DON Computer Network Defense Roadmap Released

Published, May 8, 2009

The Department of the Navy Senior Information Assurance Officer (DON SIAO) recently signed the "Department of the Navy Computer Network Defense (CND) Roadmap."

Navy and Marine Corps warfighters' reliance on the DON information infrastructure is growing along with the threat posed by adversaries who are persistent and whose techniques are advanced and always changing. The DON Information Assurance Policy provides for the aligned defense-in-depth CND program within the DON. The DON CND Roadmap's purpose is to communicate the DON strategy for sustaining and improving CND as the DON transitions to Naval Networking Environment (NNE).

The CND Roadmap shows CND's alignment within the DON through its Mission and Vision, then ties to the DON Information Management/Information Technology (IM/IT) Strategy, and discusses CND in that context. The roadmap discusses the major initiatives underway within the DON, the value of each initiative, and how it contributes to CND is presented.

The "Map Ahead" section provides six initiatives for the future. Given the DON's current capabilities in CND, these initiatives are presented in order of consideration for investment starting in the POM 12 budget cycle.

This first CND Roadmap was designed purposefully to be very high level. It is the first step to start focusing on CND investment within the DON. The next iteration of the roadmap will be more specific about the investment strategy required to achieve the general capabilities described in the roadmap.

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