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CHIPS Articles: New Cryptology Training Readies Sailors for Fleet Missions

New Cryptology Training Readies Sailors for Fleet Missions
By Center for Information Dominance Public Affairs - April-June 2016
SAN DIEGO (NNS) -- The first class for the Ship's Signal Exploitation Equipment Increment F (SSEE Inc F) Operator course graduated April 6 at the Center for Information Dominance Unit San Diego delivering the first 10 Sailors to receive the new SSEE INC F 9161 Navy Enlisted Classification.

A pilot course, required for new Naval Education Training Center training, was previously completed with 12 students at CIDUSD in November 2015.

The instructor cadre for this course are Cryptologic Technician (Collection) 1st Class Irving Juleus and Cryptologic Technician (Collection) 1st Class Terrance Krueger.

"It's the instructors here at CIDUSD that breathe life into a course, it's tailored based on their technical expertise, and they deliver an impressive product to fleet Sailors," said CIDUSD Commanding Officer Capt. Miriam Smyth "They ensure graduates are ready to operate advanced systems in support of a range of potential military operations, maximizing readiness for deploying units."

The new course is designed to teach cryptologic technicians in pay grades E1-E7 to operate the AN/SSQ-130 system.

"The INC F system was created in response to the rise of more advanced capabilities and technological advances," Juleus said. "With supervision and using technical references, graduates perform cryptologic exploitation while underway on ships equipped with the system."

The AN/SSQ-130 SSEE Increment F is a shipboard combat systems suite that provides commanders with automatic target acquisition, geo-location, and non-kinetic fires capabilities. Increment F incorporates counter-intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C-ISR) capabilities that improve situational awareness and enhances integrated fires.

"Technicians will attend the course, which can be taken directly after "A" school or as needed depending on what command you are going to," Krueger said. "I really enjoyed the course. I will be able to take my knowledge and skill sets to the fleet and pass it on to other Sailors."

According to Juleus, the waterfront location offers benefits to Sailors.

"Taking the course in San Diego offers trainees opportunities to familiarize themselves with the equipment and its functionality on different ship platforms," he said. "The proximity to the waterfront allows students to talk to other Sailors who are using the INC F equipment. Hearing personal experiences coupled with what is learned in the classroom offers advanced knowledge of the system."

As an instructor for the course, Juleus believes he is also benefiting.

"The additional knowledge gained is a value to my career," he said. "Not only did I gain a better understating of the system, but I have a deeper understanding of the signal intercept process. Collection is a large piece in providing indication and warning to protect the ship, which is why a trainee with the 9161 NEC is a valuable asset."

Students in the course believe they received a good depth of knowledge in the use of the system.

"This course will give me the tools and confidence to be able to operate the system to the best of my abilities," said Cryptologic Technician (Collection) 2nd Class Steven Klasges.

CIDUSD will continue to teach the SSEE INC E Operator 5.0 course, which offers the Maritime Cryptologic Systems Operator NEC (9150) and the INC E Maintenance 5.0 course for the 9225 NEC, in addition to the INC F Operator curriculum. CIDUSD expects at least three convenes a year for the 12-week course with an expected annual throughput of 36 students who will typically return directly to the fleet after graduation. Additionally, the course is offered at CID Unit Hampton Roads, Virginia and CID Unit Corry Station, Pensacola, Florida.

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