Computer Network Defense Roadmap 2009

DON Guidance - Publish Date: 04/28/09

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The purpose of the Department of the Navy Computer Network Defense (CND) Roadmap is to communicate the DON strategy for sustaining and improving CND now and in the future as the DON transitions to the Naval Networking Environment (NNE). In this age of network-centric warfare, computer and network technologies are diffused into virtually all military systems, and interconnected military units operate cohesively. CND is essential to achieving assured networked forces, information sharing, situational awareness, speed of command, and mission effectiveness.

The DON CND Roadmap demonstrates the ongoing nature of implementing CND to meet the range of computer network threats. It highlights the need for the Department to make informed decisions as we invest in our CND to optimize our network security posture. CND is not an episodic process; though it changes to meet the changing conditions posed by emerging threats and other real-world events. Additionally, the roadmap shows the high-level linkage of CND strategy to operations, the alignment of CND to the naval mission, and the importance of CND as it flows from the most senior levels of leadership within the DON. Finally, it shows that CND is everyone's job and makes clear the strategic outcomes of DON CND.

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