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CHIPS Articles: Next Generation Jammer Inc 1 approved to enter the Engineering & Manufacturing Development phase

Next Generation Jammer Inc 1 approved to enter the Engineering & Manufacturing Development phase
External pod will address advanced, emerging threats
By PEO(T) Public Affairs - April 12, 2016
NAVAL AIR SYSTEMS COMMAND, PATUXENT RIVER, Md. – The Navy’s Next Generation Jammer (NGJ) Increment 1 (Inc 1) received the official go-ahead to enter the next phase of development April 5 when the Milestone Decision Authority signed the Acquisition Decision Memorandum.

Mr. Frank Kendall, Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, determined that the system’s proposed cost, schedule and performance objectives adhered to the proposed acquisition strategy and were in line with meeting warfighter requirements.

He thoroughly reviewed NGJ Inc 1’s Technology Maturation & Risk Reduction phase, and upcoming Engineering & Manufacturing Development (EMD) plans at Raytheon, El Segundo, California, March 10.

“I am extremely proud of our team and our product,” said Capt. John Bailey, Airborne Electronic Attack Systems and EA-6B Program Office (PMA-234) program manager. “The grassroots dedication, commitment of our personnel and the groundbreaking technology will result in a potent fleet capability.”

During the EMD phase the system will be further developed before being produced. The capability is expected to reach its system-level critical design review in early- to mid-2017. This will finalize the design and allow for the fabrication and assembly of test articles.

NGJ Inc 1, an external jamming pod, will replace the AN/ALQ-99 tactical jamming system currently integrated on the EA-18G GROWLER® aircraft. It will address advanced and emerging threats alike, as well as the growing numbers of threats.

NGJ Inc 1 uses the latest digital, software-based and Active Electronically Scanned Array technologies and will provide enhanced airborne electronic attack capabilities to disrupt and degrade enemy air defense and ground communication systems.

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Next Generation Jammer Inc 1
Next Generation Jammer Inc 1
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