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IT Asset Management

The DON CIO is developing policy to improve information technology asset management (ITAM), which is a net-centric capability to conduct and maintain a comprehensive inventory of IT resources as capital assets. Specifically, ITAM is the development, management and control of DON IT/National Security Systems hardware, software and services baseline and measurement approach for asset visibility, decision support and reporting. Financial management will be an emphasis of the ITAM process.

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DITPR-DON Process Guidance v1.0

DON Guidance - December 5, 2011

The Department of Defense Information Technology Portfolio Repository-Department of the Navy (DITPR-DON) process guidance document provides a comprehensive discussion of core DITPR-DON functionality and basic lifecycle transactions. This information will enable all users to gain the understanding necessary to perform the basic IT asset management functions of registering, transferring and archiving DON IT systems within ...

Appointment of DON Deputy Chief Information Officer as Functional Area Manager Authority for Navy

VCNO Memo - June 10, 2011

This memo appoints the Department of the Navy Deputy Chief Information Officer as the single Functional Area Manager authority for Navy.

DON Exhibit 300 UPASS Guide for SNaP-IT

DON Guidance - July 30, 2010

The DON Exhibit 300 UPASS Guide for SNaP-IT provides program and project managers guidance on the completion of the Capital Asset Plan and Business Case (Exhibit 300) in the DoD automated SNaP-IT system for required Major Automated Information Systems and Initiatives. This guide describes the content required for each question and provides links to applicable policy and procedural documents both internal and external ...

DON DoD Architecture Framework v2.0 Implementation Guidance

DON CIO Memo - March 22, 2010

This memo is an update to the initial DON DODAF 2.0 Guidance, which was released March 2009. It provides implementation guidance on the DON requirements for compliance with DoDAF v2.0 and its underlying data model. Enclosure 1 to the memo has been updated as of June 1, 2010.

DITPR and DoD SIPRNET IT Registry Guidance

DoD Memo - August 10, 2009

This memo rescinds and replaces the Sept. 6, 2007, Department of Defense Information Technology Portfolio Repository (DITPR) and DoD SIPRNET IT Registry Guidance 2007-2008 memo. This memo directs that all IT and National Security Systems must be registered in DITPR.

DON Strategy for Green IT Electronic Stewardship and Energy Savings

Joint Memo - April 23, 2009

This memo announces the initial criteria for "green" IT energy efficiency and that a series of policy memoranda will be issued to outline specific plans and/or procedures as well as goals and standards to address objectives for electronic stewardship and energy savings of information technology, or green IT. Additionally, it requires Command Information Officers within 45 days of the signature date of this memo to ...

Information Management/Information Technology Policy for Fielding of Commercial Off the Shelf Software

SECNAVINST 5230.15 - April 10, 2009

SECNAVINST 5230.15 mandates that all COTS software in use across the Department of the Navy be vendor supported. DON organizations desiring to continue to use COTS software that is no longer supported must request and receive a waiver to this policy.

DON Telecommunications Optimization 2009 Strategy

DON Guidance - March 26, 2009

The Department of the Navy Telecommunication Working Group's DON Telecommunications Optimization 2009 Strategy plan outlines its key areas of focus for 2009. These include: governance, strategic sourcing and automated tools.

Department of the Navy Consolidation of Sun Hardware and Software Warranty Requirements

DTG 011526Z JUL 08 - July 11, 2008

This Naval message provides guidance regarding consolidating the Department of the Navy's Sun Microsystems hardware and software maintenance and re-emphasizes the use of the Sun Support Total Enterprise Warranty (SSTEW) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA). The SSTEW BPA is a time and money saving BPA for extended warranty, maintenance, education and professional services for all Sun Microsystems products.

Designation of the DON Application and Database Management System as an Authoritative Data Source

DON CIO Memo - October 18, 2002

This memo establishes the DON Application and Database Management System (DADMS) as the Authoritative Data Source for DON IT and National Security Systems applications and database inventory and IT systems registration. Further, this memo establishes the charter for the DADMS Configuration Control Board to address and prioritize the Navy and Marine Corps requirements for DADMS.

DON Information Technology Enterprise-Wide Investment Policy

DTG 021419Z FEB 99 - February 2, 1999

This Naval Message ensures that the Department of the Navy speaks with one coordinated voice to suppliers when negotiating for most favorable terms and prices on products and services.


Data Centers: What Are They?

February 20, 2012

The Department of the Navy must reduce its business IT costs by 25 percent over the next five years. One way the DON is doing this is through data center consolidation. But, what is a data center? A data center is a facility used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. ...

Consolidating Data Centers Key to Cutting IT Spending

by Michele Buisch - January 17, 2012

To continue supporting the operational forces stationed around the world, protecting the nation and providing humanitarian assistance during these fiscally constrained times, the Department of the Navy is seeking opportunities to increase IT efficiencies while cutting business spending. A primary focus of this effort is data center consolidation, which is essential to reducing the IT budget by 25 percent during the next ...

Ensuring Spectrum-Dependent Systems are "Up to Code" Saving Time, Money

by Thomas Kidd and Mark Rossow - January 17, 2012

To achieve the most efficient use of communications-electronics (C-E) resources, the required capabilities of systems and equipment should be met during the procurement phase — rather than investing in equipment that may require redesign or retrofitting after development. Therefore, it is more critical than ever in these budget constrained times that program offices and procuring officials take advantage of processes ...

Message from the DON CIO

by Terry Halvorsen - January 17, 2012

Happy New Year! This year, the Department of the Navy will build on the efforts of 2011 as we continue on our difficult but necessary journey to transform the way the department manages its business information technology. Finding ways to become more effective in how we acquire and operate IT will lead to decreased costs and ensure we hit the target of reducing the IT budget by 25 percent by 2017.

Negotiating Contracts for Cloud-Based Software

by Gretchen Kwashnik - January 17, 2012

The federal government's "cloud first" policy, as part of the Federal Chief Information Officer's "25 Point Implementation Plan to Reform Federal Information Technology Management," requires federal agencies to consider cloud computing before making new IT investments and to move at least three applications to the cloud by May 2012.

Ensuring Your Solicitation is Section 508 Compliant

by Sherrian Finneran - October 27, 2011

Since 1998, when Congress amended the Rehabilitation Act, all federal agencies, including the Department of Defense, are required to make electronic and information technology (E&IT) accessible to individuals with disabilities. The law applies to all federal agencies when they develop, procure, maintain, or use electronic and information technology.

DON Telecommunications Working Group Launched

March 2, 2009

On Feb. 10, 2009, the Department of the Navy Telecommunications Working Group was formally launched in conjunction with the West Coast DON IM/IT Conference held in San Diego. The working group was chartered by DON CIO to assist in the development and execution of strategies to deliver an optimized telecommunications environment.

DON IT Asset Management Implementation Plan

August 27, 2007

This presentation outlines a Concept of Operations and Implementation Plan for Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM), which is currently under review. Final approval of the current draft DON ITAM Implementation Plan is projected for the first quarter of FY 2008.

CHIPS Magazine

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Navigating DoD ITSM Policy

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DoDI 8440.01 Points the Way Toward IT Service Management Convergence

DITPR/DADMS Technical Refresh Successfully Deployed

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SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic Employee Recognized as 2016 Federal 100 Award Winner

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Department of the Navy, Naval Enterprise Networks, Issues Third RFI to Industry

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SPAWAR Contracting Team Awarded for Performance-Based Licensing Structure Innovation

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Visit or Dial-in to West Coast DON IT Conference

by DON CIO - February 17, 2016

Feb. 17-18, 2016

Interview with Capt. John D. Zimmerman

by CHIPS Magazine - January-March 2016

An unrelenting pursuit for innovation

PMW 240 Receives ASN(RDA) Award for Acquisition Excellence

by PMW 240 Public Affairs - November 19, 2015

Naval Enterprise Networks Invites Industry to an Information Session Nov. 17

by PEO-EIS Public Affairs - October 28, 2015

Future Navy and Marine Corps IT Procurement and Service Management Plans to be discussed

Feedback to the Fleet:

by SECNAV Innovation News - September 9, 2015

Reducing Administrative Distractions (RAD) Campaign

DON Business Case Analysis Policy Signed

by DON CIO News - August 14, 2015

Tool Time

by Mukesh Barot, Navy IT Service Management Office (NAVITSMO) and Phil Withers, NAVITSMO Contractor Support Staff - July-September 2015

Tool Selection, Automation and Integration

DISA to Sunset Defense Connect Online Service

by DISA News - April-June 2015

U.S. Navy Steers Clear of Cyber Threat

by Sharon Anderson - April-June 2015

FCC/10th Fleet launches new strategic plan

Automated Inventory Avoids Costs, Reduces Inventory Time for Logisticians

by Jacqui Barker, Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division Public Affairs - March 17, 2015

DoD CIO Details Information Technology Priorities

by Cheryl Pellerin, DoD News, Defense Media Activity - March 10, 2015

DON IT Conference Final Preparations Complete

by DON CIO Communications Team - February 2, 2015

DCO sessions offered

DON IT Conference Schedule Now Available

by DON CIO Communications Team - January 15, 2015

Navy Supports IC ITE Deployment

by Office of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance (OPNAV N2/N6) - January-March 2015

Navy’s Jump Start on Cybersecurity Readiness

by Sharon Anderson - January-March 2015

Task Force Cyber Awakening leads the charge

Nominations for DON IM/IT Excellence Awards Due Jan. 7

by DON CIO Communications Team - December 23, 2014

Pentagon Leaders Honor Excellence in Acquisition

by Nick Simeone, DoD News, Defense Media Activity - December 10, 2014

Everyone Plays A Role In The Navy’s Financial Well-Being

by Karen Fenstermacher, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Financial Operations) - December 9, 2014

Lincoln's Division of Technology Wizards

by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Wesley T. Buckett, USS Abraham Lincoln Public Affairs - December 5, 2014

DoD Long-Range Research and Development Plan

by DoD News - December 4, 2014

What systems, capabilities and architectures could the DoD field post-2025 that will ensure U.S. dominance and shape the future of military technical competition?

Forum Pushes Warfighter Performance, Training to New Levels

by Office of Naval Research - December 1, 2014

A Message from the DON CIO

by Tom Hicks - October-December 2014

Posturing the Navy for the Future

C4I Officials Visit USS Higgins

by Lt. j.g. Kara Lynn Yingling, USS Higgins Public Affairs - October-December 2014

CANES critical to information dominance

Navy Accelerates Migration to Windows 7

by CHIPS Magazine - October-December 2014

Seeing the Forest Through the Trees

by Mukesh Barot, Navy IT Service Management Office and Phil Withers, Navy ITSMO Contractor Support Staff - October-December 2014

A Multi-Part IT Service Management Novella, Part 2: “The Stairway to Success”


General Records Schedule

by DON CIO KM/RM Team - April 21, 2009

General Records Schedules (GRS) are issued by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) to provide disposition authorization for records common to several or all agencies of the Federal Government. GRS cover records documenting administrative, or housekeeping, functions, rather than program functions. Most records described in a GRS are temporary, although the GRS also includes the disposition of some ...