Unique Investment Identifiers for FY2013

Published, March 15, 2012

The table below provides FY2013 Unique Investment Identifiers (UIIs), formerly Unique Project Identifiers (UPIs), for Department of the Navy information technology systems. The UII is required when completing a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA).

First find the Budget Initiative Number (BIN) for the IT system in the DoD IT Portfolio Registry (DITPR)-DON. Then locate the BIN in the table below along with its associated UII (use the "Edit," "Find (on This Page)" feature). Ensure the IT system in question matches the IT system listed in the table for this UII. Enter the UII in the PIA template. Contact the DON CIO Privacy Team via the Ask an Expert page for assistance or with questions regarding the UII.

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FY2013 UII List by BIN PDF 188k

TAGS: Cybersecurity, IDManagement, Privacy

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