Audit Readiness of IT Systems

National Defense Authorization Act of 2011 mandates asserting the auditability of the DON's full financial statements by FY 2017. The IT systems play a critical role in achieving and sustaining audit readiness, and DON stakeholders have been supporting a

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Join Us at a 2017 DON IT Conference

by Robert Foster - January 27, 2017

I want to take this opportunity to encourage attendance at one of the 2017 DON IT conferences. These events, held twice each year, are highly successful at bringing together the Department’s Information Management and Information Technology professionals to learn about the latest initiatives, collaborate on lessons learned and best practices, interact with DON leadership, and attend sessions that support continuous ...


DON IT Conference, West Coast 2017 Dial-In and DCS Session Info

February 10, 2017

Below please find the dial-in conference numbers and DCS URLs for the DON IT Conference sessions being held Feb. 21-23, 2017.