Only 0 - June 16, 2014

The Internet’s Next Big Idea: Connecting People, Information and Things

by Chris Greer, Senior Executive for Cyber-Physical Systems at the National Institute of Standards and Technology - Web Only 0 - June 12, 2014

Marine officers train with unmanned bird

by PEO(U&W) Public Affairs - Web Only 0 - June 11, 2014

NAWCWD leads the way for alternative energy solutions

by NAWCWD Public Affairs - Web Only 0 - June 11, 2014

Navy Space Cadre & Warfighters Putting Pieces Together

by Cmdr. Adam “Tito” DeJesus,NAVCYBERFOR N13/N17 - Web Only 0 - June 10, 2014

Operations Manual Provides Cybersecurity Guidance for Fleet

by Navy Cyber Forces Public Affairs - Web Only 0 - June 9, 2014

Information Dominance Corps Commemorates 72nd Anniversary of the Battle of Midway

by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class (SW/AW) David R. Finley Jr., Commander, U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/U.S. 10th Fleet Public Affairs - Web Only 0 - June 5, 2014

U.S. Navy History and Week in Review

by Navy News Service - Web Only 0 - May 30, 2014

10 events you may have missed this week in the Navy

“Fortune Favors the Bold”

by Sharon Anderson - Web Only 0 - May 29, 2014

Bold Quest 14.2 stays focused on interoperability

Official U.S. Navy Mobile App Gets Push Notifications and Other Updates

by U.S. Navy - Web Only 0 - May 28, 2014

U.S. Navy mobile app map has been updated with new information, icons and security reviews

Battle of Midway

by Office of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance (N2/N6) - Web Only 0 - May 27, 2014

Navy Codebreakers at their finest

U.S. Navy History and Week in Review

by Navy News Service - Web Only 0 - May 23, 2014

10 events you may have missed this week in the Navy

DARPA Demo Day 2014 Highlights Innovative Approaches to Preserving and Expanding U.S. Technological Superiority

by DARPA News - Web Only 0 - May 22, 2014

With focus on information technology, largest-ever Pentagon event showcases more than 100 projects pushing for game-changing improvements to national security

World Metrology Day: May 20, 2014

by From NIST Tech Beat - Web Only 0 - May 20, 2014

Measurements and the Global Energy Challenge

DISA Announces DoD Mobility Capability, 2.0 for Android/Samsung Knox

by DISA Public Affairs - Web Only 0 - May 15, 2014

Marines Deploy with First, Unmanned RQ-21A Blackjack System

by PEO(U&W) Public Affairs - Web Only 0 - May 15, 2014

U.S. Navy History and Week in Review

by Navy News Service - Web Only 0 - May 15, 2014

10 events you may have missed this week in the Navy

Navy Information Dominance Industry Day

by Office of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance (N2/N6) - Web Only 0 - May 13, 2014

Information Dominance is about warfighting

U.S. Navy History and Week in Review

by Navy News Service - Web Only 0 - May 9, 2014

10 events you may have missed this week in the Navy

Navy's X-47B program ramps up flight test, readying for summer sea trials

by PEO(U&W) Public Affairs - Web Only 0 - May 1, 2014

U.S. Navy History and Week in Review

by Navy News Service - Web Only 0 - May 1, 2014

10 events you may have missed this week in the Navy

Navy Hosts Top High School Researchers in National Competition

by Eric Beidel - Web Only 0 - April 28, 2014

USS Fort Worth and Surface Warfare Mission Package Complete Initial Operational Test and Evaluation

by Program Executive Office Littoral Combat Ships Public Affairs - Web Only 0 - April 28, 2014

U.S. Navy History and Week in Review

by Navy News Service - Web Only 0 - April 18, 2014

10 events you may have missed this week in the Navy

Game-Changing Navy Technologies

by Naval History and Heritage Command - Web Only 0 - April 10, 2014

Radar and GPS are just two innovations developed by the U.S. Navy

U.S. Navy History and Week in Review

by Navy News Service - Web Only 0 - April 10, 2014

10 events you may have missed this week in the Navy

Navy to Deploy Electromagnetic Railgun Aboard JHSV

by Naval Sea Systems Command Office of Corporate Communication - Web Only 0 - April 8, 2014

U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/U.S. TENTH Fleet Change of Command

by Commander, U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/U.S. 10th Fleet Public Affairs - Web Only 0 - April 3, 2014

Capt. Gene Costello and Capt. Douglas Powers

by CHIPS Magazine - April-June 2014 - April-June 2014

Commander, Naval Network Warfare Command and Commanding Officer, Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command Talk Cybersecurity and the Insider Threat

Communicating in an HADR Environment

by Cmdr. Jason A. Parish - April-June 2014 - April-June 2014

Lessons Learned from an N6/Assistant Chief of Staff for C4I

DON IT Policy Roundup

by DON Enterprise IT Policy & Communications - April-June 2014 - April-June 2014

Electromagnetic Environmental Protection

by Thomas Kidd - April-June 2014 - April-June 2014

NUWC Newport Dedicates New $24.3 Million Facility

by David Sanders, NUWC Public Affairs Office - April-June 2014 - April-June 2014

Facility to house the Navy’s program for new and emergent electromagnetic sensors

Rogers Takes Over Top NSA, Cyber Command Posts

by Jim Garamone, American Forces Press Service - April-June 2014 - April-June 2014

The Information Dominance Command Qualification Program

by Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance (OPNAV N2/N6) - April-June 2014 - April-June 2014

A program to ensure IDC officers are optimally qualified and prepared for the challenges of command

JTRS Compliance Awarded to AN/PRC-148B Radio

by Joint Tactical Networking Center - Web Only 0 - March 6, 2014

DoD Releases Electromagnetic Spectrum Strategy

by Department of Defense - Web Only 0 - February 20, 2014

DISA Announces Initial Release v1.0 of DoD Unclassified Mobility Capability

by DISA Public Affairs - Web Only 0 - February 6, 2014

The new year brings new mobile capabilities to as many as 100,000 DoD users - Feb. 6, 2014

Nearly Everyone Uses Piezoelectrics. Be Nice to Know How They Work

by NIST Tech Beat - Web Only 0 - February 4, 2014

Feb. 4, 2014

Navy Launches UAV from Submerged Submarine

by U.S. Naval Research Laboratory - Web Only 0 - January 15, 2014

Jan. 16, 2014

All Roads Lead to Information Dominance

by Sharon Anderson - January-March 2014 - January-March 2014

Advanced Technology Underpins Navy’s Information Dominance Capability and Vision

Bold Quest 13.2 Provides Assessment for Coalition Calls for Fire in Complex Scenarios

by Sharon Anderson - January-March 2014 - January-March 2014

Enhancing Information Dominance Through Leadership Cross-detailing

by Office of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance (N2/N6) - January-March 2014 - January-March 2014

Spectrum – In Plain Language

by Thomas Kidd - January-March 2014 - January-March 2014

NIST October Workshop to Explore Intersection of Cloud Computing and Mobility

by NIST Tech Beat - Web Only 0 - September 5, 2013

Save the Date: Oct. 1-3, 2013

Navy Lab Hosts Underwater Robotics Competition - July 31, 2013

by Ashley Nekoui, SSC Pacific Public Affairs Office - Web Only 0 - July 31, 2013

The Navy’s Cutting Edge: MQ-4C Triton Takes Flight - July 31, 2013

by Heather Rutherford - Web Only 0 - July 3, 2013

USS Freedom – An Operational Test and Evaluation Platform - July 31, 2013

by Sharon Anderson - Web Only 0 - July 31, 2013

First Littoral Combat Ship on Deployment in 7th Fleet AOR

U.S. Fleet Cyber Command

by Commander, U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/U.S. 10th Fleet Public Affairs - Web Only 0 - July 25, 2013

What You Need to Know - July 25, 2013

Vice Adm. Branch Takes Charge of Information Dominance and Naval Intelligence - July 25, 2013

by By Joe Gradisher, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance (N2/N6) Public Affairs Officer - Web Only 0 - July 25, 2013

JTNC Awards JTRS Certification to Harris Corp.'s AN/PRC-152A(V)(C) Software Defined Radio - July 23, 2013

by Joint Tactical Networking Center Public Affairs - Web Only 0 - July 23, 2013

X-47B Makes First Arrested Landing at Sea - July 16, 2013

by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Brandon Vinson, USS George H.W. Bush Public Affairs - Web Only 0 - July 16, 2013

DISA Awards MDM/MAS Contract - July 1, 2013

by DISA Public Affairs Office - Web Only 0 - July 1, 2013

Rear Adm. William E. Leigher Talks About the Importance of CANES

by CHIPS Magazine - July-September 2013 - July-September 2013

Director of Warfare Integration for Information Dominance (OPNAV N2/N6F)

Vice Adm. Kendall L. Card - A Retrospective of Navy Information Dominance

by CHIPS Magazine - July-September 2013 - July-September 2013

Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance, Director of Naval Intelligence

DISA Approves STIG for Government-Issued Apple iOS 6 Mobile Devices - May 17, 2013

by Defense Information Systems Agency - Web Only 0 - May 17, 2013

Take Precaution Before Using Cell Phone Signal Boosters - May 1, 2013

by Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer - Web Only 0 - May 1, 2013

DoD’s Commercial Mobile Device Implementation Plan

by CHIPS editors, Sharon Anderson and Heather Rutherford - April-June 2013 - April-June 2013

Enabling the mobile workforce

Full Spectrum

by Zaid Yacu and Thomas Kidd - April-June 2013 - April-June 2013

Making Waves: Radio Spectrum a Vital Resource for Mission Success

Where DARPA is Going — You Don’t Need Passwords

by DARPA News - Web Only 0 - February 20, 2013

Active Authentication program investigates behavioral biometrics for mobile devices

Navy training commander sees benefits of desktop virtualization at Gulfport training center

by Steve Vanderwerff, Naval Education and Training Command Public Affairs - Web Only 0 - January 29, 2013

Truman Hosts First Flight Deck Taxiing of X-47B UCAS-D

by Communication Specialist 3rd Class Jonnie Hobby, Harry S. Truman Strike Group Public Affairs - Web Only 0 - January 25, 2013

From Robots to Smart Phones, ONR Research Is "Popular Science"

by Tammy White, Office of Naval Research - Web Only 0 - January 25, 2013

Full Spectrum

by Thomas Kidd - January-March 2013 - January-March 2013

Remarkable Professionals Ensure Command and Control of Electromagnetic Spectrum

Smartphones to Steer Unmanned Rotorcraft on the Battlefield

by Office of Naval Research - Web Only 0 - October 11, 2012

A New Century for Unmanned Maritime Systems

by Thomas Kidd and Steve Ward - October-December 2012 - October-December 2012