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Microsoft Home Use Program Frequently Asked Questions

By Enterprise Commercial IT Strategy Team - Published, May 22, 2015

Following the announcement of the Department of the Navy's Home Use Program for Microsoft applications, the DON CIO has received many questions concerning the use of this program. Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions and their answers.

1. What is the Microsoft Home Use Program?

The Department of the Navy, through its contract with Hewlett Packard (HP) for the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI), is entitled to Microsoft's Home Use Program (HUP) as a volume license owner with Microsoft. The HUP allows government civilian and uniformed personnel presently on NMCI, to obtain a licensed copy of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project and/or Microsoft Visio desktop applications to install and use on a home computer only if these products are also installed on their NMCI computer. Contractors are ineligible to participate. Participants must have a valid NMCI email address in order to participate; e.g.,,, or

2. I work in a command where we have a mix of U.S. military, U.S. civilian and NATO allies who all have NMCI desktops and email addresses in the proper format. Who in my office is eligible to use the DON's HUP?

Although some components have foreign and/or non-DON military and civilians co-located within their commands who have valid NMCI accounts, only U.S. civilians and U.S. military with a current valid NMCI desktop/laptop user account are eligible to participate.

3. I am stationed OCONUS, have an NMCI desktop, log onto the NMCI network, but my NMCI email address is not in the format of "," but "" I tried to access the HUP and was rejected. Can I participate?

No. At this time the Microsoft registration process for the Navy's HUP only recognizes NMCI email accounts in the following form:,, or However. The Department of the Navy has awarded an Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) to Microsoft which includes Software Assurance (SA). Commands utilizing this ELA are eligible to participate in a Home Use Program (HUP) provided their Budget Submitting Office (BSO) has set up one. At contract award, each BSO designated a Benefits Administrator for Microsoft ELA Software Assurance (SA). Please contact your Commmand’s ELA SA Benefits Administrator about HUP.

4. My desktop computer was not provided by the NMCI contractor, but I am on the Navy's NMCI network. Am I eligible to participate in the DON's HUP?

No. The HUP license is an extension of the NMCI contractor's license with Microsoft. If the user has a non-NMCI computer or a legacy computer, even though they have connectivity to the NMCI network, they cannot participate in the HUP. Home use or secondary usage rights for their Microsoft products, is contained in their non-NMCI license agreement with Microsoft.

5. I'm a contractor with a valid NMCI email address. May I purchase copies of the listed Microsoft products off of the DON's HUP?

No, contractors are not eligible to participate.

6. Is the DON's HUP the same as the OSD HUP?

No, it is a separate and distinct program for Department of the Navy U.S. civilians and military only, with current NMCI accounts.

7. What products are available through the DON's HUP?

  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 (Contains: Word 2013, Excel 2013, PowerPoint 2013, Outlook 2013, OneNote 2013, Publisher 2013, Access 2013, InfoPath 2013, and Lync 2013)
  • Language packs for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 are available for $9.95 each
  • Microsoft Project Professional 2013
  • Microsoft Visio Premium 2013
  • Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Business 2011 (Word 2011, Excel 2011, PowerPoint 2011, and Outlook 2011)
Each product costs $9.95 for processing and handling. If you want media, it is an additional $15.99 for a DVD of either Office product. New this time is an additional choice of a flash memory device for either Office product for $19.95. Both Visio Pro and project Pro are available on DVD for $13.99 each but not Flash Drive..

8. Is it a fully-licensed product or is there an expiration date?

There is no specific expiration date to the Home Use Program license. If you leave the Department of the Navy, or your agency/command discontinues its software assurance coverage, or you are no longer a user of the licensed software as part of your employment, your license terminates and you should discontinue use of the software. Your agency/command should notify you if any of these conditions apply.

9. Will there be another fee to upgrade in the future?

As long as your agency/command is a software assurance customer under NMCI/NGEN, eligible employees are allowed to upgrade to the latest version of the Microsoft Office software available. The license agreement is maintained by the NMCI/NGEN contractor. To order, simply visit the Navy's Home Use Program site at:, select the appropriate software and complete your transaction. Each time you order there is a slight handling charge ($9.95) for upgrading to the next version of software with an option of buying back up media. You can upgrade only when a newer version of the software application is offered.

10. Do I have to pay again if my computer crashes or is reformatted, or will I be able to reinstall the originally purchased application?

You can reinstall originally purchased software if your computer crashes or is reformatted. We recommend you back-up the download if you have not purchased the back-up DVD (media). If you would like to purchase the DVD, please return to the Home Use Program site to purchase. At a minimum, write down your product key and keep it in a safe place. If you lost your download during the crash, you may have to reacquire the software through the ordering process. Especially if it's an older version of the application. The $9.95 charge is not for a new license, but is a charge to cover processing your order. You may be able to work with Microsoft to reestablish your software depending on version and when purchased. Please go to: for communication with Microsoft.

11. I have Office 2010 on my work computer; why is Office 2010 not available? Only Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 is listed.

All NMCI software provided by the NMCI contractor is under software assurance. If you have an older version of like Microsoft products on your work desktop/laptop you still receive, through the HUP, the newest version for home use. The Microsoft 2013 products work with Win 7 and later operating systems. If you have Office 2010 on your NMCI desktop and use Office 2013 at home, just save your work in Office 2010 format to ensure compatibility between home and workplace. Office 2013 is also compatible with most Office 2003 generated files. Agencies/commands are in various stages of tech refresh on the listed products. Please check with your local IT shop on plans to migrate to newer Microsoft products.

12. I bought Office 2010 through the HUP, now I see that Office 2013 is being offered. Can I purchase Office 2013 and still be compatible with my Office 2010 files at home and my Office 2003 files at work.

Yes, however you must ensure that documents produced in Office 2013 at home are converted to the Office format you use at work in order to use it on your NMCI desktop/laptop. You can leave your Office files in native format, just be careful when saving to ensure, when using Office 2013, you save in the Office format you use at work.

13. Why is Microsoft Office for Macs offered, I thought NMCI computers are PC based?

Microsoft Office for Macs is offered for those NMCI users who have a Mac at home instead of a PC and want to replicate software they use in the office on their NMCI desktop/laptop on their home Mac.

14. I have a PC at home with only a CD-ROM drive. Office Professional Plus 2010 was delivered on DVD media. Why can't I get a CD version of Office Professional Plus 2010?

Microsoft only delivers Office Professional Plus 2013, Microsoft Project Professional 2013, Microsoft Visio Premium 2013, and Microsoft Office 2013 for Macintosh on DVD media.

15. I want to use Visio at home, but it's not installed on my NMCI desktop. Can I purchase Visio through the DON's HUP for home use?

No, you can only obtain, for home use, those Microsoft products listed and installed on your workplace NMCI desktop/laptop. This also applies to Project Professional 2013.

16. Why can't I order other Microsoft Products than the ones listed for the Navy's Home Use Program?

The Home Use Program only includes products for which your employer has licenses with active Software Assurance. There are also restrictions on the number of Home Use Program licenses that may be purchased by employees.

17. I use multiple computers at home. Can I buy copies of the same Microsoft offered HUP products for each home computer or can I install my one HUP software product on multiple home computers?

No, only one copy of each product can be obtained per NMCI email address and you are restricted to only one home computer for hosting the obtained Microsoft product. However, although you cannot purchase more than one license, it does allow for two installations on one PC and one "portable device" (i.e., laptop). For portable devices, simply download the software (if you don't have media) from the HUP email you received from Microsoft. The email must be accessed via your "portable device." You also must use the same product key.

18. I have multiple seats at work (e.g., laptop and desktop), can I order more than one copy of each application for home use?

No. Even though you may have more than one computer at work and multiple copies of the subject Microsoft applications, you still only have one NMCI email address. Therefore, you can only purchase one copy of each application for home use.

19. I'm about to get a new personal laptop at home. Is it possible for me to transfer my Home Use Microsoft Enterprise Office 2007 or Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 from my old laptop to my new laptop? I still have the original install diskettes from Microsoft.

You may reassign a license, but not on a short-term basis (i.e., not within 90 days of the last assignment). If you reassign a license, the device to which you reassign the license becomes the new licensed device for that license. So it looks like the only restriction is the 90-day window on populating two different machines. The transfer must be at least 90 days apart. You may be able to work with Microsoft to reestablish your software depending on version and when purchased. Please go to: for communication with Microsoft. Microsoft no longer offers Office 2007 or Office 2010 products through the HUP, so no electronic downloads are available. You can, however download older versions of Office if you had purchased the backup media. Rather than attempt to reload old versions of Office, we suggest you purchase the Office Professional 2013 for $9.95.

20. Is the software free and if not, how much does it cost me to participate?

No, the HUP offered products are not exactly "free." There is no cost for the license. However, there is a nominal charge of $9.95 plus local sales tax for an electronic download service, payable via a credit card, of each product ordered. Additionally, if you want backup media, that's an additional charge of $13.99. The employee is responsible for paying that nominal charge per product. The license and download are available immediately following purchase. If back-up media (DVDs) were included, they will take three to four weeks to deliver.

21. I have an NMCI S&T computer; do I qualify to participate in the program?

Yes, as long as you meet the rest of the criteria (i.e., U.S. civilian or military, like product on your S&T seat, and use on your home computer) and the S&T seat is an NMCI seat (CLIN 0138AC), you can participate in the HUP for like products. However, if the Microsoft product on the S&T seat was obtained outside of NMCI (i.e., purchased and installed by the S&T user, not the NMCI contractor), that product does NOT qualify under the HUP program as it has its own license terms, conditions and secondary use rights in its license. You cannot purchase the HUP software for use at work on your S&T computer.

22. I have a valid NMCI seat and plan to participate in the DON's HUP. However, I plan on retiring next year. Can I keep my home use Microsoft products after I retire since I paid for them?

No. The $9.95 plus sales tax paid by each employee covers the costs processing fees; not buying a license. The DON's HUP is an extension of the current NMCI contractor's licensing agreement with Microsoft. The license still belongs to the NMCI contractor and its proper disposition should be covered by each component's mustering out/checking out procedure for GFE IT assets.

23. Can I use the DON's HUP to populate non-NMCI, but government-owned, computers for RDT&E, labs or ranges with the available Microsoft products?

No, the HUP is for personal home use by employees of like Microsoft products on a home computer. HUP is not a substitute or alternative Microsoft purchasing program for government-owned computers.

24. Can I use appropriated funds to purchase HUP licenses?

No, the HUP is set up for NMCI users to personally obtain like products they use on their work desktop/laptop and install on their home personal desktop/laptop. The user pays for this using his/her personal credit card. No government funds are to be used to purchase HUP products.

25. The NGEN agreement with Microsoft ended on May 31, 2015. Is there a substitute program in which I can participate in the DON HUP and when does my software assurance end?

Although the original NGEN contract expiration date was May 31, 2015 the Microsoft Home Use Program continues under the Department of the Navy’s Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN) contract. HUP is a software assurance benefit associated with the enterprise agreement HP Enterprise Services has with Microsoft on the DON's behalf for NMCI. You can participate in the DON's HUP with full benefits during this period.

26. I believe I'm qualified, all my questions have been addressed; how do I order my Microsoft product from the DON's HUP?

There are essentially three basic steps involved: A) registering with Microsoft, B) selecting a product and C) ordering the selected product. To purchase, simply visit the Navy's Home Use Program site at:, select the appropriate software and complete your transaction. There is a slight handling charge for upgrading to the next version of software with an option to buy back up media. A complete set of ordering instructionscan be found at the end of these FAQs.

27. I ordered my software and tried to install it on my home computer. I keep getting prompted for my Product Key. How do I find my Product Key?

The product key is available in the confirmation email you receive after purchase. You can also look it up by going back into the store and clicking on "Order Summary" on the product page.

28. I ordered Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013. The projected delivery date has passed and I have not received any product or notice in the mail. My bank account was charged shipping and handling. One of my co-workers ordered on the same day, and she received her copy. Who can track my order and notify me of what is the status of my order?

The transaction for your product is a commercial one between you and Microsoft. You have to contact Microsoft customer service for any discrepancies with your order. The link to Microsoft customer service is located on the order receipt page of your printed receipt. If you are still having difficulty please visit and submit a question. Note: You should try to submit your inquiries from your NMCI desktop/laptop using your CAC card.

29. I have participated in the Microsoft Home Use Program and have populated my home computer with the software as instructed. I just bought a new laptop and would like to transfer the software acquired under the Home Use Program from my desktop to the laptop. Can I do this?

You may transfer the software license to another computer at home as long as it is done at least 90 days after your original license purchase and installation. From Microsoft's license agreement for the Home Use Program: "You may reassign a license, but not on a short-term basis (i.e., not within 90 days of the last assignment). If you reassign a license, the device to which you reassign the license becomes the new licensed device for that license." Should you encounter difficulty doing this contact Microsoft at:

30. What, if any additional support from Microsoft is available?

Employees purchasing Home Use Program software are entitled to the same support options as other Microsoft customers purchasing software for home use, including free access to resources and newsgroups on the web site, and pay-per-use e-mail and telephone support. You may also submit an email via:

31. I just purchased Windows 10, are there any issues I need to be concerned about when installing Windows 8 with Home Use Program Microsoft applications?

Anytime you re-install an operating system on a computer, its possible applications will need to be re-installed on that computer, and only data migrated is present. Hence, the same applies for Home Use Program software, including Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013, Project 2013, and/or Visio 2013. Users should be able to install Windows 10, and then re-install the applications only if necessary, just like one would a retail license of the software. The Microsoft installer program will provide guidance on the installation.

32. My niece is about to leave for college and I've put a copy of Microsoft Office from the Home Use Program on her laptop. Can I upgrade her computer when newer versions of the Home Use Program Software are offered?

Employees are NOT allowed to use the Home Use Program products for anyone other than themselves. This includes family members. Putting copies of Home Use Program software on PCs or laptops not being used to augment employees working at home is a violation of the licensing agreement and should cease immediately.

33. The link seems to not be working for the Microsoft Home Use Program. I tried for almost 2 hours yesterday afternoon and I have tried again this morning with no success. Is there another option?

The link(s) work. Sometimes, due to demand, the system is slow. If even after waiting a long time and you are still having difficulty, check with your network administrator and make sure Digital River Inc. ( is not being blocked by any firewalls and that Digital River Inc. is on the local 'White List' for accessible web sites. Digital River Inc. is the e-Commerce site that Microsoft uses for the Home Use Program (HUP). If access to Digital River is locally blocked by your network, then you will not be able to complete the transaction. If this is the case, then, unfortunately, you’ll have to solve it with your network administrator. We, as the benefits administrator, cannot solve local technical issues.

34. I bought Office Professional Enterprise without the media. I’d like to buy the media but I don’t know how.

You can return to the HUP store at any time to purchase additional products, Language Packs, or Backup DVDs, or Flash Memory cards (Office products only). Enter: into your browser to resend your welcome mail that will allow you to re-enter the store. Just fill out your email address and HUP Program Code to renter the store.

35. Microsoft/Digital River is not allowing me to buy Office 2013 stating that I already have bought it. I don’t believe I have and I need to verify what I’ve purchased. How do I do that?

In order to check your Order History with Microsoft's Home Use Program, do the following:

  • Using your NMCI computer, go to: This takes you to the NMCI Homeport page on the Home Use Program.
  • On Homeport, Write down the program code, which you will need later.
  • Under "To access the Microsoft HUP" site, select: "Microsoft Home Use Program" on Step # 1. This will take you to the Microsoft HUP Country/Region web page.
  • At the Microsoft Country/Region web page, fill in the requested information from the pull-down list (United States). This will take you to the Microsoft Home Use Program web page.
  • Fill in your NMCI email address, the program code and select the submit button. This will register you with Microsoft and an email will be sent to you giving you access to order your software. All emails from Microsoft go to your NMCI mailbox. This will only work if you use a, or email address.
  • Go to your NMCI email inbox and select the email from "Microsoft HUP (" This is your approval to "buy."
  • To check on your order history, open the email you received from Microsoft in this step or send it to your targeted home computer you plan on installing the software onto. Remember you can look at your account information on your NMCI computer, but you can't install software on your NMCI computer. Select the "Buy Now" URL provided. This takes you to Microsoft's HUP ordering web page. To check your ordering history select 'Order History' on the buy page. This will provide you the information you need if dealing with Microsoft over license keys, disputes about which products you bought etc.
  • If you continue to have problems, contact Microsoft by using their Help desk portal at:
36. When will I recieve my back-up media?

If you purchased back-up media, it can take 1 - 2 weeks to receive depending on your location and method of delivery.

37. One of my shipmates recently changed his home computing environment from Windows to OS X (Apple), and would like to obtain MS Office for Mac. Since he previously purchased the HUP for MS Windows, how can he get the HUP for Apple? Is there is a process for exchanging license keys so his family can use Office on the Mac?

If you have never participated in the HUP Program, you can buy either Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 or Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Business 2011. If you have purchased Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 or earlier in the past, currently you are only eligible to purchase the PC based Office product. Same holds true if you purchased earlier versions of the Mac products, you can only purchase Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Business 2011. Even though Microsoft’s Home Use Program FQAs state you can buy either, the eCommerce site will not allow you to buy the other Operating System based Office product.

Here's a step-by-step process for eligible NMCI users to order available Microsoft products from the DON's HUP:

(Note: For USMC users, please Contact Ms. Pat Lyons at

A) Registering with Microsoft:

  1. Please go to: This is the NMCI Homeport page for HUP. Find the Program Code and write it down. Because it is a HTTPS site, you'll be required to select your most valid certificate a number of times. Do not pass this program code to others.
  2. Select 'Microsoft Home Use Program' in Step 1. This will take you to the new HUP site for Microsoft.
  1. On the resultant page enter your email address, Program Code and make sure 'United States' is selected on the country pull down list.
  2. Go to your NMCI email inbox and select the email from "Microsoft HUP (" This is your approval to "buy". For ordering your electronic download or media, forward the email you received from Microsoft in this step to your targeted home computer you plan on installing the software onto. You are not to load the software onto your NMCI computer as you do not have the necessary administrative privileges to do so. Load the software on your home computer only. On your home computer, select the "Buy Now" URL provided in the transferred email, or copy it and put it into your browser. This takes you to Microsoft's HUP ordering web page.
  3. Go ahead and select the URL at "Buy Now" on your target home computer.
B) Ordering a Product:
  1. On the resultant Microsoft Home Use Program ordering web page (URL received in Step 2c. above), you'll 'Add to Cart' for PC based Office Professional 2013 (Contains: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Infopath, and Access 2013), or Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Business 2011(Contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook for Macs), an "Also Available for Purchase" area where you can toggle (circled arrows) between Project Professional 2013 and Visio Professional 2013 by selecting the right or left arrow. Go ahead and select your items for your order by selecting ‘Add to Cart’. Select the product (Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013, Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Business 2011, Project Professional 2013 and/or Visio Professional 2013) you wish to order from the pictured products. You can buy multiple products by selecting “Continue Shopping” on your shopping Cart page or just add them on your Shopping Cart page from the selections below(language Packs, Visio Pro, or Project Pro). Remember, you can only select one (PC or Mac) office product. You can select any number of Language Packs as needed. You can also order backup media in DVD form or Flash Memory (Office Products Only). You'll notice, in the lower right portion of the “Your Shopping Cart” web page, your shopping carts total dollar amount is shown.
  2. After you are done selecting products to purchase, go to your shopping cart at the lower right and select "Checkout" to begin the ordering phase. Each product is $9.95 and does not include media. If you want media, it is an additional $15.99 for a DVD of either Office product. New this time is an additional choice of a flash memory device for either Office product for $19.95. Both Visio Pro and project Pro are available on DVD for $13.99 each but not Flash Drive.
  3. You can continue shopping prior to check out, but remember, you can only select one of each product for home use and only a PC or Mac Office product.. The product selected for purchase must be one you use at work on your NMCI desktop/laptop. Your number of selections is indicated on the upper right "Shopping Cart" area of the product page. Also, for those MAC and PC home users, you can only order one office suite, either MAC OS or Windows compatible.
  4. After selecting "Checkout" in step 2. Above you'll be taken to your Billing Information’, ‘Shipping Information’, ‘Payment Information’, ‘Cart Summary’ and page; You will see your selections. You can delete an order by returning to your Shopping Cart (select “Shopping Cart” under “Home Use Program”) and selecting the little trash can or continue shopping until you have all your selections made.
  5. Once you are satisfied with your selections and you have chosen media, language packs etc. if you want them, you can "Continue Shopping" to add other products or select "Checkout" to begin the ordering process.
  6. This is your last chance to change your order through the "Edit Order" button prior to submitting your order. You will see what's being shipped and your total cost. Tax will vary by state.
  7. If you are satisfied with your order, and the billing and shipping addresses are correct, select "Complete Purchase" to process your order.
  8. Download the software onto your home computer. Do not try to download it onto your NMCI computer.
  9. For those opting to order media, it will be sent to your "Ship to" address. It takes a couple of weeks, so be patient.
That's all there is to it. Remember: You must adhere to the terms and conditions of the license agreement and protect all privacy data at home. Also, do not order and install software for home use that you do not have on your NMCI desktop/laptop.

If you did not see your question addressed here, please send an email to