The DON CIO is responsible for bringing the Department on the Navy's electromagnetic spectrum dependent systems into operation consistent with federal regulation and international treaties. If these regulation or treaties constrain Navy and Marine Corps electromagnetic operations, the DON CIO works within the appropriate governance bodies to remove constraints and maximize naval operations. Electromagnetic spectrum is a limited resource encompassing radio waves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet light, X-rays, gamma rays and cosmic rays. It is imperative that the DON wisely manages electromagnetic spectrum to support current and future electromagnetic spectrum dependent systems.

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Streamlined Process for Commercial Broadband Deployment

DUSN(M) Memo - June 30, 2016

This guidance streamlines the process for deployment and expansion of commercial broadband services on Navy and Marine Corps property.

Department of the Navy Guidance for the Spectrum Relocation Fund

DON CIO Memo - October 30, 2015

This memo provides information concerning execution of the Spectrum Relocation Fund (SRF) and guidance to organizations participating in the reallocation or sharing of the 1755-1780 MHz and 1695-1710 MHz bands resulting from the Advance Wireless Services 3 (AWS-3) auction.

Electromagnetic Spectrum Policy and Management

SECNAVINST 2400.1A - December 19, 2014

This instruction defines the Department of the Navy's electromagnetic spectrum policy, delineates spectrum management responsibilities, and establishes a system for assessing spectrum supportability risks.

Establishment of the DON Spectrum Supportability Integrated Product Team

Joint DON Memo - April 30, 2014

This memo establishes the Department of the Navy Spectrum Supportability (SS) Integrated Product Team to improve lifecycle continuity and integration of all SS processes.

Electromagnetic Environment Policy and Management

SECNAVINST 2400.2 - August 1, 2011

This instruction establishes policy and assigns responsibilities for reliable, safe and mission capable operations of all systems, equipment and subsystems within their intended operational electromagnetic environment. The electromagnetic environment is composed of all electromagnetic energy from known and unknown sources. This includes manmade emissions from communications equipment and systems, commercial systems, ...


DON IM/IT Excellence Awards Nominations Due Nov. 6

October 17, 2017

Nominations are still being accepted for the DON Information Management/Information Technology (IM/IT) Excellence Awards. The awards recognize the superior efforts of IM/IT projects, teams, and individuals in helping to transform DON information technology. Submissions are due by Nov. 6, 2017.

Register Now For West Coast DON IT Events

October 17, 2017

Registration is now open for the DON IT Conference, Data and Analytics Consortium, and Navy-Marine Corps Spectrum Summit, West Coast 2018. All three events have been approved and will be held at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, Ca. The DON IT Conference, West Coast 2018 tentative schedule is now available.

DON IT 2017 Conferences: Question, Learn, Network, Innovate

by Sharon Anderson, CHIPS senior editor - May 26, 2017

Where do Department of the Navy Information Management and Information Technology professionals learn about the DON's latest IM/IT/cyberspace policies and projects — at a DON IT Conference, of course. Department of the Navy IT Conferences are the approved premier and authoritative events for all DON information technology users to learn about department policies regarding the acceptable use and security of DON IT assets.

DON IT Conference Presentations Available

May 24, 2017

Presentations given during the DON IT conference sessions held in Norfolk, VA, May 16-18, are now available by request to government civilian, military personnel, and DoD support contractors. Please submit your request by using the "Contact Us" link located in the DON CIO Information section.

DON CIO Awards Recognize Information Management and Information Technology Excellence

May 17, 2017

Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer Robert Foster has announced the selection of 13 individuals and teams to receive DON Information Management / Information Technology Excellence Awards for transforming the Navy and Marine Corps through information technology.

Join Us at a 2017 DON IT Conference

by Robert Foster - January 27, 2017

I want to take this opportunity to encourage attendance at one of the 2017 DON IT conferences. These events, held twice each year, are highly successful at bringing together the Department’s Information Management and Information Technology professionals to learn about the latest initiatives, collaborate on lessons learned and best practices, interact with DON leadership, and attend sessions that support continuous ...

Strengthening the DON’s Cybersecurity Posture

by Robert Foster - October 31, 2016

With increasing frequency, we read about computer networks being hacked — in both the public and private sectors. You may have been affected by one of the latest incidents on your own home network, the attack that brought several popular websites, including Amazon, Twitter and Netflix, to a standstill for hours. Though it did not affect our DON network, it is a compelling reminder that cyber intrusions are increasing in ...

DUSN(M) Issues Memo Streamlining Commercial Broadband Deployment Process on DON Property

July 11, 2016

In a June 30, 2016 memo, "Streamlined Process for Commercial Broadband Deployment," Mr. Thomas W. Hicks, Deputy Under Secretary of the Navy (DUSN) for Management, issued guidance that streamlines the process for deployment and expansion of commercial broadband services on Navy and Marine Corps property. "Improving the process by which DON installations are provided the best possible access to commercial broadband systems ...

Navy Mobile Apps Bring Information and Training to Your Smartphone and Tablet

by Rob Foster - May 9, 2016

There are mobile applications for almost everything, and now there are apps that allow Department of the Navy active duty and civilian personnel in any location to access important information and required training on their personal smartphone or tablet. These apps will work on personal devices outside of the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) domain.

DON CIO Awards Recognize Information Management and Information Technology Excellence

by Navy News Service - April 20, 2016

Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer (DON CIO) Robert Foster recognized more than 10 individuals and teams for transforming the Navy and Marine Corps through information technology during a ceremony at the Washington E. Walter Convention Center April 20.

DON CIO’s Fumie Wingo Receives 2016 Federal 100 Award

March 16, 2016

On February 8, 2016, Fumie Wingo, the DON CIO Lead for International Spectrum Policy, was named as a 2016 Federal 100 Award winner for her outstanding performance in international spectrum policy negotiations and diplomacy. As the DON’s senior international electromagnetic spectrum strategist, Ms. Wingo is responsible for influencing international treaties, U.S. Government policy, and DoD spectrum governance to ensure ...

DON CIO Congratulates 2016 DON IM/IT Award Winners

March 4, 2016

The Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer is pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 DON IM/IT Excellence Awards. The awards recognize teams and individuals for various categories of awards related to information management and information technology. The following were selected as the 2016 winners.

Taking Advantage of Learning and Networking Opportunities

by Rob Foster - February 4, 2016

It is very important to me to spend time meeting with Department of the Navy (DON) stakeholders to maintain active communication and feedback channels. I have made it a point to get out of the Pentagon and visit various Navy and Marine Corps commands to see for myself the excellent IT-related work that’s taking place and hear directly about IT-related challenges and concerns. I have strongly encouraged the DON Chief ...

DON CIO Congratulates Award Winners

February 20, 2015

The Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer is pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 DON IT Awards. ...

DON CIO Congratulates Award Winners

February 19, 2014

The Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer is pleased to announce the winners of the 2014 DON IM/IT Excellence Awards, the John J. Lussier Electromagnetic Spectrum Leadership Award, and the new DON Cyberspace/IT Rising Star and DON Cyberspace/IT Person of the Year Awards. There were also seven information technology leaders from the DON among this year's Federal 100 Award winners. In addition, the DON CIO ...

DON Senior Spectrum Manager Elected to IRAC Agency Vice Chair Position

May 1, 2013

The Department of the Navy's senior spectrum manager was named Agency Vice Chairman of the Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee (IRAC) April 23.

Take Precaution Before Use of Cell Phone Signal Boosters

May 1, 2013

Recent changes in Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations governing signal boosters enable the sale of certain types of these boosters within the United States. Signal boosters are devices that can improve cell phone coverage in areas where they do not get a good signal.

2013 DON IM/IT Excellence & Electromagnetic Spectrum Award Winners Announced

January 31, 2013

The Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer is pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 DON IM/IT Excellence Awards and the John J. Lussier Electromagnetic Spectrum Leadership Award.

Increasing the Dynamic of Spectrum Access

by Thomas Kidd - August 13, 2012

The final step in the dynamic federal agency spectrum access process within the United States is receiving a radio frequency assignment from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. This notification from the assistant secretary of commerce for communications and information is required for federal spectrum-dependent systems to operate within the United States. The Code of Federal Regulations Title ...

Transforming Spectrum Management

by Thomas Kidd - April 20, 2012

Emerging technology has always compelled traditional spectrum management processes to adapt and evolve. The 2012 International Telecommunication Union World Radiocommunication Conference issued new international radio regulation treaty language regarding software defined radio and cognitive radio systems.

Robert Marcial Receives Spectrum Leadership Award

February 3, 2012

Robert Marcial received the John J. Lussier Electromagnetic Spectrum Leadership Award in recognition of his superior performance as chief, Pacific Joint Frequency Management Office, Pacific Command (PACOM), during the Department of the Navy Information Technology Conference, Jan. 24, in San Diego. DON Chief Information Officer Terry Halvorsen and DON Deputy CIO Navy Janice Haith presented the award.

Ensuring Spectrum-Dependent Systems are "Up to Code" Saving Time, Money

by Thomas Kidd and Mark Rossow - January 17, 2012

To achieve the most efficient use of communications-electronics (C-E) resources, the required capabilities of systems and equipment should be met during the procurement phase — rather than investing in equipment that may require redesign or retrofitting after development. Therefore, it is more critical than ever in these budget constrained times that program offices and procuring officials take advantage of processes ...

The Spectrum Sharing and Reallocation Dilemma

by Thomas Kidd and Mark Rossow - October 27, 2011

The electromagnetic spectrum is a unique resource. While in some ways it is similar to other resources, like oil or water, in other ways, it is very different. The electromagnetic spectrum is typically defined as the set of all non-ionizing radiation electromagnetic frequencies.

DON Manages Increasing Spectrum Encroachment

by Thomas Kidd & Mark Rossow - July 25, 2011

Naval installations have long been good neighbors with their surrounding communities. In fact, in many cases, Navy and Marine Corps bases, posts and training ranges limit some operations to preserve friendly relationships.

We Live In A Radiant World

by Tom Kidd - February 25, 2011

Our atmosphere is filled with electromagnetic energy from many sources. These include manmade emissions from sensors and communications equipment, electrical power lines and generators, as well as natural emissions from lightning, the sun, cosmic radiation and other sources. The electromagnetic environment is all around us every day. For example, electromagnetic energy from the sun reflects off the moon and refracts ...

GySgt Bond Receives Spectrum Leadership Award

January 31, 2011

Gunnery Sergeant Brian Bond was recognized for his superior performance as the Spectrum Management Chief for Marine Corps Systems Command during the Department of the Navy Information Technology Conference, Jan. 25, in San Diego.

Unmanning Unmanned Systems

by Tom Kidd, Mikel Ryan and Antonio Siordia - May 19, 2010

The growth and diversity of military unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in the first decade of the 21st century has been unprecedented. To say that UAVs: "continue to be the most dynamic growth sector of the world aerospace industry" understates the obvious. "An insatiable demand for UAVs is fueling massive growth within this market," said Larry Dickerson, senior unmanned systems analyst for Forecast International. "No ...

Climate Monitoring

by Tom Kidd - March 10, 2010

The DON CIO represented the DON at the first International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and World Meteorological Organization (WMO) joint seminar in September 2009. It was organized as an open forum for discussion of the ITU and WMO roles in the use of radio spectrum, space orbits and radio-based meteorological tools and systems for monitoring, mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

Greener Spectrum

by Tom Kidd - March 10, 2010

While the range between 540 – 610 in terahertz (THz) is (literally) the "green" portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, that isn't what we are going to discuss here. This article introduces the concept of the electromagnetic spectrum as a critical resource in the study of climate change. The Department of the Navy electromagnetic spectrum community supports many different radio and telecommunication technologies ...

Radio in 2050

by Tom Kidd - March 10, 2010

It can be embarrassing to attempt to predict technology beyond its current development horizon. This is especially challenging when the technology has begun to accelerate exponentially. To predict the future of radio into the second half of the 21st century, we will need to look back at its development from a 19th century oddity, to a 20th century necessity, and into the early years of the 21st century.

Assessing Spectrum Supportability

by Tom Kidd - February 26, 2010

The electromagnetic spectrum is a critical enabler of the Department of the Navy's ability to communicate and operate in a global environment. Now more than ever before, deployed Sailors and Marines depend on the electromagnetic spectrum because it enables nearly all Navy and Marine Corps capabilities, including strategic command and control; tactical communications (airborne and ground); intelligence, surveillance and ...

2010 DON Fed 100 Award Winners Announced

February 17, 2010

Ten information technology leaders from the Department of the Navy were among this year's Federal 100 Award winners. Federal Computer Week magazine presents the award to 100 professionals from government, industry and academia for their efforts in effecting change, progress and efficiency in determining how the Federal Government acquires, develops and manages IT.

Mikel Ryan Receives Lussier Electromagnetic Spectrum Leadership Award

February 3, 2010

Mikel R. Ryan, head of the Mid-Atlantic Area Frequency Management Office, Naval Air Station, Patuxent River, is the first winner of the John J. Lussier Electromagnetic Spectrum Leadership Award.

Radio Frequency Congestion

by Tom Kidd - November 17, 2009

We are all familiar with overcrowding and traffic congestion. Most people in the United States experience long work commutes, jammed shopping malls, as well as long lines at restaurants, train stations and other locations where people frequently congregate. However, congestion in these occurrences usually has peaks and valleys, and many times, people can arrange their schedules to avoid peak times. Some people living in ...

New Rules Create Sharing Between Federal and Non-Federal Radio Systems

by Tom Kidd - August 19, 2009

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee (IRAC) recently approved an addition to the Manual of Regulations and Procedures for Federal Radio Frequency Management. The new paragraph, 8.2.47, enables federal and non-federal agencies to share radio systems. Navy and Marine Corps first responders may have an opportunity to dramatically expand their ...

Cross-banding: Enabling Communications Interoperability Among First Responders

by Tom Kidd - April 22, 2009

Interoperable communications between Federal first responders and non-federal first responders is a vital capability that must be pursued by the Department of the Navy because Navy and Marine Corps installations have a close, cooperative relationship with adjacent federal, state and local first responders. Ensuring interoperable communications for police, fire, emergency medical services, and other first responder ...

What's Your Wi-Q?

by Tom Kidd - April 22, 2009

The report, "Enterprise Mobility 2008," released by the Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer describes the process the DON would use to leverage the advantages that commercially available wireless technologies can deliver.

How One Idea Can Change the World

by Tom Kidd - February 20, 2009

In less than two years, nearly 150 distinguished ambassadors and more than 2,000 delegates from across the globe will gather for the United Nations International Telecommunication Union's (ITU) World Radiocommunication Conference. During this four-week marathon, committed delegations will scrutinize, debate, create and revise the international treaties that govern the regional and global use of electromagnetic spectrum ...

Plotting a Spectrum Revolution

by Tom Kidd - October 29, 2008

Evolution and revolution are very different processes ... Adm. Vern Clark wrote about "revolution" while serving as Chief of Naval Operations. Today, the retired CNO still refers to revolution when publicly speaking about his efforts to change and improve business processes within the Navy. He confessed that, even as the second longest serving CNO, he didn't have time for "evolution," which is why he unapologetically ...

The Four Stages to Addressing Spectrum Supportability

by Thomas Kidd - May 14, 2008

Federal regulation and Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of the Navy (DON) policy require that spectrum supportability must be addressed before acquiring communications-electronics (CE) systems and equipment that require use of the electromagnetic spectrum (radio frequencies).

DON Achieves Success at World Radiocommunication Conference 2007

by The DON CIO Spectrum Team - February 8, 2008

The World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC) 2007, held from mid-October to mid-November in Geneva, Switzerland, was a great success for the Department of the Navy (DON) and the Department of Defense (DoD).


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DON IT Policy Roundup for FY 2013

February 21, 2013

The Department of the Navy Information Technology Policy Roundup for fiscal year (FY) 2013 provides a summary of policies affecting IT projects and programs. For more detail, please review the entire policy at the links provided.

Emerging Electromagnetic Spectrum Capabilities

November 16, 2010

"Emerging Electromagnetic Spectrum Capabilities" encourages readers to challenge their status quo perceptions of emerging spectrum technology. The broader Naval benefits of emerging electromagnetic spectrum technologies are addressed and readers are introduced to how these technologies will increase Naval spectrum effectiveness and efficiency. Emerging electromagnetic spectrum technology is often described as ...

Minimum Technical Requirements for Rapidly Procured Spectrum-Dependent Equipment

January 28, 2008

The Department of the Navy recognizes that numerous challenges are associated with acquisitions supporting “urgent need” requirements. As such, the DON has developed minimum technical spectrum requirements that must be identified, known and available to the DON’s naval forces before and during the fielding of rapidly procured Communications and Electronics (C-E) systems and devices.