Information Assurance Policy Update for Platform Information Technology

DON CIO Memo 02-10 - Publish Date: 04/26/10

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The purpose of this memo is to update the Department of the Navy Information Assurance (IA) Platform Information Technology (PIT) policy. DON Platform IT is a concept for risk management and approval of DON IT systems that do not interconnect with Department of Defense networks and the Global Information Grid. The DON PIT policy stresses that IA requirements still apply to PIT systems and provides guidance to PIT policy implementation within the DON. Enclosures to the DON PIT policy include (1) definitions related to PIT and (2) DON PIT IA guidance and implementation.

The PIT Checklist is provided to assist acquisition program managers in assessing the characteristics of a proposed IT system or component to determine if it is a Platform IT candidate and, therefore, subject to IA implementation.

TAGS: Cybersecurity, IA, Infrastructure

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